How the Ducan diet works: a menu for every day

Like any other protein diet according to Dukan, he has found his admirers who want to achieve figure perfection. Many stars have opted for this particular diet. It is a complete nutritional system developed by French author Pierre Dukan, an experienced nutritionist who claims to be effective and sustainable in weight loss, whereas many rigid diets are simply useless.

According to Ducan, the weight will return over time, as the body is able to accumulate fat as if it were in reserve. As a result, there are still more fat cells, they begin to grow only with revenge and exponentially.

Pierre Ducan author of the diet to lose weight

Operating principle

So the main point is the fight against obesity. According to nutritionist Ducan, the main thing is to force the body to consume subcutaneous fat after the replacement of carbohydrates and fats from outside is stopped. The diet should consist exclusively of protein foods, cooked stewed, boiled with the addition of spices to accelerate metabolism. Also, be sure to drink at least 3 liters of water a day and take oat bran on an empty stomach.

The principle of the diet is to constantly fight against extra kilos, reduce the caloric content of the diet during the course of the course. The results obtained need to be constantly reinforced, although there are no restrictions on the products. This should not be a mono diet, as the body can break down quickly.

In addition, the diet is quite diverse: vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, that is, there is always a lot to choose from. You can eat until you are full. Overeating, of course, shouldn't be. But you should forget about prohibited products, be careful with those with restrictions.

Temptation can only lead to opposite results. It is imperative to include bran in the diet, add them to different recipes. They are excellent weight loss aids, ensuring that the body is quickly saturated by absorbing water quickly. You need to eat less glucose.

Such a diet helps to reduce the caloric content of the diet, but you can not do without physical activity to consolidate the results, visit the gym, walk for 20-30 minutes a day, do gymnastics and exercises to increase pressure gradually. increased load.

The diet must be high in protein and, in Ducan's opinion, on a fairly strict diet to be effective.

The essence of the Dukan diet

The gradual reduction of carbohydrates in the diet will cause the body to start using its fat stores. The diet should contain only protein foods with the addition of spices to speed up metabolism and cook only in boiled, steamed and baked form.

In the first phase of the attack, you need time to completely exclude carbohydrates from the diet, then gradually introduce them, drink more liquid at least 3 liters per day. The scheme is developed over 14 days, and only discipline will help a person to withstand such a diet.

vegetable stew for ducan diet

The diet should contain only protein foods with the addition of spices to speed up metabolism and cook only in boiled, steamed and baked form.

Phases of the diet

  1. Attack phase- this is the beginning of the output of the first kg, the restructuring of the body in a new regime. The duration depends directly on the extra kilos. The first stage can be extended as much as necessary to lose kg, that is, about 0, 8-1 kg per day will disappear. In this case, the food should be only protein with the use of a coarse grind of bran to quickly saturate the stomach and burn the names of the fat mass without destroying the muscles. Include in the food you need the low-fat bouillon cubes, oat bran. At the same time, jog every day, do aerobic exercises.
  2. Alternating phase,when the metabolism begins to take effect. The duration of the phase is up to 160 days alternating protein and vegetable foods with a wide variety of products: legumes, carrots, beets, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, peas, corn, potatoes. You need to eat in moderation, but allow yourself to feel hungry. The processing of muscle tissue can begin instead of burning fat. The portion of bran in this phase can be increased to 2-3 tablespoons. l.
  3. Funding phaserather brief, in contrast to the attack, it aims to maintain the results obtained. In this phase, you can lose up to 30 kg in 10 days by including chicken, beef, fish, low-fat dairy products, offal, bouillon cubes in the diet. The main thing is to speed up the metabolism, so it is necessary to eat oat bran about 1, 5 liters per day and do not forget to walk every day for 20-30 minutes on foot, to do aerobics classes. Food should help fill up and break down fats quickly.
  4. Stabilization phase,when normally the body has already adapted and returns to normal. There is a habit of a new diet and the fat is already being stored in reserve, there is no sharp increase in body fat. The duration of this phase is 10 days, although Dukan advises to adhere to this diet constantly, alternating the 4th with the 2nd phase with the addition of fruits, berries, cheese (30% fat), starchy foods and small amounts of sweets . to diet. Bran intake can be increased to 2. 5 tbsp. l per day, do not forget about physical activity, aerobics for 30 minutes. This phase must be constantly fulfilled, and there are practically no feeding restrictions. Although some rules must be followed.
vegetable salad on the ducan diet

Products allowed and prohibited

Each phase of the diet has its own prohibited and permitted foods:

  1. When attacking, you can eat lean pork, beef, turkey, rabbit, poultry, veal, veal, ham, lean seafood, tomato-free fish, fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir, tofu cheese. The main thing is that the food is exclusively protein. It is forbidden to consume alcohol, foods containing carbohydrates and fats, tomato sauce, sugar. You can add a little spices and seasonings, do not forget to take bran, add them to dishes. Drink 2 liters of clean liquid a day.
  2. In the alternation phase, it is allowed to salt the dishes, add spices, seasonings, tomato sauce, mustard (no more than 1 tbsp. L). Drink 2 liters of water, take bran, increasing to 2-3 tbsp. spoons Food should only be boiled, baked, nothing can be fried. It is forbidden to take fructose, sugar, alcohol. Only drinking dry wine (one glass) is allowed.
  3. In the consolidation phase, the intake of fruits, pork, lamb, bacon, whole wheat bread, potatoes, lentils, legumes, pasta, non-sweet drinks, dry wine is allowed. You can organize for yourself from time to time and moderately a tummy feast. Sweeteners are prohibited. It is good to organize fasting days at least once a week.
pancakes for the Pierre Ducan diet

Ducan diet menu

The menu should contain a large amount of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates. You can eat meat, eggs, and fish, but only low-fat varieties. Especially in the attack phase, do not forget to take bran, which satisfies the feeling of hunger well.

So, an approximate menu for a week:

  • Monday: Oat bran with added oatmeal, beef, baked seafood.
  • Tuesday: omelette, green tea, chicken in sauce, fish soup.
  • Wednesday: low-fat cheese slices, green hibiscus tea, soup with mustard sauce, hard-boiled eggs, meat chips.
  • Thursday: low-fat yogurt, ham slices, spiced baked chicken, beef fillet, herbs, garlic.
  • Friday: crab sticks, scrambled eggs, sprinkled ham, grilled turkey. The main thing is not to pour a lot of vegetable oil.
  • Saturday: soft-boiled eggs, low-fat cheese, grilled seafood, chicken soup.
  • Sunday: pancakes with oat bran, steamed fish with spices, chicken meatballs.

In the last stage of stabilization, you can take all these products as a basis and develop a menu yourself, without forgetting about fasting days. Take only protein foods, and there are practically no restrictions on food. Although harmful products should be completely abandoned. Otherwise, the choice is huge.

This is a sample menu and snacks are available. You can include any food in the diet, combine them from the recommended list. The main thing is that the dishes are low in calories.

You cannot limit yourself in the diet, the main thing is to limit carbohydrates and fats in food, which can lead to constipation.


There are many variants of Dukan recipes with a small amount of carbohydrates. It is about soups, salads, omelettes, pâtés, delicious sweet marshmallows, cutlets. You cannot limit yourself on diet. The main thing is to limit carbohydrates and fats in food, which can lead to constipation. Food should be purchased in advance so that you are not suddenly hungry and vary recipes throughout the week.

And here are some pretty simple recipes, for example:

Oat bran tortillas: 3 tbsp. L. bran, 2 tbsp. l kefir, 3 tbsp. l cottage cheese, egg white, pepper. Pour the bran with kefir and let it swell for 2-3 hours. Make a dough and bake in a pan.

Ducan Diet Oat Bran Tortillas

Cottage cheese casserole: low-fat cottage cheese, 1 egg, milk, sweetener, a little vanillin. Rub the cottage cheese with the yolks, beat the whites separately, add the rest of the ingredients, carefully put in the oven and bake.

cottage cheese casserole for ducan diet

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and the addition of oat bran, add 2 tbsp. l yogurt, 0. 5 cups, baking powder, vanillin, cinnamon, sweetener. Combine the ingredients, fry the cheesecakes in a pan on both sides.

curd for ducan diet

Ducan soup, great recipe for the attack phase, a kind of stew. What is unusual is that it is cooked in a lean broth to which eggs and herbs are added.

egg soup for the ducan diet

Kefir pancakes: kefir (100 g), cottage cheese (100 g), chicken egg (2 pieces), Gluten (30 g), oat bran (10 g), salt and soda to taste, vegetable oil. Mix all the ingredients, add the soda last, mix. Grease a pan with oil, fry.

kefir pancakes for the ducan diet

Chebureks Dukan: 250 g of onion, chicken egg, salt and pepper. To mix everything. Make a dough, shape the patties and fry on both sides.

patties for the Dr. Ducan diet

Coffee cupcake: oat bran (2 tbsp. L), cottage cheese (100 g), 3 pieces egg, Coffee (1 teaspoon), Soda 0. 5 tsp. Dissolve the coffee in warm water, mix all the ingredients and pour into the lined molds. Microwave the muffins, but don't over-dry them, so the batter is porous and airy.

coffee muffins for the ducan diet

Expected weight loss

This question worries many women. The Ducan diet gives 100% results. The main thing is to adhere to the diet plan and make it fractional to speed up the metabolism. With fluid intake up to 3 liters per day and physical activity, you can lose 1 kg per day, in 3 days - up to 2 kg, in 10 days - up to 5 kg. The diet should be fractional, 5-6 meals a day.

Skipping food is undesirable for the body. This will serve as a signal to recreate a stock of products in reserve. Don't forget to drink clean water.

Many women in the first days complain of weakness and headache in the attack phase. If unpleasant symptoms appear, you should reduce physical activity. The extra pounds will gradually disappear, stretch marks and cellulite will disappear, the skin will tighten.

There is no need to torment yourself with heavy diets. At Dukan you can eat tasty and healthy products. But you still have to give up sweets, chips, fast food. Protein foods meet the body's caloric needs well.

chicken fillet with vegetables for the ducan diet

You don't need to torment yourself with heavy diets, according to Dukan you can eat tasty and healthy food

Pros and cons of the diet

With adequate adherence to the Ducan diet, the effectiveness will already be noticeable in the first week. This is a good reason for many who want to lose weight with the ability to eat protein foods without restrictions. You don't need to count calories every day and you can cook many different delicious meals from a variety of natural products at an affordable price.

In the last phase, it is not difficult to draw up a menu, but it is necessary to maintain a diet throughout life.

Disadvantages include:

  • Strict compliance with all the rules and recommendations prescribed by Ducan; otherwise, the expected results cannot be expected.
  • Additional intake of vitamins to avoid problems with hair and nails, since fruits are prohibited in the initial stages of the diet, as well as alcohol in any form. Only small quantities of dry wine are accepted.
  • You should also stop smoking.

Reviews (2)

  • The first review: "I liked the diet, this information about it is relevant today. I want to continue to adhere to it more, I hope good results. "
  • The second review: "At first, constipation bothered me for a long time, I had to drink laxatives. Fruits should not be taken, otherwise the allergy will come out on the face. I advise you to drink more mineral water. There were no side effects on the attack. In general, I recommend a diet, it works. "
  • Third review: "In general, this diet process adapts. The menu can be quite varied. I hope to go through the initial phase without any problems and of course I try not to forget about physical training, walk more. I managed to lose 0. 8 kg in a week. Let's see what happens next. "
  • The fourth review: "I have been looking for such a diet for a long time, I got acquainted with the first phase of the attack, I tried it. No weakness. I do not stop there. "
  • Fifth review: "I lasted 10 days, at first it was bad, but I managed to lose 8 kg. I hope to continue in the same spirit and achieve acceptable results. I recommend adding lemon juice to salads to improve digestion and get rid of fat. "
  • The sixth review: "The main thing is to tune in a positive result with the Ducan diet, study all the phases and allowed foods. Avoid hunger, you can have a snack between meals. There are no strict restrictions, and this pleases women. "Many celebrities wear it and are happy. Just look at your skin and complexion. You involuntarily begin to believe that the diet really works. "