Lose weight with citric acid

Acid is an essential substance for the human body. It is necessary for the internal organs to function properly and smoothly. Citric acid is directly involved in the metabolic process at the cellular level. That is why its weight loss benefits are simply invaluable.

The effectiveness of citric acid in weight loss

using citric acid to lose weight

It is true that citric acid does not have fat burning properties, but it is considered a strong natural antioxidant and is very useful for people who want to lose weight.

Consider what happens to the body when ingested:

  • the walls of the esophagus better absorb nutrients;
  • the cavity of the internal organs is cleansed of harmful toxins;
  • Strong slags and fecal stones are removed;
  • blood circulation becomes more intense;
  • metabolic processes are improved;
  • excess fluid is removed, so swelling is removed;
  • cellular rejuvenation occurs.

Internal use

It doesn't take much effort to achieve a positive result with citric acid. It is enough to drink clean acidified water. To lose extra pounds, citric acid must be dissolved in warm water or diluted with lemon juice.

Many different techniques have been developed that can be used to achieve good results. Let's consider the most effective.

Weight loss with citric acid in a week

The outline for this weight loss method is very simple and is designed to be used within 7 days. Every day, a person who wants to lose extra pounds needs to drink at least 2-3 liters of clean water. This will prevent dehydration of the body and will not slow down metabolic processes.

Dissolve a teaspoon of citric acid in a liter of warm water. It is recommended to drink the resulting drink in an amount of 180 ml daily, 1. 5 hours after each meal; for the best flavor, add a little honey.

Weight is lost due to the fact that the appetite is turned off, but meals should not be skipped, it is necessary to eat in small portions about 5 times a day. During such a diet, it is recommended to eat fresh or boiled vegetables, seafood, cereals, protein and lean meat.

Lose weight with citric acid in a month

The scheme of this diet is also very simple and is designed for one month. It requires only 2 ingredients found in every home: citric acid and plain water. However, in order to achieve a positive effect and not harm your body, you need to know exactly in what proportion to prepare the drink:

  • From 1 to 7 days.It is necessary to take 250 ml of pure water and dissolve in it half a dessert spoon of citric acid. This drink should be drunk three times a day: after breakfast, an hour after lunch and half an hour before dinner. The diet should be dominated by shellfish during the week.
  • From 8 to 14 days.You should measure 280 ml of pure water and dissolve a teaspoon of acid in it. The resulting drink should be divided into 3 equal parts and consumed according to the following scheme: 20 minutes after the first breakfast, half an hour before lunch, an hour before the last meal. The diet these days should be dominated by dishes with lean meat and protein products.
  • From 15 to 21 days.To prepare a drink, you need to take 300 ml of pure water and dissolve a teaspoon and a half of acid in it. The solution should be consumed in the same way as in the previous week. It is recommended to eat boiled vegetables and cereals.
  • From 22 to 28 days.One teaspoon of acid must be dissolved in 150 ml of pure water. You should drink a drink in 2 doses: after breakfast and before dinner. Nutrition must be balanced.

Outdoor use

external use of citric acid for weight loss

External use of acid is safer for a person who wants to lose weight. However, if you do not first start eating rationally, do not give up bad habits, do not remove sweets from the menu, then the result cannot be expected.

  1. To prepare the mixture, take 200 g of black, green or blue clay, 4 chicken eggs, a teaspoon and a half of acid, add 100 g of sour cream to it and everything is interrupted with a blender. The acid must be completely dissolved, otherwise skin burns may remain.
  2. The resulting mixture is then applied to the places where cellulite is to be removed, most often the thighs and abdomen, then wrapped in 4-5 layers of plastic wrap and warm clothing is placed on top.
  3. The mixture is kept for 30-40 minutes, but if the skin is burned strongly, it is washed before. At the end of the procedure, an anti-cellulite cream is applied.

For maximum results, wrapping should be done once every 2 days, whereas it is best to alternate the color of the clay.

What is the danger?

People who decide to lose weight with citric acid internally should be aware that this method is not absolutely safe.

If you use this product uncontrollably, the function of organs and systems may be affected:

  1. Because the drink consumed has a strong concentration and contains acids in its composition, this negatively affects tooth enamel, increasing its sensitivity. In addition, the oral mucosa becomes irritated, which causes ulcers.
  2. There has been a negative effect of the acid on the gastric walls. In this regard, this method is strictly prohibited for people facing gastritis or stomach ulcers.
  3. With the help of citric acid, excess fluid is removed from the body and edema is relieved. However, it must be taken into account that along with the excess, the liquid necessary for the normal functioning of the organs is also eliminated.
  4. People who consume acid frequently face apathy, loss of energy, anxiety and insomnia. A person believes that he has begun to lose extra pounds, but in reality the volumes disappear due to lack of fluid in the body.
  5. The results obtained with citric acid are short-lived. Very soon after a person stops taking the product and begins to eat habitually again, the weight returns and sometimes even double the volume.
  6. Health professionals believe that taking acid internally increases the risk of cancer.


If, despite all the above, a person decides to lose weight with citric acid to reduce damage to the body, the following recommendations should be followed:

ways to use citric acid for weight loss
  1. Do not exceed recommended doses. If you put 3 tablespoons of acid instead of one in a glass of water, the metabolic processes will not increase, but the stomach will suffer from it very quickly.
  2. You cannot drink an acidic drink on an empty stomach in one gulp. This should be done slowly, preferably with a straw, and only after or during a meal.
  3. Along with the intake of the drink, the body should be helped to lose weight. You need to get rid of overeating, the use of fatty and floury products, bad habits, and also allocate at least half an hour a day for gymnastic exercises. Otherwise, the result may not occur at all.
  4. Make sure to eat oatmeal, chicken broth, and boiled vegetables these days. In this way, the stomach will have the correct acid-base balance and the body will quickly get used to the acidic drink.
  5. To avoid damaging tooth enamel, rinse your mouth with running water after every drink.


Before trying to lose weight with citric acid, you should make sure that this method has no contraindications.

Another way to lose weight must be found for people facing:

  • any disease of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • kidney and bladder pathologies;
  • a tendency to allergic reactions;
  • cavities;
  • skin diseases.
  • when carrying a baby and breastfeeding.

Consuming large amounts of citric acid is very harmful to the human body. That is why, before deciding to lose weight with this method, you must carefully weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. And if, nevertheless, the decision is made, you can use acid only after consulting a nutritionist.