Exercises to get thin at home.

a series of exercises to lose weight

The belly is one of the most problematic areas of the female body. Here you can quickly acquire excess fat and spend many months eliminating it. Many women still cannot find an effective method to combat the presence of cellulite formations in this area. The body of a woman implies the presence of a layer of fat in the abdomen, but for most of the fair sex it is too large. In mature women, the stomach may even sink too low. Even the slimmest girl can have extra inches in her waist area if she leads the wrong lifestyle. To get rid of fat in this area, you need to do home exercises for the abdomen and follow the rules of a balanced diet. Only in combination will these funds be effective. Volunteer efforts cannot be dispensed with.

Eating rules to reduce belly

Following a low calorie diet is essential for tummy reduction. It must contain proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The best sources of carbohydrates are fresh fruits and cereals, and the fats are natural oils, beans, and nuts.

Even if you're not on a specific diet, you can shed body fat with home abdominal exercises and simple dietary guidelines. These are the foods that you must eliminate from your daily diet if you want to eliminate this annoying problem.

  1. Fast food and other harmful products: mayonnaise, tomato sauce, smoked meats, sausages.
  2. Baking and sweets: chocolates, candies, cakes, cakes.
  3. Reduce your intake of salt, as it retains water in the body, causing unnecessary bloating.
  4. Alcohol. Promotes dehydration and improves appetite.

In addition, home exercises for the abdomen should be combined with balance in drinking and aerobic exercise.

It is necessary to do exercises to lose weight at home, because abdominal fat is not only ugly, but also dangerous for human health. There is a misconception among many women that the abdominal area is enlarged by an abundance of fatty foods. However, in fact, the main reason for this is the excessive calorie content of food, therefore, first of all, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Home exercises for abdominal muscles

Getting rid of cellulite deposits in the waist area is difficult, but it is quite possible to do it even at home. If you perform a series of exercises to slim the abdomen at home regularly, 2-3 times a week, in a month the result will be remarkable. For a workout to be most effective, you need to work all your muscles equally. We introduce you to upper press care exercises that remove body fat.

  1. The main home exercise for the abdomen is twisting. We lie on our backs, with our hands behind our heads, feet shoulder width apart, and knees bent. As we inhale, we lift the shoulder blades, while the back is round, the lower back is adjacent to the floor, and the elbows are apart. As we exhale, we go down. It is important to do this exercise with little amplitude and not to forget about breathing. The pace must be fast. You need to complete 3 sets of 20 times.
  2. The starting position is the same, but we lift the legs, you can put them on a chair. We repeat the exercise in a similar way to the previous one.
  3. In the same position, while inhaling, we stretch our elbows towards the opposite knee, lifting the leg off the chair. Do 10 times for each leg, number of approaches - 3.

Now effective home abdominal exercises for women aimed at strengthening the lower abdomen:

  1. We lie down straight, arms behind head, legs straight. Slowly raise your straight legs at right angles to the floor, then cut your pelvis, making a simplified version of the "birch". We linger at the top point for a few seconds. 15 reps is enough.
  2. The starting position is the same, but we put our hands under the buttocks. Raise your legs 40cm off the ground and begin to bend and flex your knees. It is important: the legs must be above the ground all the time.
  3. For the lower press, regular leg raises with a return to their original position are perfect.

The following home exercise for the abdomen aims to work the obliques and reduce the waist. We lie on our back, arms along the body, legs bent at the knees. At a fast pace, we stretch our hand to the foot, without lifting our back off the ground. In this exercise, sufficient frequency is important, and then measuring your waist will bring you pleasure and pride in your work.

These homemade abdominal exercises for women don't require a lot of space or special equipment. You can perform the complex at any convenient time, it does not take long and does not require any physical training. Despite this, the training is very effective.

How to correctly do abdominal exercises for women at home?

rules for exercising to lose weight

In order for the exercises to produce the desired result, you must follow some rules and recommendations. Make sure you do a simple warm-up before you start - walking or running is great.

When doing each of them, make sure that the back is round and the lower back does not bend. Otherwise, you can be injured, since the main load is not on the press, but on the spine. Also, make sure the tension is only on the abdominal muscles.

All abdominal exercises are designed to tighten the muscles, not to increase their volume. Therefore, the number of repetitions must be significant. You can start with 20, gradually increasing the number of repetitions and focuses.

At the end of the workout, stretch your muscles well - this will speed up the weight loss process and prevent them from clogging. Of course, proper and balanced nutrition, regular training, conscientious compliance with all the described exercises will lead to the satisfaction of desire; you will soon get rid of fat deposits in the stomach and in the waist area.