The popular options of fasting days for weight loss

Download the days, in fact, are the purification, that is to say, of detoxification-program. Help to prepare for the beach soccer of the season, to give rest to the organs of digestion after holidays and vacation, as well as to cleanse the body. It is the best way to normalize quickly the state of health.

The successful completion of the fasting days

download the days

Download the program is based on a diet — the consumption during the day of a product. During the day you should consume only a low calorie product. This allows the digestive system is easy to operate with the obtained from food. The energy that should go on the decomposition of the various components, is released to the cleansing of the body. So you can give up surplus fat and toxins from the body. Days to lose weight is held twice a month. Abuse download days dangerous because of the education deficit of the necessary materials. In case of problems with overweight, you should receive consultation of the doctor.

After you make the decision to move the day to lose weight, it is necessary to observe some of the conditions to make it more comfortable and properly:

  • download the day it is necessary to give a when tight agenda. This will help you not to think of food too often. You can ask about the availability of the hand of broth and kefir, that will satisfy the acute attack of hunger;
  • the intense exercise is recommended to exclude. Saving energy will help you to transfer download day easier. But sitting in a place that is not recommended, as this will make more intense the feeling of hunger. Well massage, steam bath, or simply move it outdoors;
  • the download process should be natural. There is No need in taking laxatives or diuretics or medications. Excess load on the kidneys can cause damage;
  • two or three liters of water — a standard the dock of the diet to lose weight. It is preferable to drink earlier in the day. By the morning on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon of vegetable oil to prevent the stagnant phenomena in the liver. You can drink the infusion choleretic herbs or rosehip seed;
  • we have slowly, chew slowly, the food, this contributes to the more intense feeling of saturation, even a small portion, and promotes weight loss.

The volume of food, composed by products of protein, is not more than 600 grams. If it is fruit or vegetables a day, not more than two kilos. During some days of the conclusion of the discharge may be losing up to a pound of excess body weight. Due to the constant repetition will lead to a remarkable result of the loss of weight. Of course, before the celebration of this type of shock to the agency should listen to the advice of a doctor. This applies especially to pregnant women and newborns have given birth to the woman, as well as serious diseases.

The use of the fasting days:

  • the body receives more of a good break from the abundance of food, the consumption of incompatible products;
  • leave the stock in the manner and toxins, which promotes weight loss;
  • in the absence of the proper effect of the diet method of weight loss, the day of the discharge that helps to start the metabolism and accelerate the metabolism;
  • download the days can be the beginning of the transition to proper nutrition that will help adjust the diet to one side the more useful of the food;
  • the strength training will not only help you lose weight, but also in the achievement of other objectives.

Most popular download of the day

The day of the discharge must be based on personal food preferences. But if you need a quick result, it is worthwhile to choose the diet of cucumber or apple.

Apple day

correct slimming

It is more accessible and useful to download to the agency. Apples have a rich set of vitamins, are low in calories, are rich in antioxidants and normalize the functioning of the intestine. You need two kilos of green, without sugar of apples, a couple of liters of normal mineral water without gas. You can make a green tea without sugar or rosehip. All the volume of apples should be distribute in six parts. About a third of the apples cooking with the addition of cinnamon or honey. It is recommended to cook the apples with the increase of the acidity of the stomach, gastritis and ulcers. Apple day can rid the body of three kilos of excess weight. We just have to be prepared for that apples contribute to good appetite.

For pregnant women, and for those who cannot withstand a strict lifting device day, you can add the apples don't fat from the curd. In a day you should take 600 grams of cottage cheese and a kilo of apples. Water — a minimum of two liters. When the toxicosis good to use Apple-kefir day, consisting of a year and a half liters of yogurt and a half kilos of apples.

Day with the cucumber

On the right of the cucumbers you can call it champions, among the most effective vegetables of loads of the day. With a minimum of calories this vegetable is special about the acid prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. The caloric value of this day will be of no more than 300 kcal, which is beneficial for weight loss. Cucumber download day you get rid of 3.5 kilos. This day should pass without strenuous physical efforts. You will need fresh cucumbers, a half kilograms, shared in five or six servings. You must exclude the salt, spices and other additives. You can supplement the menu with two eggs and a couple of spoons of bran.

Buckwheat day

This type of option to lose weight help you to get rid of excess weight, clean the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes metabolism. A cup of cereal fill in the double of the amount sheer of boiling water and scald. Grains must be whole grain. The slurry is better to cook on the eve, at night. Add nothing. Buckwheat is the slower a carbohydrate is, therefore, well-saturated and does not lead to an increase of sugar in the blood. And also you will need a liter of yogurt.

The slurry gets to eat six times a day, you should drink kefir. Is an option of combination of products has a laxative effect and cleanses the intestine, which also helps you to lose weight. Should you drink or herbal tea. For the day will be, not more than half a kilo of excess body mass. And there is more, but without spices and additives that is going to make it impossible for the negative in the figure.

Proteins day

The protein discharge in the day, in order to lose weight a little more complex in preparation, but no less effective. It is recommended to do once a week, to set the weight is normal. At breakfast you should take a tablespoon of vegetable oil. After this you will need a portion of protein cocktail. Preparation is the mixture of the glass of milk, banana and one hundred grams of cottage cheese. You can re-use the cocktail to sports nutrition. You need to also eat one hundred grams of beef in boiled or baked form of drink without sugar coffee.

After 4 hours, begins lunch, composed by a glass of mineral water, two hundred grams of cooked meat with tomato, herbs. The download completes the lunch, the green tea. After 4 hours of eating not more than two hundred grams chicken breast, boiled and free from the skin. You can eat a small portion of salad of cabbage. As the ideal beverage for a glass of mineral water, and also choleretic tea. After four hours, take the dinner. Reception of the night of the meal consists of two hundred grams of beans in tomato sauce and a glass of tomato juice.

Kefir day

diet for weight loss

For this variant of the burdens of the day to take up to two liters of yogurt, which should be consumed during the day in the five or six receptions. Kefir discharge day is very easy to use due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Help to lose weight of two pounds. This product helps normalize the intestinal flora and cleaned due to the effect of attenuation, the day in yogurt best to stay at home.

Download days are the days of the fastest way to bring into order and effective to give rest to the body after the excesses of food. But we must recognize that the weight is going to disappear, not at the expense of the loss of fat, and mainly due to the cleaning of the intestine of slags and get rid of the excess water. Therefore, this method of loss of weight — a temporary measure that helps quickly to get fit.