Diet by blood type to lose weight

There are many diets based on the use of high-protein, sugar-free, low-fat foods, calorie counting, and separate meals. And there is an interesting diet that suggests eating certain foods based on blood type. Losing weight on this diet is satisfying, but a bit unusual. After all, you will have to give up the usual and perhaps favorite products. Also, they can be low in fat and non-nutritious.

Weight loss based on blood type

nutritionist offers weight loss products by blood type

Losing weight on this diet involves eating some foods and avoiding others. It is believed that the weight will disappear without problems on its own. Foods can be divided into useful, neutral and harmful for each blood group. That is, the same product will help one person lose weight, the second will improve, and the third will not change anything.

The diet is based on the principle that a person should only eat the food that was when certain blood appeared. That is, nature itself tells a person what to wear. It is believed that this food not only helps to lose weight, but also strengthens the immune system, gives the person more energy and strength, improves the functioning of the digestive system and helps eliminate allergies.

There are four blood groups, they appeared at different times. At first, people mainly ate meat, then agriculture was added - vegetables, cereals, then people domesticated domestic animals, therefore dairy products appeared, and then there was a mixture of groups, and the last emerged, fourth blood group.

Weight loss will not happen quickly, it will most likely take more than a month. During this time, the body will rebuild itself and begin to function properly and consequently, you will lose weight. However, it should be remembered that if your body does not perceive a certain product, there is an allergy to some approved product, then it should be excluded, despite the diet. On the contrary, does it feel good to eat an unwanted food? Then you can activate it in the menu.

The essence of the diet is not to interrupt the entire usual diet, but simply to make adjustments, to try to consume more than the allowed foods.

What foods are allowed for health and slimness?

meat and vegetables to lose weight by blood type

So what foods can people of different blood consume and at the same time maintain health and a slim figure?

As for the first group, the base is its meat. It can be anything and the by-products are helpful too. Therefore, cutlets, chops and other meat dishes should be on the menu every day. Also, vegetables, bread are allowed, but only rye, fish, seafood, sweet fruits. But cereals, buns, sweets, oils, eggs, fermented milk and dairy products must be drastically reduced. You can drink herbal teas, sweet fruit juices.

For the next, second group, the menu is more extensive: it involves fish, legumes, fruits, berries, vegetables, dairy products. You can eat chicken and eggs, but in small amounts. The consumption of acidic foods, sugar and white bread should be minimized. From the drinks you can choose various juices, green tea, red wine.

People with the third blood group can consume almost everything. But there are some restrictions: shellfish, tomatoes, fatty meats and poultry, wheat, and buckwheat grains should be kept to a minimum. But vegetable oils can be added to any salad and cereal. You can drink teas and juices (except tomato), as well as coffee, beer, and wine. To lose weight, it is advisable to exclude sweets and cakes.

The fourth group is not very different from the third. It is advisable to choose lean meat, you can eat nuts, legumes, any baked goods, cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Acidic fruits and buckwheat are undesirable. You can drink different infusions, teas, wine. To lose weight early, you need to include more vegetable salads, seaweed, cottage cheese, kefir, and yogurt on the menu.

When drawing up the menu, you need to take into account all the nuances. It is very easy to remember everything that can and cannot be used. In a week, you will develop the habit of eating the right foods. And remember, forbidden foods can also be eaten, but only a little.

Blood type diet menu

vegetable salad to lose weight by blood type

It is easy to compose a menu from the allowed products and follow it for a long time. Of course, the dishes can be changed, the menu must be varied.

Naturally, the diet menu of the first group will include a lot of meat products, fish, few dairy products, and muffins.

Here is the diet menu:

  • in the morning: lean ham with rye bread, fruit;
  • second breakfast: salad and bread;
  • lunch: meat broth, cutlet, rice, vegetables;
  • afternoon tea - egg and juice;
  • in the evening: seafood, salad, kefir.

The menu of the second group will include cereals, more dairy, but there will still be little sweets and pastries.

Here is the diet menu:

  • breakfast: oatmeal, berries, juice;
  • sandwich: yogurt and fruit;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, fish, greens, bread, compote;
  • afternoon tea: scrambled eggs and salad;
  • in the evening - vegetable casserole, green tea.

The menu of the third group is very varied. Therefore, there will be dishes of cereals, fish, meat and vegetables. But although you can consume sweets, it is better to cut them.

Sample menu:

  • in the morning: omelette or porridge, bread with cheese;
  • snack: freshly squeezed fruit or juice;
  • lunch: cereal soup, cutlets, vegetables, compote, bread;
  • afternoon tea: yogurt or cottage cheese, juice;
  • dinner: stewed fish and vegetables, kefir.

If the blood type is rare, it means that you can eat almost anything. This means that the menu will be the usual proper nutrition, which we are used to. But there are some nuances - you need to include more yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, and green vegetable salads on the menu.

Here is the diet menu:

  • breakfast - milk porridge, lean crackers with cheese, freshly squeezed juice;
  • second breakfast - fruit, cottage cheese, vegetables - one thing;
  • lunch: vegetable cream soup, stew with vegetables, bread, salad;
  • snack - kefir, fermented baked milk or yogurt;
  • dinner: fish, salad, tea.

Of course, the menu can be very varied, the main thing is that healthy products are included. Non-recommended products can be included in the menu, but in small quantities. It is important that you tolerate the diet easily, because it should promote health.