The methods of thinning

The woman attracts on with your life, emotions, fullness internal the glow, and not the subtlety of his volumes of...

Be consistent with frequency, is a fan of the-yearning of many women. Many of You have tried to lose weight through a variety of diet systems and weight loss. Almost all women today you can write a book on how to be thin. Do you agree? We, the women, both know about this, but anyway, practically, each one of us, this topic continues to be a problem.

the essence of slimming

On the excess weight what I know of first hand. Since a child I have been quite full of the girl, so in the school was not exempt from mockery. This has all grown in the complex... At the age of 15, I decided to lose weight. The diet, weeks of complete starvation, the raw food diet... what I get then he had not done. And all this time I have been continually depressed, depressing. To drop weight, refusing himself in all things is the stress. When the weight goes, the other starts the panic – like holding on to a result achieved?

The methods of thinning. Today I'm not going to write about the physical methods of weight loss: nutrition, sport, water... has learned all this without me. I'm going to talk about other methods of thinning: the psychological and energetic. Already with this, and it has to start. And not with a proper diet...

It all started when I fell in love with. Yes, the same who has fallen in love with so that the emotions jumping out of endorphins, adrenaline, and then together down, in desperate depression.

By the year of this love I have thinned 30 kilos!!! I is not only thin, I've become extremely thin.

The joy of communion with the object of love struck me, and there is food to me in the mouth, not breathed. Then the adrenaline I rode, like the horse, forgetting for the last time to ate. Well, and of course, falling into the sinister, depression, quarrels, could not do more than cry.

To what I write? I am not suggesting that this method of weight loss. The thing here is totally different. All the matter in the emotions! That is what I want to talk about today.

Why we eat what we eat?

You all know that we consume much more than the amount of food that our body needs. We are peacefully we can live, eat once or twice a day in small portions. This physical appetite just the sign of a modern man. The hunger you feel is the hunger of the subtle body, our energy shell. We can sit all day in the place, doing something, not the expenditure of physical energy, but at lunch we want to say. Why?

The whole issue of energy. Each product and each flavor has its own energy. So, for example, the sweet taste of calm, salty – concentrated, sharp – active, bitter, sets the tone and patience... as Well, of your own energy each product. Some of the products are feminine and soft energy, of the other men, some raised the prana, others on the contrary... when we want to say, it is an indicator that we do not lack a state. We lack a certain energy.

The methods of thinning.Why are the women stuck stress sweet, and most of the men – salty? Because a woman without knowing it, try to relax and calm down ( this property is sweet to the taste), while the man is trying to bind and activate its power (the spicy and salty).

Digest the food, we connect with the energy, we are filled with their vibrations and our state of mind changes. So, for example, there are situations in which a span of You is addicted to some type of product ( he has given You the necessary power), and then, in a moment in which You realize that you no longer want to eat.

I remember that I had a period, when I have eaten the lemon peel. This has coincided with the complex astrological period. And I realized that bitter flavor is on the subtle level it gave me the persistence and patience. Bought a kilo of lemons, clean the shell and ate his tea without sugar and honey. All who saw it, twisted it, and it went very well. But, literally, after a month, at the end of this period of my life, I have been missing the desire to eat the shell. For a long time, the friends brought in to tea time from 2 pounds of lemons, and I didn't know what to do with them. Although the jam of vari!

We eat because we do not lack of emotions and a state. Remember, please, any happy and joyous day of Your life.

  • Is that many eat on this day?
  • You, in general, ate?

When we are filled with positive emotions we do not need more than one source of energy, and that means that it is not necessary to compensate for the shortage of products.Why diets don't help?

correct slimming

Typically gruelling diet help you lose weight only for a time. The thin body builds up energy, hunger and a day of interruptions.

That's what it says, a friend of mine, who was sitting on a strict diet in the period of six months: "one night I woke up and I realized that I can no longer... in spite of what I have achieved excellent results, my body was quite thin. But even this fact I was able to retain. I am right in the middle of the night began to tell all. I started with salads, she swallows everything I had in the refrigerator, ate all the candies of christmas gift of a child. I have eaten and I could not stop...".

This is not physical hunger, it is haggard without certain energies, the subtle body.

The physical body can endure hunger for a long time and without any type of interruption, quietly re-feeding. But the subtle body can not. Of him every day, need certain terms and conditions, and if, what not to give, we begin to emotionally carry out, we go back to twitch, nervous, irritable. Remember state, when the time sitting on a diet? There is absolutely no satisfaction and peace of mind.

The key to good figure in the first place is found in our subtle body. When we get a lot of the emotions of life — our energy body is saturated, and the appetite becomes minimum. And emotions do not necessarily need to be positive, the residence of the emotions, in principle, full body slim. If we live the sadness, and not suppressed from her, then she is also able to give food to thin body. As is known, not knew to live the emotions of the people simply stuck.

Positive emotions, in particular, offer a slimming effect.

I decided to do the experiment, and within a month each day I planned something joyful for yourself: walk in SPA treatments, visit to the aesthetic, a visit from the tone club, a delicious tea of your favorite coffee, ride in a car, at night, the city under your favorite music, a hammam, a bath with all kinds of women hanging, shopping... in the end, the list was long. And I realized that this month totally transparent led several kilograms, although on diets I do not feel already the year 4. I ate then when I wanted to, and in the rest of the time that was, as you can spend more time and emotions, elevated mood. Then the same effect I noticed his mother-in-law, when we gave him the machine. She, literally, has been melted in 3 sizes of 1.5 months, since it is obtained a great pleasure to drive. She admitted that she does not feel like it, even forget, especially when we expect some kind of trip. Then I started to see this pattern of the large number of women.

In Your life there are also areas of "trip", in which You do not need more water from the food, in which Is charged positive and the joy. Look at your life.

When we live in harmony with your nature, with your body – we don't fixate on the food, change our habits of taste, change of interest in the products. It changes our awareness, and we allow ourselves to want harmful products.

So, for example, if we are in something suppressed himself, forced to do what you don't like it, then we are in an energy level, we will aspire to the more serious, more food, more of a low vibration. It is the chocolate, the more heavy of grains, all type of semi-finished products, macaroni, noodles, mushrooms, etc, These products are going to be thin, the strength of the survival, but physically destroy us.

And, on the contrary, when the energy of the climb , nobody will be able to in the us put heavy foods, because she's not going to comply with our vibrations. When we feel good, we are satisfied of what we prefer a light meal with high vibrations, in order to maintain this state.

It is important to pay attention to the state of euphoria, after it, usually, you are removing the desire to eat. Why? Because it is too strong stress to the body slender, and it is in the law of the balance begins to be connected to the earth through food. Therefore, the joy and the lightness is good, and the euphoria is an indication of lack of access to the events, our body will try to balance our state or through a heavy meal or through the reversal of the depression. Beware!

The holy men are fed a handful of rice a day throughout the life, not because they are so subdued his spirit, but because, being in contact with god, receive deep emotions, that the feeding process for them is simply a way of keeping the physical body alive. We are not saints, but our energy body also requires emotions, deep states, the joy, the sensuality! If we are to receive them only through the food, so that our inheritance is fallen to sad...

The methods of thinning. What I propose?

meals to lose weight

I would suggest you to perform the experiment, and in a period of 21 days to be in touch with their emotions and each day even a little bit, do what You like! Write down a list of this course. Ask each one of them occupies less than half an hour, which would have been able to feed himself with joy!

It is important not to do what is good for women, and the fact that "impressive", personally for You! And Your list will be individual. Start doing your joyful life starting today, begin to feed your body slim good emotions, and not biscuits and chocolates.

  • Each day do something good for ourselves. It is very important that a part of these pleasures has been associated with the body, because the body needs the positive emotions in your direction. For example, SPA, massages, baths, body wraps and sex, the intimacy, the sport, the is very important for the body to feel within himself the joy, and not with a permanent sense of guilt for its imperfection. Learn to rejoice in the body, and will no longer be the anchor of the negative emotions. On the contrary, you start to love and feel.
  • Wear appropriate clothing during this time. In the costumes talares and cotton, the cowards do not feel your body! Is it necessary to wear elegant clothing size, nice underwear, socks... what gives Your body the feeling of attraction. I, for example, in general I do not wear socks, never. This is very uncomfortable, I feel in a way isolated from its nature. Several years ago, I put on the stockings and the winter and the fall. The feeling, when I mean, is very different, more free. In the same way, as on the beautiful underwear, it is the feeling of your own sensuality and sexuality. You can have your tabs on your body, but your need to find.

Out of the depleting aspects of your life, work on your awareness.

Our body cries out with us as we will to your listen! I do know exactly if I take a couple of extra pounds is a clear example of what I lately have stopped paying attention, and to please himself, he has left to live and enjoy life. In these moments, thank your body for the reminder and start to give of oneself in the right state of energy.

The methods of thinning.Here is a list of things that increase our weight, and this is not products:

  • The renunciation of your nature in favour of her husband, the child, family members, friends, co-workers;
  • When we do what is unpleasant;
  • When we do not do your destiny;
  • When we are stuck in distresses, in the past;
  • The resentment of the men (often form a protective layer of fat on the area of the hips);
  • The fear of life, fear can not cope (forms a protective layer on the abdominal area, as the coat of arms of the blows);
  • When we give up our desires;
  • When we refuse his way of life, while remaining in the comfort zone of

Therefore, if You feel that the cause of Your pounds more profound than a simple emotional dissatisfaction by life, to understand their fears and find the courage to live as You like, not as much as expected, and not, as usual! Go to your fears, because behind every fear hides a large amount of energy and strength.

Focus on your desires, and not on nutrition. A good figure is not a goal, it is a means to accomplish something.

What? Think about what You want to achieve a good figure?Everything in our life do to certain states. We want to experience, feel, live...

And even a good figure we need, not for a check mark and a very important feeling in this world.Try to focus on the states of every day, and not in form, not in grams, not calories. Live a life full of joy, feelings, adventures, experiences. Where it is possible and to be sad where it is possible and time!

It has a characteristic psychological technique of gestalt-therapy, is called "As if...". This phrase has the goal of restoring psychological resource to get out of a difficult situation, and in the plan of our form also works and sounds as well: "Live as if already was ideal for You figure."

That is to imagine now in your body perfect, comfortable and easy, You feel attractive and desirable.

  • As Her life has changed after change of shape?
  • It may be better to himself to be?
  • Steel to devote more time to your body?
  • Have made the delight of himself?
  • May be, Its closeness with the husband, they became the most sensual?
  • Or has become more of a relaxed atmosphere?
proper nutrition

Follow these changes and are beginning now to bring in your life, without expecting some kind of metric on the balance. Joy is a feeling, available in any constitution and the weight.