Diet program for weight loss

Between modern of the abundance of diets of easy to get confused.

Low in carbohydrates, with a high fiber content, the chinese tea of the diet of 2 days of fasting, the cleaning diet... the Newbie here is not easy to understand. Although, in my opinion, the diet should be simple and clear. If so, then all you have to do is just stick with the food plan. And very soon you will be able to see the real results!

a weight loss program

We have collected for you the feeding program therefore, it was easy to follow. It is for those who want to:

  • Quickly get rid of the fat (in other words, lose weight)
  • Maintaining muscle mass

Slimming reduces to fairly simple – you must consume less calories than you burn. And that is all. The best way to do so is to follow a diet and exercise. So lets go directly to the food plan.

Can be expressed in a few words: eat small well balanced portions during the day. More specifically, you should eat 3 times a day and have 2 snacks. Of the need to add another bite. The time between meals should be 3 hours.

The nutrition program for weight loss

Use the following products:

  • The spinach
  • The broccoli
  • Green, red and yellow pepper
  • Cucumbers
  • Apples
  • Asparagus
  • Cauliflower
  • Green beans
  • Col
  • Celery
  • All green leafy vegetables, in addition to the iceberg lettuce
  • The water

Every day eat 2-4 servings of the following products:

  • The carrot
  • Bananas
  • The berries
  • Peaches
  • The plum
  • Oranges
  • More fruits that you like

With each meal, eat 100-170 grams of one of the following products. You can cook on the grill, turn off or baking. No coverage and the offal!

  • Turkey breast
  • Chicken breast
  • Steak
  • Pork lean)
  • Eggs (2 or 3 units)

With each snack eat a serving of the following products. During your stay on this diet, I do not recommend eating dairy products, but if you feel in them, the urgent need to eat in the moment of eating:

  • Almonds
  • Nuts
  • Cashews
  • Natural peanut butter (without sugar and salt)
  • Yogurt
  • Lean cottage cheese
  • The skim milk

The following products eat only after workouts and only on a small number of:

  • The oatmeal
  • Rice
  • Legumes
  • The potatoes
  • The bread and pasta
  • Other whole grain products

The following products to be consumed in small amounts or exclude at all:

  • Sauces for salads
  • The oil
  • Cheese

Foods and drinks that should be avoided

training for weight loss
  • Lemonade (tons of sugar and empty calories)
  • Consumption of alcohol and empty calories, as well as the harmful effects of products related to its consumption)
  • Sugar
  • Fast food
  • Dressings (mayonnaise, etc)

Sample of diet plan for weight loss — to the letter

Here's an example of how it should be your day from the point of view of the power supply:

  • 6:00 Training
  • 7:30 of the tortilla 2 eggs (roast without oil in a frying pan with non-stick) with green pepper and onion, 1 toast, a small cup of berries with melon and pineapple, 1 cup of black coffee.
  • 10:30 10 almonds, 1 apple
  • 13:00 the big plate of spinach salad with cucumbers and celery, the chicken breast with the sauce
  • 16:00 a handful of walnuts, 1 orange
  • 18:30 steak cooked on the grill, a great portion ready in a couple of studs, a small portion of salad of lettuce and tomato, with a small number of the special gas station.
  • 21:00 4 beam of celery with a small amount of natural peanut butter

Several of the observations of the tips:

  • With each meal, drink a large glass of water
  • In advance prepare the meals of the week. I usually do it in the resurrection. This greatly facilitates the diet, if you eat the same foods every day.
  • Keep a food journal and track your weight. You should lose about 1 kg a week. If you lose less, it is necessary to make a stricter diet. If you lose more, you may have to add more than 1 appetizer.
  • Avoid the use of preparations containing packaged products.

A weight loss program per week

In those times, when I'm constantly take the time to asset classes in the sport, frankly, continue to power almost was not.

Before chocolates and other sweets I could not resist (and that to hide, not I, and now without them). To not feel better after eating treats, had to endure great physical loads in the gym.

I've been looking everywhere, how special of a weight loss program per week.

A correct diet in week for weight loss

Before me rose choose: or I make myself a donut, or it is necessary to introduce changes in your diet and adapt the training already as a coach. And I'm successfully navigated her body.

After a while I got again this problem – gained weight during the pregnancy. After delivery, he could easily reset the excess weight.

Now he has decided to exclusively by their positive experience, present to all who want to the program very simple to get rid of excess weight: a menu for weight loss and exercises.

By the way, to perform the exercises, it is not necessary to use gym equipment you can do normal in the home, at any time, having a good and qualitative the vitamins. The important thing here is proper execution.

The feeding programme in the week to lose weight

When the diet is collected in the right way – a positive result is guaranteed, since up to 70%.

Thus, the feeding programme in the week to lose weight includes useful to the body and the figure of menu similar to that of the pyramid:

  • If approximately 40% of the diet is vegetables (without the beet and potato) and fruits (bananas and grapes); around 20% — cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, candy, fruit and nuts, bread, cereal; about 20% — containing products of protein (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk products); and residual 10% — sweet delicacies, this is, it is not too useful, but it is very tasty.

The menu for the week of the nutrition

Under this real-compose the staff of the diet in the day, taking into account the amount of calories for the level of energy costs. For example, if on a particular day it is assumed that the fitness classes, you can and should consume a little more carbohydrates products.

But for the ordinary days calories you should not get involved, because you are going to find your place in the form of deposits in the abdomen or the thighs.

The menu of a day of training

Menu for weight loss on workout days is as follows:

the rapid thinning
  1. The breakfast: not more than 200 grams of cereals (oats, buckwheat, rice, millet). Diversify this porridge can be a small amount of milk, fruit, nuts. Is admissible minimum addition of sugar or salt, but it is better to give them up. The mess, you can add the cottage cheese (not more than 30 g) cheese cottage (50 g), or the home-brewed hard-boiled eggs. With this dish can be tea or berry Morse (sugar-free).
  2. The second breakfast: make sure any fruit and in the supplement of 30 g of walnuts or 250 ml kislomolochnogo of the drink.
  3. Lunch: soup of vegetables in a little broth or stew, steamed vegetables, vegetable salad, a piece of up to 120 g) of meat of birds, up to a maximum of 2 slices of bread, natural beverage.
  4. Snack: a slice of cheese and a piece.
  5. Dinner: fish, cooked steamed or baked in addition to steamed vegetables.
  6. Before bed: 250 ml kefir beverage. If you physical exercise, which is scheduled for tomorrow, it is recommended to eat a banana, a piece of bread and nuts, and after exercise, drink 250 ml of green tea, eat a salad of vegetables. Complete the food intake is only possible after 2 hours.

The menu of each day of training

The weight loss program of the week with this menu on the day of training recognized by the pyramid of nutrition. The product catalog may change, the important thing is to not exceed calories.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week Which can be: scrambled eggs, cereal, cheese, yogurt, non-sweetened fruit.

At lunch is not necessarily a soup, you can replace vegetable stew, adding a piece of meat or fish. If you are outside the house, you can eat a sandwich of thin bread with a slice of ham and salad vegetables.

In general it is desirable in the work of taking the food correct, and it is not necessary to concentrate the attention on what you eat not fast food or deep-fried croquettes of dining room, like most of his colleagues. Ignore the taunts, if any. You should realize that, with the help of the diet will become a slender and the body will only be grateful for the nutritious foods.

Beginning one day, you will not be able to give you the useful and easy to the letter. At dinner you can eat dishes of cottage cheese or fish, vegetables or fruit only after the heat treatment, as a "sandwich" can the fermented dairy products, muesli, dried fruit, wholemeal bread and fruit.

After drinking a cup of yogurt before bedtime, you not only see well a delicious product, but also make the purification of the body.

What is the menu for weight loss is not difficult to bear the body, the most important thing to tune with it in psychological terms. And if you dig a little deeper, the diet of the week, there is always respect. To lose weight effectively, it is not necessary to exclude from the diet the complex carbohydrates and proteins, since are extremely necessary for the body.

It is only necessary to give preference to lean meat whether it is chicken, without skin and fat-free dairy products. To totally exclude the fats, also, that it is not worth. Once a week you can download the agency of to go to the bathroom, and the exercises of yoga.

Exercises to lose weight

Weight loss program for the week includes a series of exercises. Throughout the week all the days in the discipline must spend at least 20-30 minutes. In the week should have no less than 3 hours of physical exercise. To strengthen and speed up the Ab strap Gymnnic – strengthen fat burning.

Share its complex of exercises:

  • warming-up 5 min: walk in the place, inclinations and spins, swinging with the hands and similar;
  • squats in 3 of the walk. Each approach = 50 squats;
  • lunges for 3 sets. In each one of the legs up to 20 times;
  • swinging the feet in a side lying position. 3 sets of 20 times;
  • the exercise of the scissors of the feet, the body position lying on the back;
  • push-up from the ground (if it is difficult, with the knee). 3 sets of 10 to 15 times;
  • the exercise of the scissors with their hands, the standing position. Try to force the chest muscles;
  • the stretching of arms and legs. Put yourself in four legs, tuck the abdomen. No problems taking off from the ground to the right with the arm and the leg, and pull them in a straight line. Then, change of position. 3 sets of 8 to 10 times for each of the parties;
  • torsion bars in the supine position. Try to touch the right elbow to the folds of the left knee and vice versa. 3 sets of 30 times;
  • a jerk.

In each exercise you don't forget the drink abundant, and to accelerate the processes of change, in which it is directed a weight loss program per week.

You can add to your jogging exercises. If you exercise 3 times a week (1 hour), you can 30 minutes to carry out the recommendations, and the remaining 30 minutes to provide the tour. You can use a and other aerobic program.

I have granted to all who desire their own sample of the exercises that I do each day, as well as your diet. By following this program to lose weight in a week I have easily dropped 7 kilograms. Agree, it is a very good result!

menu for weight loss

Only professional nutritionists, patients are able to lose this amount of adipose tissue. The speed of weight loss can do damage to the body, the probability that the weight returns to a minimum.

The main one is that when the program from the body, precisely, adipose tissue and the muscle or in the water. The body lose weight, and the body at this time does not have a deficit of some important component of the diet.

This entire weight loss program of the week focuses on the reorganization.