Good food for weight loss

The role of nutrition to lose weight is known to almost all. But not everyone understands what is meant by a healthy diet. Some advise to abandon the consumption of meat and pass the vegetable to the diet, others actively slimming in buckwheat rather quickly. Where to look for the truth, is not clear. It is worthwhile understanding what is good food for weight loss, and how to get rid of the extra pounds without losing your health.

Fundamentals of nutrition

good food for weight loss

The basis of any healthy diet in the first place is the rejection of the consumption of objectively harmful food. What is considered harmful to the food? Many in this category classifies carbohydrates, others claim that the cause of excess weight is the consumption of a meal rich in fat, there are supporters of the version about the dangers of the proteins.

In reality, the basic principle of nutrition – the balance of the diet. On the table must necessarily be present in proteins, fats and carbohydrates in specific ratios. And harmful to the food, that sure are worth giving up, at present, carries the following products and dishes:

  • The food rich in chemical ingredients and the amplifiers, the taste and the aroma (potato chips, nachos, bread, nuts, popcorn);
  • Dry, semi-finished products (mashed potatoes in the jars, fast food, concentrates with dried soups);
  • Bakery products and pastries, with an age is counted by months or years;
  • Sausages production of cooking (meat, fish), stir fry dishes, sausages;
  • Carts of sauces.

Most of these products causing damage to the internal organs of the person, not to mention the fact that these substances are deposited on the sides and thighs. The rest of the natural products. Even potatoes with bacon and bread can be present in the table, but, of course, not on the basis of the diet.

By following the right diet to lose weight, you need to pay attention to the following principles:

  1. The decrease of the caloric density of the diet. Excess weight occurs when the body receives more calories than it can spend. The excess will be deposited on the reserve in the form of fat. An effective way to lose weight, you should give preference to a diet low in calories, another road does not exist.
  2. The conservation of the usual amount of food. The fundamental error of the people by losing the weight – reduction of the number of servings. Reduce the calorie content should not, since the known volume taken by the body for normal functioning. A large amount of calories of the food allows you to be filled.
  3. Compliance with the water regime. It is a mandatory condition in any healthy diet. Water plays an important role in the life of the organism, contributes to the purification, the removal of slags and toxins, which allows a quick and efficient way of losing weight.

Diet for weight loss

The correct implementation of the mode of feeding is the basis of literacy of thinning. To make it easier to comply with what we would call a diet that is calorie limited and to avoid failures, you should not wait for strong attacks of hunger. Don't split the power.

Meals in small amounts 5-6 times a day will help to maintain satiety in small portions to more effective digest. The pauses in between which should not exceed 2-2,5 hour, this is sufficient for the complete digestion of food and the use of energy obtained by the agency.

The hunger strike are prohibited. There are systems of fasting, but can only be used for appointments of the doctor, and are carried out strictly under the supervision of a specialist. Independent of hunger in the home can cause damage.

Nutritionists advise to follow the separation of the feed, in which different on the composition of the products that are consumed separately. This is necessary for the gut to have the opportunity of efficiently and quickly digest food.

It is worth noting, that the rapid thinning can cause health problems, therefore, it is best to stick to the basics of the proper diet to lose weight, do not achieve their goal at any price.

During the burning of fat in the blood work accumulated in the burn the fat tissues of toxins. It is important that you gradually losing weight, to the poisons in a timely manner from the body through the excretory system of the system.

To get decent results, we recommend combining a good diet with physical activity. When this enough mandatory the morning of the gym in your agenda, a little more time for outdoor activities, walking.

Head of the hour of the meal, the breakfast, the dinner is the most simple

meals to lose weight

Another important postulate of a proper diet – breakfast optional. The morning meal, in any case, you can't overlook. No matter what are the objectives pursued by the man – to lose weight or simply to improve your health.

Many people do not experience the need for food in the morning, therefore, put the first intake of food in a couple of hours. This happens often for the reason that on the eve of the person firmly dined late.

It is important to understand that the body after awakening, you need energy and nutrients. After a night precisely breakfast allows you to run the metabolism and to load the body energy for the whole day.

If tomorrow does not feel like it, you should do a light breakfast, but at the same time nutritious. It is important to pay attention to the amount of and quality of food. The best dishes of the morning will be converted in a wide variety of pureed fruits or berries, vegetables, salads, hard-boiled eggs or cottage cheese.

Lunch is usually by the afternoon, the evening, the man comes to get hungry. Make a pause in the meal, can not. Does not deliver to the dinner will help to correct bite. To appease the resulting hunger, you can drink a glass of water or eat the fruit.

Dinner should be lighter, the diet is worth picking up without the calories. To lose weight fast between dinner and the following breakfast should not be more than 10 hours, do not eat after 18 hours do not contribute to the reduction of weight. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

The menu of the night eating can include light, salads of vegetables in the dish and lean meat, dairy products, rich in proteins, eggs, broths. These dishes from the fastest way to leave the stomach, and the man can with comfort to of time to go to sleep.

After dinner, requires light physical load, you can walk or do household chores. Before you go to sleep to calm possible the hunger you must take kefir or yogurt, eat the apple.

Healthy eating

Dietary food implies compliance with certain standards in the selection of products and dishes. For the maintenance of the figure and health, we must take advantage of food healthy tips:

  1. The 30 percent of the diet of humans must be rich in starch products. This potatoes, bread, pasta, cereals. If this is better to choose a refund of grains of the varieties of products that you have in the composition of the fiber. Allows more time to feel satiety, contributes to cleaning of the intestine, the restoration of his work. Whole grains as part have more vitamins and useful substances.
  2. Fruits and vegetables constitute 40% of the diet. You can use any type of vegetables in fresh, cooking, baking, steaming. Worth refuse only pieces – peas and corn. The fruit will resolve any, but used should be loose, isolated from each other. In the diet may be a sweet fruit, it should be said, before the 14 hours.
  3. Reduce the consumption of salt. Very salty food, delay in the body of excess water, which can cause problems with the circulatory system, the heart, the kidneys. It is worth remembering that you are going to purchase your products and condiments contain large amount of salt, approximately 2/3 of the daily amount come from, precisely, with ready to eat foods. If possible, it is worthwhile to reduce the amount of salt in food preparation.
  4. In the menu must necessarily be present in the fish is an affordable source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats. Fatty varieties of fish should be present in the diet at least two times a week. The meat is to select the fast cook preferably steam, stew with vegetables or baking.

The council! In the day should consume at least five different types of vegetables and fruits. It is not worth to think that this is difficult. For example, at breakfast you can eat a banana, a snack before dinner – a salad of cucumber and tomato. In the snack carrot salad, and at night it allows the apple.

It will be interesting: an article on the amount of calories in the banana, the vitamins it contains and for what diseases protect the body.

In summer hot days it is necessary to include in the diet more fresh vegetables. This will allow that in the season of the great save, saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, reduce the consumption of time in the cooking. In the heat that the body is difficult to deal with the grief of the food.

Sweet – may or may not be?

menu for weight loss

Excess weight often contributes to the intake of sugar. He in abundance in the confectionery, candy, ready-general, alcoholic beverages. It is timely prepared sweets replace natural, natural products – honey, fruit, nuts, berries and even vegetables.

Sugar forgoing is not difficult, just there is a time not to use it when cooking. Exclude from the diet sweet should be a little bit. If this is difficult to implement, it costs less to replace the white, refined sugar, brown. You can enjoy sometimes the dark chocolate.

It is expressly forbidden to replace the sugar artificial substitutes – aspartame and others. They are very harmful to the body, these synthetic compounds contain, in many confectionery.

How to choose the best number of servings?

By following the right diet for weight loss it should be noted that the volume of the portions. A reception quite following amounts of food:

  • Several grains – not more than a fist;
  • The bread return cereal – 2 slices per day;
  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka) – 1 glass;
  • Curd natural – 200 g;
  • Fruits and vegetables – portion, of not more than two handprints;
  • Meat, fish – the size of a piece of no more than the palm of the hand of man.

The balance of the food

Basics of nutrition include the important principle of respect for the balance of the main nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. As the body gets from food is not only energy, but also and essential substances needed for the normal functioning of all organs.

The products have the same nutritional value, and with the reduction of the amount and volume of food could have a deficit of important elements. The balance of the diet allows you to avoid such consequences, such as increased fatigue, reduced attention and maintenance, deterioration of the skin, nails, hair.

A complete protein must act in the body constantly, as it is the main building material for muscle tissue. It is especially important that a sufficient amount of proteins have been received in the period of physical exercise. In the diet must be present lean meat, including turkey and chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products.

It is important to consume carbohydrates to lose weight, it is the second essential element of the diet with the nutrition. Preference should be given to the slow of carbohydrates, which for a long time absorbed by the body, ensuring your energy.

Sources of complex carbohydrates are cereals, water, rice, most cereal species, durum wheat pasta, return grain and natural rice cakes, baked potato. It is recommended to consume at breakfast and lunch.

An important part of the correct diet of fat. To meet the need of the fat, just include in the daily menu of meat, fish, nuts, vegetable oils, chocolate, cheese and even fat. It has been shown that the consumption of fat promotes the burning of saturated fats-lipids that are found in the problem areas.

But fats fats discord. When speaking of the dangers of fat, it is not helpful trans, fats, the consumption of which really worth to give up. Sources of trans fats are:

  • Pasta;
  • Roast, the food (especially quick cooking – fast-food);
  • Solid fats (like margarine);
  • Finishes semi-finished products (cream, pancake mix).

The recipes of the dishes of the proper diet

Composing the menu for the week, you can use the following available the recipes of the dishes of a proper diet.



  • 0,5 head of cabbage;
  • 2 onion and carrot;
  • 1 sweet paprika;
  • 2 tomato;
  • 3 litres of vegetable, chicken broth or water;
  • The salt and the parsley.

All the vegetables are crushed and added to the pan, fill with broth or water and put to boil. Preparation of the vegetables is determined by the availability of the carrot. Before you shut down for 5-7 minutes, add salt to taste and a bay leaf. Before serving the soup, sprinkle with herbs. You can add a teaspoon of sour cream.

Keep in mind the recipe for the barley in slow cooker. We recommend!

Nozzle of fish

1 kilo of red fish taking:

  • 1 onion;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 paprika;
  • Seasonings (celery, parsley, agar-agar);
  • The juice of lemon.

During the three hour boil the fins, the tail and the head, gradually removing the foam. After an hour of cooking, add spices and chopped vegetables. Through the half-hour down the pieces of fish. Cook still half an hour, and remove the meat with roots.

The fish with care to disassemble bits, double the dishes to maker. Decorate with vegetables and herbs, slices of lemon. Strain the fish broth several times through the cheesecloth and pour the fish. In the night leave in a cool place.

The importance of water

water for weight loss

The human body is vital in the water. The compliance of drinking water treatment is one of the principles of a proper diet. On the consumption of sufficient quantities of drinking water there is much talk and often. But not all know that the amount of water you should drink to the person on the day, you can calculate by yourself.

Limitations and suggestions, in the evening you should drink 2-2,5 liters of water, is not justified. It is the average result in order to understand the water demand of a specific person, you should its weight in kilograms multiplied by 30 ml of the Receipt of the amount of liters and you need to drink per day.