Remedies for weight loss

Remedies for weight loss - an introduction to the tools for weight loss: pills for weight loss, microcrystalline cellulose, slimming tea, pills thai, fruit extracts, the "super system six", the tool for thin clients.

It seems that it is easier – in the pharmacy-then that is the type of choice of tools to lose weight. Pills, teas, sprays of appetite, fat burners. Swallowed and without folds at the waist! If there are all these methods will have spent the money? Let's see!

Slimming pills

remedies for weight loss

The pharmacy offers dozens of funds to lose weight, but only a few really help you deal with the problem, and only with the condition that the man is limited to the food, it moves actively. If you sit all day on the computer, and in the night for not falling out of the fridge, even the best product will be powerless!

Drugs reduce the appetite

Are means that reduce the appetite, in the form of sprays, tablets and aromatic songs that need to breathe. Before you buy, check your composition. In the annotations it specifies the caffeine? Find the most secure tool. Small aerosol container may contain a dose of 300 cups of coffee! After your application heart beats like a wild, pressure passes from the line, hands me legs shake, and, further, since the insomnia...

In the case of remedies to lose weight , there is no mention of caffeine? Lists the vitamins ( ascorbic acid ), chemical ( sodium benzoate ), herbs ( kidneys and birch leaf, burdock root ) or essential of the plants that removed the desire to eat? This type of medicine harm will not bring ( unless you have a known allergy to any of the components, but is not deadly ). It is another matter. Depends on how strong is your appetite, many if you are eating enough if you move.

Decided to hit the feeling of hunger, aromatherapy, be careful with the essential oil. Among the vegetables of the recipients of the aromas - anise, orange, basil, bergamot, valerian, verbena, carnation, geranium, grapefruit, oregano, spruce, fir, jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, hyssop, cedar, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, incense, a levzeya, lemon, oregano, tangerine, lemon balm, the peace, the myrtle, the juniper, nutmeg, mint, neroli, patchouli, camomile, rosemary, rose, as well as the pink and the tea tree, sandalwood, pine, thyme, sage, fennel and eucalyptus.

Please note: these essential oils are expensive ( from 30 to 50.e. per bottle ). It is understandable: for squeezing a precious drop, it is necessary to review the mountains of the raw material. Cheap the oil – in the best cases, the result of the breeding of the brand of the fragrance usual olive oil. In the worst cases – synthetic analog of the natural organisms of the smell, that does not possess its healing properties.

Determine the counterfeit is very easy: apply essential oil on the paper and wait for it to evaporate. A quality product does not leave grease stains.

The pros. If the cause of your fullness in binge eating, the medicines help to reduce the same in the food without effort on your part. When you start to follow the energy, the failures very afflicting, and which you can not curb the appetite as an aid to lose weight.

Cons. These tools are not used to eating properly, after its removal, the appetite returns.

The price of the 15, the.e. for the bottle of oil, spray 2 to 3 times more expensive.

Microcrystalline cellulose ( mkts )

If we are to believe the advertising, free of extra pounds and the slag end of the exchange products. The receiving of specially treated cotton. On the composition and the properties of the cellulose micro close to the fiber of the vegetables and fruits. The principle of operation is the following: it is swollen in the stomach, it creates the illusion of satiety, is not digested and acts as a brush for the gut: going through digestive the road, mechanical, clean.

Novelty of recent years – the pills mkts, enriched with minerals and vitamins. It gives the bio-additives to obtain more properties – tonic and tonic.

The pros. It normalizes the digestion and allows you to cope with a smaller amount of food.

Cons. Lose weight in a only mkts quite difficult. To eat I didn't want there to swallow it, not 3-4 tablets, and all that is in the bottle, and this is already an overdose!

The price is the lowest of all the means to lose weight of this class, so that, in reality, is the demand of the buyers.

Tea for weight loss

how to lose weight with drugs

Of anything, except of laxatives and diuretics, herbs ( such as the seine, blueberry leaf ), this tea does not. Some varieties are designed not only for weight loss, but also for the purification of their members dry powder, concentrated beetroot, activated carbon. What is the tea party can be a challenge, as it ends with diarrhea.

Decided to take the course of a month until the end, may, and the decline of a couple of kilos and exhausted and exhausted, as after dysentery.

The pros. Products of solid producers with success the selection of a combination of herbs work gently, actually reduce the appetite and normalize the functioning of the intestine.

Cons. Poor quality of the counterfeit ( and a lot ) produce diarrhea and dehydrate the body. If in an emergency order to release the intestine the greater part of its contents, and pull out fabrics liquid on the day of reset 3-5 kg, But will be held on the day and all is recovered, even with excess: the digestive system is again full of food, the body feeds off of the moisture. When you do this, the kidneys and the intestine, accustomed to the external stimulation, they begin to be lazy, and you will become inflamed and dirty, reseeding in laxatives and diuretics.

The price is quite accessible – from 5 to 10 of the.e. per package.

The pads thai

They are banned in civilized countries and have not been registered in the Russian market, but sometimes still found in stores that sell oriental products to maintain the shape.

When in 1990, the pills thai have come to an exam in the testing Center of food production Institute of nutrition of the academy of medical sciences, it has become clear that they contain elements of plant origin and chemical components.

Vegetable items, there were no reproaches – this herb traditionally recommended for weight loss. And chemical components of experts alarmed. Phentermine believe psychotropic middle, similar to drugs. Used in food additives hotel!

The pros. They just don't. The reduction of weight, in this case, can not consider the work. The drug addicts do not suffer from excess, but you're not going to take drugs to lose weight!

Cons. American doctors have been established: one out of every three taking the pills in thailand, the involvement of the heart valves. According to Russian professionals of the medicine, due to pills gets worse the dream, fall hair, exfoliate the nails, it peels off the skin as in the past, the avitaminosis.

The priceis of it in all of voice will not: this well-you gift is not necessary!

The fruit extracts

In the instructions to the funds for to lose weight of this group is often written something unintelligible, for example, "the capsule is consumed the same amount of calories, how much 15 ( ! ) kg of fresh fruit". The truth, the explanation of how this occurs, also misty: "acids of Fruit as if unite come with a calorie foods". As if calories are in pure form and can block like the fat of the food, and out of its body!

By the reception there are also discrepancies. In the package it is written: take before meals, in the annotations ( section "Application" ): at the time of the reception of the food, and a little higher up, in the "Action" section, the buyer say: "When before lunch and dinner you take one of these capsules..."

The pros. Provides the body with the amino acids ( lysine, phenylalanine ), vitamins ( b6, pp, C ), macro - and micronutrients ( iron, magnesium, silicon ), and fruit acids, which activate the metabolism.

Cons. It does not influence the weight, but can only be used as a firming active biological additive to food to lose weight.

The price is 20.e. by the packaging ( in the absence of 10 days ).

Fat burners

Nothing, of course, will not burn, although, to some extent, activate the metabolism and help you to better manage the physical exercise. These tools are primarily designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. To at least take a plant enzyme, bromelain from pineapple and papaya. During the aerobic exercise training, increases the frequency of the pulse and of respiration, the bromelain that acts as a catalyst for fat metabolism.

But if you don't get on good terms with the fitness, lose weight, in the extract of pineapple, has no sense – as a stand-alone tool for weight loss that is not adequate. But those who know the lady to appreciate this bio-supplement on the other. Bromelain reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and facilitates the work of the heart, improves the well-being on the eve of critical days.

correct slimming

The pros. When active, fitness classes, fat burners help you lose weight.

Cons. Don't expect to lose weight on them, if you maintain a sedentary lifestyle: only the money throw it in the trash!

The price of 20.e. by the packing.

Super system six

Contains a lot of useful connections: 72 minerals and 12 vitamins, which normalize the metabolism.

Picolinate chromium builds muscle mass and reduces cravings for sweets. Ginger, cayenne pepper, kola nut extract and green tea increase energy consumption, helping the burning of calories.

The pros. The drug has been proven to celebrities. But remember: if the system super helped Valley to become the cane, this does not mean that you will come out of the same metamorphosis. Or the miracletool for slimming down does not relieve you of the need to work on themselves.

Cons. Without the exercise and diet exercises only strengthens the action.

The price of 30-40 in the.e. by the packing.