Water for weight loss

Issues of thinning we are interested in often. Women, this topic is concerned more: pregnancy and childbirth affect the female body, maintain a healthy weight, it becomes easy. The extra pounds and strive to receive, and especially after the winter holidays and excursions for guests". That's why you have to "fight the weight", looking for ways to "effective": often, women turn to the "miracle pills", or, drenched in sweat and "clenching teeth", the clock will occupy in the simulator. And a few people think, or, in general, know that the water is not only an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight, but also the medicine, to facilitate the term of many diseases and even recover completely.

Why is it so easy?

water for weight loss

When it is said that the brilliant – easy, it is necessary to reflect about the laws of nature: to become the "civilized" people, we have forgotten them definitely. Life arose in the water, and without water is not possible, but we ignore this law, turning your body in the "field of battle": our cells are forced in the literal sense of every day to fight for the precious moisture, but anyway is not enough, and that billions will die of dehydration.

Any failure in the functioning of the body, including disorders of fat metabolism, in 99% of cases occur due to the shortage of water. The human body consists of water more than 2/3, and we are trying to lose weight, with the intention of "take the water", using diuretics to diet, and not always with the use of common products, as pharmaceutical teas, and other medications act faster. This approach spoils, not only the shape of the water "low", and the fat stays, but that undermines the health: "return on himself" after the diet, the cells begin to gather water of life, complicating the work of the kidneys and other internal organs.

How to lose weight with water?

First of all, you have to learn to drink water every time you want "something to eat", and especially to limit the eating is not necessary.

The majority of people with work to differentiate between hunger, thirst: the brain's need for liquid, and we divided up the appetite, but after a glass of water will often "calm". If after 20-30 minutes you still feel like eating, eat; however, after receiving the liquid portion, the body satisfied lower portion of the meal is the beginning of a process of thinning. And if you do not wait to want to eat, and to drink the water time, the appetite will begin to manifest each time less. And the figure becomes increasingly thin: often, with problems of excess weight are faced by people who are not accustomed to drinking clean water.

When the cells receive a bit of water, reduces the speed of the metabolic processes in the body; fats are also slowly decompose to form deposits of fat. Fat burning is accelerated when the water begins to flow in sufficient quantity. One thing that is most upsetting urination, but in a few days, all more or less normal, and the weight slowly starts to disappear. But, if you do not restrict salt in the diet, to restore the balance of water is unlikely: the water accumulate in the tissues, to accumulate, to any swelling – the reduction in weight of here can not speak.

To lose weight with water developed even the water of the diet, and some of them are evaluated as safe and effective, have become very popular among those who try to maintain the figure in the form.

The water diet

There are different options of water diets; something softer. Of the diet arrange for flour, fats, sweets, and fried dishes, reduce the amount of salt, the tea is drunk without sugar, coffee beans – with a minimal amount of sugar (1-1/2 teaspoons).

The water should drink it for hours, to achieve the best effect. A glass clean, a little warm water for 30 minutes before the meal, and another glass – not before 2 hours after. During the meal do not have to drink. In the morning, as soon as he woke up very advisable to drink 2 glasses of water (at night, the body loses moisture), also moderately hot (you can with lemon juice). With a short start the diet more convenient: you can check how I would react the body and prepare it for more serious options to get rid of 10-18 kg of excess weight.

how to lose weight with water

Here is a sample menu of a 3-day water diet.

Day 1 of water of the diet

  • Breakfast: a hard boiled egg, cheese, and rye bread (2 thin slices).
  • Lunch: a pear and 2 plums.
  • Lunch: salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, vegetables), cooked chicken (chicken breast), a piece of bread (throughout the diet of rye bread or whole wheat, toast).
  • Snack: 2 peaches.
  • Dinner: steamed vegetables (without potatoes) with a piece of lean cooked beef.
  • 2nd dinner (at approximately 21.00): 150 g of soup cottage cheese with fresh berries and a small amount of natural yogurt.

Day 2 of water in the diet

  • In the morning: smooth, lean cottage cheese (you can add 1 teaspoons of honey or jam), herbal tea and two slices of bread.
  • Lunch: 2 nectarines (peach).
  • Lunch: salad of any raw vegetables with the freshness of the vegetation, a piece of lean cooked fish, bread.
  • Snack: unsweetened applesauce.
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, salad of fresh cabbage with tomato, a slice of bread with cheese.
  • At 21.00 hours: a small piece of cooked chicken, bread and tomatoes.

The 3 day water diet

  • Breakfast: fresh plate of salad, very boiled the chicken, the bread, the green tea.
  • Lunch: 2 plums.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup potato soup with a piece of lean beef, the bread.
  • Snack: 2 pears.
  • In the night: a fishing steam tap with steam (raw) vegetables, bread; at 21.00 hours on day 1.

Every day water drink normally before and after each meal, and another glass with 1 teaspoon of honey in the night.

For the comments that support the diet is easy. The weight is reduced to only 1,5-2 kg, but is beginning to improve well-being.

The state of health in general depends on the water directly, as mentioned above. Thus, gastroenterologists, resembling often to the patients, that a glass of water 30 minutes before eating helps normal stomach to produce the juice for digestion. For those who do not forget to do this, there is heartburn and belching, gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and the weight in the standard (or close to it). The clean water saves not only the stomach, but and kidneys, and urogenital system (not inflammations of all is dragged through the water), and of the joints and the muscles. Because when the water is not sufficient, the body distributes its avaramente, and the joints of its accuracy has not.

How to drink water to lose weight

After you have managed to lose weight, it is not worth re-forget the water. Drink, how much you can (2 litres per day – good, but 1.5 l – mandatory), but slowly, in small sips.

More than one cup at a time to drink not worth it (with the exception of the morning portion of water).

Try to eat more soups, and put on them less salt; eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, salads, vegetable dishes.

diet for weight loss

Wherever you go, bring water in a small bottle - that fits perfectly in the bag, and drink several bites whenever possible. In the work also to keep the water in the vicinity, such as in sports activities: the active work of water in the body, is spent very fast.

Remember that coffee and black tea, as with any alcohol, contribute to rapid dehydration, so it is not worth abusing it. Alcohol is especially dangerous, so that after the holidays and the feasts, it is useful to provide a download of days with the water.