The speed and efficiency of lose weight at home?

One of the most pressing problems of the contemporary world is the excess weight. Particularly faced by members of the beautiful sex, which are very critical concern the appearance. Today learn ways of slimming down from various sources: internet, newspapers, television, magazines, paper offer women a mass of options of weight loss. But if all are as effective and safe? How to lose weight of a woman independently at home, to give shape to the order and do no harm to your health?

the rules of slimming

The basic rules of literacy slimming

Each person that began the fight against being overweight and specifies the question to itself of fast way to lose weight at home, it should be clear that the evil, too fast methods of weight loss to lose significant amount of weight in a very short time, in most of the cases lead to only temporary weight loss. Withdrawal kilograms again return to its place, and will be" with "friends" in the form of 3-5 pounds, and with them it appears drowsiness, fatigue, hair loss, and even anorexia.

The correct and safe weight-loss is complicated and is not a very quick process. However, it is not necessary to despair, to effectively lose weight at home under the force of each person, the most important thing is to respect a series of rules and listen to advice of the specialists. To begin with the process of modernization of your body has with the inner work on yourself. It is very important to get rid of the uncertainty in their forces, which is inherent in the people overweight, you have to stop being afraid and the confidence to move forward towards their goals. You have to understand that to lose weight, it is imperative that you, and not your husband, friends, coach or a doctor nutritionist.

The experts recommend to set concrete and realistic goals, for example, lose weight in a week on 5 kg, and then the process of restoration of weight does not seem something terrible, and the thinning is an impossible task. To start the process of restoration of weight and make your constant need of:

  1. review and organize your power mode. Specialists recommend eating 5-6 times a day, be sure to take breakfast and dinner for up to 4 hours before the retreat to the bed. However, not all can adjust your life under the recommendations of a well, can not get in the breakfast, and for the second the lack of a full dinner, is a real torture. Approach to the elaboration of your menu, it is necessary to find the sense, the most important thing, the food healthy and useful, and that the power fractions and is distributed in less than a day;
  2. normalize nocturnal sleep, in which you must leave as a minimum of 7 hours, enter in your tight calendar days of rest, in the period of 30 to 60 minutes. This may be the meditation, the walk entertainment in the park at lunch time or the day of sleep, if possible. Whatever the method of thinning that you choose, without the normal sleep will not give the expected results;
  3. provide your body with permanent, regular, feasible physical load. If the excess weight is too large, it is necessary to introduce in your regular schedule of hiking in the pleasant rhythm, the possibility of abandoning an elevator (lift) and public transport service. As the weight is going to disappear, and will be available to more of the types of assets of the cargo, can be done in the morning to run and make an appointment at the gym. Doing sport at home or in the gym, it is important to comply with the regime of drinking and the care of your health.
meals to lose weight

Are the three main points that should be materialized in the life of the person that you want to normalize your weight. In addition, to lose weight, decrease the volume and be more attractive, care should be taken regarding the state of your skin, that is stretched in the process of weight gain and sometimes covered by stretch marks, and after its restoration can become very loose and ugly. To avoid this, in addition to the physical tensions, will not be more an introduction to its calendar of weekly sessions of massage with the use of nutrients of the compositions. This procedure can help to improve the tone of the skin and the muscles, make them firm.

How should be the diet to lose weight

Anyone who is interested, how to lose weight fast of the house, the first thing that you should change your diet and establish the regime of drinking. To the question of the organization of the power must be approached with care and in a rational manner. If you are not sure of the correct choice of a particular diet or your eating habits do not allow you to here, so that immediately limit or go to the monotonous diet, it is best to consult a professional nutritionist. He tells me how to lose weight without pills, diet supplements, magic pills the fat burning, and will help you organize your meals.

If you are interested in the question of how to lose weight in a week at home safely and effectively, what is right and honest, the answer sounds like – no way! Without prejudice to the moral or the physical health to achieve important results in such a short time is almost impossible. Fools, to limit the consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates can be very dangerous to the thinning of the person, since all these components are essential for the organism to the normal current of metabolic processes. Much more important is to learn from all of these components, it is competent to combine and eat at the same time in small portions, and then thinner body to gently get used to the nutrition and content with little.

But how to lose weight quickly and maintain a healthy weight? Important rule of eating for those who want to lose weight – to eat it is necessary regularly. The entire daily ration should be divided in the following proportion:

  • breakfast – 30%;
  • lunch – 50 %;
  • the dinner is 20%.

All the days in the menu must be present in the plant fiber of bran, fruit, vegetables and wholemeal bread. It is important to remember that even the most effective way to lose weight not give you any result, if you do not exclude the menu of sweets, fast food, alcohol and soft drinks.

We organize the physical activity correctly

As is known, the approach to slimming must be comprehensive, therefore, in addition to the organization of the correct diet should provide your body and gaseous. The sport needs the body to activate and normalization of the metabolic processes that make the fisin of fat and excretion of the body via the quickest route.

How to lose weight in a month between 8 and 10 kg and retain then, the weight in a prolonged period of time, not increasing? Answer: train properly and regularly. In the initial phase, especially if the excess weight is considerable and impairs motor activity, as the daily load can be used the action of walking or swimming, later, when the muscles are strengthened, and the weight of a little can go running and bike riding or bike. If possible, you can join a gym, go to a step-aerobics, yoga or pilates.

charging for slimming

But how, if there is not the opportunity of going to a gym? How to lose weight quickly male in the home, to be beautiful and healthy? You can buy a simple, cheap and effective sporting goods – hula-hoop (ring) and the rope. These sports projectiles, as long as the daily training will help you lose weight and to develop the metabolism.

The training should be conducted so that all their movements were of pleasure, therefore, the clothing should be comfortable, and the fresh air. By selecting the most convenient time to exercise, preventing the emergence of any kind of interference (placing the phone in vibrate mode, turning off the doorbell, the television, the computer and other), you can include favorite music and start your training. Practice needs a minimum of four times a week, 30 minutes each session of training should be dedicated to cardio, therefore, must deal with an hour or more.