The best exercises for weight loss

A strong desire to lose weight occurs not only in women but also of men. Someone lacks harmony and self-confidence, and for someone who is of vital importance to recover health, to live in fullness or, for example, to give birth to a child. But often the first thing that comes to the mind of those who wish to lose weight — excess diet incredible content, to the fort of hunger.

training for weight loss

But very few people think— in addition to a change in your daily diet, care should be taken and physical burden, and there is no need to buy expensive passes in the gym, it is enough to analyze a series of exercises to lose weight at home. Only when the competent combination of a proper diet and moderate physical exercise that can achieve the desired results. We're going to deal with the day today, from this moment of change their usual rhythm of life.

Where to start?

Exercise for weight loss is not the first objective, it is not necessary for the statistics, everything must go in the complex and in the pleasure. With this attitude you can achieve results, it is necessary to do everything by desire and not by force. That with work you can say about the diet. To begin, we will prove the following:

  • stop thinking and start acting;
  • eat often but in small portions, strange that he is acting;
  • avoid, finally, of the diet flour products, oily and spicy foods;
  • eat in pleasure — if you still have the urge to bread or dough balls — eat on health, and not the blame. But don't abuse;
  • slowly start to practice — that this is 10-15 minutes a day, and it is already an achievement;
  • for the sport requires a good mood — not to make it through the force;
  • each day increase the load of work;
  • drink more water, up to two liters;
  • will be very useful self-control.

Everything is very simple — now, after reading the article, go for a walk, enter in the store or in the market to buy vegetables, fruits, olive oil, vegetables, nuts and tiles of black chocolate to lift your mood. It is not necessary to create for the body the extra stress, and so we have in life, just a little bit to generate your well-being the path and then the mechanism of thinning will start by itself.

The inventory, which is useful in the new sporting life

To start the path of the diet is not enough to change your diet and write down the refrigerator with healthy products, in your home you must receive and correct the objects. That is useful for the daily sports and activities:

  • mat or exercise mat is ideal for stretching exercises, to perform the exercises of the toner of the press;
  • dumbbells, buy first easy-to 1-2 kg ideal for women and 3-5 for men;
  • the new clothes of sport is very important for the impulse and convenience;
  • aro, with a weight of 1 to 2 kg, not easier.

In the future they may be useful for the elastic band, rope, fitball and other exercise machines, but for the beginning, and the source list will be sufficient. Take a good look at the place where you spend or plan to conduct a training. Here it should be clear enough, spacious, clean, must be able to ventilate the room. Right here, every day the cleaning service is also an additional burden on the body.

What type of exercises are ideal for the home?

At home, you can do all the exercises that are taught in sports. We have collected for you the best exercises to lose weight and some of the most important habits beneficial for the body, after generation of your body will tell you thank you.

Thus, the first and necessary custom — hot, without it you cannot begin to practice. what inclinations, run in place, jump, between the hands and the neck. The warm-up should occupy not less than 15 minutes. Now, the structure of the classes.

how to lose weight with exercises

The uprising. Oh, yes, the simple, but many hated the lifting. But this is one of the effective exercises. Bending correctly, so that the thighs are parallel with the floor. At the beginning, get in the chair, this exercise is repeated 10 to 15 times for one approach. Later, increase the workload of 20 to 30 squats at a time.

Of planck. The classic exercise for strengthening all the muscle groups. Just put in the ground, forearms parallel to each other and lifting the body, establishing your feet on tiptoe. Need to withstand at least one and a half or two minutes. But to begin with, gradually they would have to increase the time of execution.

Gateway. Lying on the back, it is necessary to lean with hands and feet on the floor and raise up above the pelvis. Such exercises should be 15-20 or less.

To the press. Other not all, favorite, but very effective slimming lesson. Lying on the back, lift the legs up. Alternatively, do not touch sex, lower the legs down. Now put your hands behind your head, legs, bend at the knees, to support on the floor and raise the body.

By the way, in addition to a useful habit of classes must pass at least a half hour, so that when you go into the rhythm of the new life, take this as a rule.

To lose weight, it is important to work with weights, will increase the load and provide to the muscle tone. So become straight, legs apart to shoulder width apart, with dumbbells in hands, palms implemented to you. As you exhale lift the hand on the shoulder, in the inhalation — down. Do the exercise alternatively, a minimum of 10 to 15 times in the hand.

I have here a new and correct habit — attentive to the breath, this will facilitate the exercise and not so fast are going to be tired.

Again working out with weights — bending of the arms in a horizontal position. Place two bar stools next to the sporting quality of the banks. Lie down on them in the back and extend your arms to the sides, so that the elbows are underneath the housing. The expiration — connect hands before him, the inspiration — turn to the starting position. These movements are useful for strengthening the rib cage.

The lesson for the back: your initial position it is slightly bent in the knees legs apart the width of the pelvis. The scapula is necessary to connect, straighten the back, and a little bit of bending. In the hands — dumbbells, hands down. The expiration — separate the hands to the sides, the inspiration — back to its original position.

These simple exercises to lose weight for always of your daily execution are able to give results in a few weeks. Note that, in its complex, it must be by a number of exercises of each muscle group, as well as the tonic class.

The final step of the training

It is important for the moment, because as you finish the training correctly, using warm-up exercises. Again, what inclinations, shake the brushes of the hands, walk slowly in a circle, make circular movements from neck, shoulders straight, the double of the scapula, meditate on the plan tomorrow. Because, and this is an important question — when is best and most convenient way to start the load, what must be included in the complex, which could not be done today, but have to repeat tomorrow. Analyze the day. So you think, and sit in the lotus posture, hand-in-hand down to your knees, close your eyes, concentrate, and sit quietly for a few minutes. Now slowly rise and you can book in the shower. Until the day of today finished. Or do you want to repeat?

The mental attitude

exercises to lose weight

Exercises to lose weight at home include not only the physical exercise and proper diet, it is also important to emotional state of mind. Do not prevent the occupation of the area of autotreninga:

  • weight loss is not a goal, the goal is to be healthy, slim and happy man, and to maintain this state permanently. Remember;
  • plan yourself a minute of relaxation just lie down on the floor or on the sofa, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the dark, you try to enter it himself in a kind of state of hypnosis;
  • visualize the desired outcome: write down on a piece of paper awaited weight and other options, to create a map of desires, where you draw a picture of himself slender man;
  • properly say thoughts, use the phrase "I've lost weight/lost weight", "I am a slender and healthy person", I often use the word "health", "happiness", "harmony", "use", "target" and other words that have been configured in the report;
  • use the mobile application of thinning, you will recall from classes, meals and encourage different images and phrases.

And yet it is important to communicate with peers, with people, that thanks to exercises to lose weight, it was able to achieve the objective, has become the rails of the healthy diet and lifestyle, do not miss out and this opportunity!