Best diet to lose weight

Start losing weight from Monday, goal in his life puts many women, unhappy with their weight. But, according to the statistics, only 15% of those who wish to fulfil this promise, and the rest are put expected, even in 7 days. Adjustment of plans can take several months or years, which is reflected not only in form but also in the health. Is it worth it to lose time in vain, if through the diet to lose weight in a week it is easy to reset from 3 to 10 kg? Let's see, what is the best diet to lose weight you can use at home.

How to take the network to the diet and get out of the vicious circle

diet for weight loss

In the arsenal of nutritionists, there are hundreds of variety of diets for the week. Some of them are effective, but tough, ideal for lose weight fast 10 kilos of Other more mild, but in 10 kg in a week in which they do not lose weight. But, what is the best diet to lose weight at home?

Nutritionists advise to start to change the power mode, to do this, it is recommended to follow the advice of psychologists.

  1. For many women it is the most effective motivation to lose weight fast – is a stroll through the fashion stores. Test of elegant dresses and fashions of the novelties of smaller size, as well as the looks askance of the sellers of a good stimulate to pause in the week and exclude from the letter all that detrimental to the figure.
  2. Other representatives of the beautiful sex are denied of fats and carbohydrates after the visit, the fashion show, beauty contest or other event in which shapely beauty displayed in his writings of how overwhelming the spectators, most of whom – admiring men.
  3. Many women especially buy your clothes in a smaller size, thus, leaving no chance of staying in the same way.
  4. The bravest display their photos in a swimsuit in virtual forums or contests. Among the appraisers is always the one that does not seek the words of consolation, and without hesitation, expressed their negative opinion.
  5. More easy to start to lose weight at home only to ladies – who can afford the luxury of keeping the refrigerator empty and not to go after working in shops, depriving himself and all kinds of temptations.

No less important to be in tune with the diet – not put in front of him, the gap of the objectives, and expect too much of lose weight fast. For that, in the limited time of power-thoughts on the food was not the only meaning of life, it is recommended to plan in advance your days and occupy their interesting events and activities: trekking in the cinema, short trips and excursions, the cleanliness of the house, the use of the subtleties of a new hobby. Also in the days of the diet is not worth to plan excursions to the guests, meeting people who love to eat with friends and other activities, where it will be difficult to give up the meals.

As not raise of withdrawal pounds

Unfortunately, even the best diets for weight loss not give you the desired result, if, after completing the course, immediately swoop down on calories food. With work to the withdrawal of the diet the pounds often return in its entirety or as a dressing for prose". To avoid this, it is important not to just strictly with the diet to lose weight fast in the home, composed by nutritionists, but correct and exit the mode, limited power. The specialists recommend to go back to a lifestyle of maximum smoothly, adding in the day of no more than two products that are lacking in the diet menu. Ideally daily calories of the diet should increase not more than 200 kcal.

In the first place the poor diet should be supplement with fresh vegetables and fruits, then in the table you can put meat and fish, preferably steam or a small amount of water without the addition of fat. Flour and bakery products, and in particular, products of white flour, it is desirable to exclude, and used only in exceptional cases.

So as not to extend the reduction in the volume of a stomach, you should eat slowly, chewing carefully each piece. This is necessary for rapid saturation and prevents the feeling of hunger after a small portion of food.

No less important to maintain the way of increase the work load physical. If there is the possibility of visiting the gym, you need more than to walk, to do exercises at home, trying hard to move in the time of the day to day affairs.

Effective ways to combat the feeling of hunger

correct slimming

The hunger is the first enemy of the strict diet, motivates your termination. To withstand the rigorous of the week the menu, you fight with the feeling of hunger by all available means.

  1. Health insurance struggling with an increased appetite of the essential oils of peppermint, vanilla and tea tree. With them you can fill in the local, using aroma lamp, or inhale directly in moments of hunger pangs and the food intake.
  2. To be fed with a small portion of food during the diet, it is recommended to eat in hot from the inside. If this is not possible, you may dress layers before the dinner.
  3. During any diet, it is important to drink water, and to calm the ferocious appetite, it is necessary to drink a glass of warm water before meals.
  4. If the attack of hunger prevents them from working, and before the meal is still far away, it is necessary to make a deep breath and the breath for 5 seconds. After a slow exhalation exercise can be repeated several times.
  5. The sport and moderate exercise not only contribute to the burning of calories, but also help the body to make you forget about the hunger. Tip: in case of an increase in appetite immediately load the working muscles.

The advantages of the diet to 7 days

Many nutritionists are unanimous in their opinion that the slimming of the week is the best option for the health of the weight loss. The causes are several:

  1. 7 days the body gets rid of not only water, but also of body fat.
  2. During the week of the diet do not have time to get bored and cause depression.
  3. Short hunger does not lead to the shortage of important minerals and vitamins.
  4. The limitation in the food helps to reduce the volume of the stomach, which leads to a reduction of the necessary for the saturation of the amount of food.
  5. 7 days, the optimum time to get used to a new regime of power and in the future to avoid re-pests of the products.
  6. The week lose weight a few kilos, it is not harmful to health and that does not violate the change of the substances.
  7. Balanced week diet for weight loss can be applied at any time of the year, even in the spring, when the body more exhausted.

Recipes popular diets in a week

There are different effective diets to lose weight fast at home: monkey, low in carbohydrates, low in calories, low in fat or protein. Separately divide hard of the diet, which are distinguished from the limited diet and a great weight loss. Below are presented the most simple and effective of the diet, approved by nutritionists.

Satisfactory mixed diet

One of the most rich diets help to lose weight 3 to 5 kg per week. If you need to lose weight of 10 kg or more, the diet can be repeated after a couple of months.

It is important to not only have recommended the diet, but also in the form of compulsory consumption daily 1.5-2 liters of pure water. The proposal of the letter should be divided into 6 servings, the last of which consume no later than 7 pm.

  • 1 and 2 days: 500-700 grams of chicken fillets, cooked, without skin and add salt in a minimum amount of water. It allows you to put in the saucepan in the cooking process, the onion and the carrot, but there is not.
  • 3 and 4 days: Oatmeal, cooked whole grains in the water without the addition of oil and salt.
  • 5 and 6 days: Vegetables in the amount of 1-1,5 kg, preferably fresh, but you can use cooked or steam. The salt and the oil, it is not possible to add, but to improve the flavor of vegetables and snacks allows you to complement the aromatic herbs and the red pepper. A portion of vegetables you can substitute the fruit with low sugar content.
  • 7 the most difficult day of your diet is composed of 500 grams of green apples and 1 grapefruit.

Hard cabbage diet to the loss of 5-7 kg

meals to lose weight

When it is necessary guaranteed weight loss in a week in 10 kg of weight, the diet, the diet that is present in kale, become the best option. If you strictly adhere to the diet, it can be reset from 5 to 10 kg of weight excess. The secret of efficiency lies in the low in the intake of energy is available vegetable – 100 grams of product contains no more than 20 kilocalories.

  • Breakfast: a Cup of coffee, a cup without sugar or a glass of green tea without sugar, it is desirable, brewing tea, tea, and non-disposable tea bags.
  • Lunch: Salad of cabbage and shredded carrots, dressed with clothes or the olive oil, without adding salt. To compensate for the lack of protein, you can eat a small piece of fish, chicken, or beef. Of course, the meat should be boiled without salt and other additives.
  • For dinner, cabbage-carrot salad, but this time in it, you can add a green apple and a quail egg, or the protein of a chicken egg.

For a couple of hours before going to bed you should drink a glass of warm kefir is the fight of the night, the hunger and improve your digestion.

Seven days diet in yogurt with the cucumber

List of effective diet, you can not fail to mention yogurt with the cucumber. These two low-calorie product, known for its effectiveness in weight loss, joined together, leaving no opportunity fat deposits. The result of a week-kefir-cucumber diet least 5-6 kg of excess weight. However, this is a good methodology definitely is not for everyone. The disclaimer is that the people who participate in intense physical labor, as well as those who are often faced with the disorder of stomach.

The portion of each of the seven days is a kilo of cucumbers, liters of yogurt and 100 grams of lean fish, steam-cooked. The fish is required for the compensation of the protein, in some days, can be replaced by a hard-boiled egg.

Diet menu includes 6 meals, in each of which employ easy cold soup based on content of cucumber, yogurt and fresh herbs. The fish are in addition to the standard drink in the lunch hour. Necessarily, you should drink water, not prohibit, but that a cup of coffee cup or 2 cups of green tea without sugar.

Lose weight in sauce tomato juice

The diet in the tomato juice prepared at home, allowing a rapid thinning due to the intense excretion of excess fluid and cleansing the bowel. This is a good diet for losing weight, that allows to break with 10 kilograms superfluous.

The additional effect of an exception of the salt, carbohydrates, and fatty foods. All to seven-day diet of food you will need 21 kg of fresh tomatoes, all the days will need to cook the juice in a house of 3 kg of ripe tomatoes. In addition to the juice, the menu should include vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, are selected in accordance with the ordinal of the day of the diet. The total weight of the fruit-vegetables supplements of not more than 1 kg

  • First day: all the cabbage, radish, or watercress.
  • Second day: salad of bulgaria, the pepper and the lettuce leaf.
  • Third day: the green apples.
  • Fourth day: an exception is given to eat a piece of cooked chicken, with a weight of not more than 200 grams.
  • Fifth day: the cucumber, beet or carrot.
  • Sixth day: watermelon, cantaloupe, or citrus fruits.
  • On the last day, as additives can only be used aromatic.

It is important to know that even prepared in the home tomato juice has contra-indications, of which the kidney disease, gout, gallstone disease, the propensity to food allergies.

Color of the slimming diet according to the products division of

At first glance, this technique seems strange, but on the basis of the founders established the influence of natural pigments in the digestion and metabolism. The essence of the method is simple: in each one separately a day like any other, must choose the products of a particular color. Therefore, in a week at home, you can lose 5 to 10 kg

  • The white goods, the consumption of which is scheduled for the first day of the diet, improve the digestion, but high enough in calories, so their number should be limited. In this group include: potato, protein, rice, bananas, cheese, white fish, chicken.
  • On the second day of the diet recommended to consume red foods, rich in antioxidants: tomatoes, beans, berries, beets, paprika.
  • The third day goes by, under the direction of green color, its presence in vegetables and fruits indicates the presence of magnesium and potassium – the essential elements not only for weight loss but for health in general.
  • Bright orange day aims at the normalization of metabolism and of the restitution of the lack of carotene. In the table can be pumpkin, carrot, mango, persimmon, sea-buckthorn berries, a red fish.
  • The pigments of purple beneficially on the kidneys and immunity. On the fifth day in the diet should include eggplant, cabbage, plum, blackberry, black currant.
  • Rich in vitamin c and vitamin A, yellow products improve the metabolism, digestion and mood. The menu of the sixth day should be zucchini, bell pepper, pineapple, corn, honey, cheese.
  • Full multi-color diet a day on the water.
the diet

Without a doubt, this technique is attractive due to its simplicity and the abundance of the products, in addition, you may be interested in the women of the originality. The strict limits on the volume of food is not only important to comply with reasonable proportion. However, expect a rich diet of great results, it is not worth a week can lose weight no more than 2 or 3 kg

It is important not to forget that the excess weight it is not always possible to get rid of the assistance independently selected from the diets. If even more efficient that diets do not help, worth as possible, consult a specialist.