How to lose weight real?

Those who struggled with being overweight, you know how difficult it is to get rid of those extra pounds. And if all of this can be then comes the most difficult, retain attained the weight! Therefore, it is better not to have recourse to provisional measures, that is to say, regimes, and to lead a healthy life, eat well. Do you want to know how to lose weight real and permanent, and not in a couple of weeks? Do you want to know how to strengthen their health and not put in danger his constant diets, aging in a dozen years? Then, read all of the rules that will help you in this complex reality, and in the next few years will make your optimal weight and excellent well being.

Mode power supply

as you lose weight

There are many women who claim to eat very little, but all modes are still stubby. After a study of their diet is that they feed on is very bumpy and fast-food stand. So if you're looking for a real way to lose weight, begin with the establishment of a regime of power. For example, in the breakfast from 8 to 13 lunch, 19 dinner. Why is it important? Our body is very sensitive to the changes and the mother-nature focuses on survival in all conditions. If you can make a pause in-between meals to 2 hours, and 10 hours, the body can not be sure that in general you will be eating. Therefore, he urgently begins to make an inventory of "black day". We immediately see in the abdomen, the thighs, in the shape of the second chin and other problems. Therefore, make sure that body with confidence that they teach their children to receive food at the same time, and then all the bookings from under the skin will begin to melt.

Compulsory breakfast

The largest calorie intake happens with the morning and until 15 and 16 hours. At night little is spent, even if you visited the gym. The reason is that by the morning the body is centered in the enlargement of achievements, and by the evening I was preparing to go to bed. Therefore, if you are in the reflection, as you can really lose weight, start by the morning to eat breakfast, all of these calories the body with pleasure will return to work and leave of abundance there for the night, the change of the substances at this time under, and virtually nothing from being converted into energy, just fat.

Drink more

This requirement allows the output of an additional body of slag. If you have healthy kidneys, drink per day at least 2.5 litres of clean water. Keep in mind – not the tea, the coffee, the soup, the compote and the pure water! Only in this case, the harmful substances in the cellular level will leave, along with the total amount of liquid, the pattern of the bladder. Is the amount of water you have to drink up to 20-21 hours, because at night all the cleaning processes in the body ceases, and all the water goes under the skin, forming to the morning of the swelling.

Solves all the problems intestinal

Modern man, too often, eat everything that has been entered. In conjunction with the bowel syndrome lazy, bio, when physical inactivity, the food is transformed wrong, and are causing congestion of the masses fecal. At the same time, killed the beneficial bacteria in the gut and the process is further aggravated by. There is No bacteria – the food is not transformed into energy, all the substances are of subcutaneous accumulation. Therefore, instead of questions, do you really lose weight, see your doctor and submit the results of the systemic analysis. If there is the slightest hint of constipation, heaviness in the stomach, intestinal colic, and the absence of beneficial bacteria, then the doctor will be assigned to drugs that restore the microflora of the intestine. But after that, you have to keep the consumption of bio-kefirs, not less than 0.5 l per day. As small as possible of the beet into any kitchen in boiled. It eliminates many of the problems of the intestine. After you have brought to this area of your body in order, you will find that you are our answer to the question of whether you really lose weight in a month. The weight of the body to decrease immediately, as it normalizes the digestion. Will ease, it will go away the leg pain, fatigue, and drowsiness. The weight may decrease during a month after treatment of up to 5-7 kg (if the excess of the weight standards was 10 to 15 kg). Yes, and trains the muscles of the abdomen, this will allow you to lose weight prevent the prolapse of the internal organs.

Article 90 10

real weight loss

For beginners it can present as 80 to 20. Is the food in your 90 percent should be easy and useful, and the 10% is harmful, but such a delicious and beloved. For the psyche of its definitely not breaking the denial of the cakes, chocolates, burgers, etc, you can eat, even necessary. But not more than 10-the first part of the total amount of food. The rest of your diet should be fresh, welded by itself or in the company public catering, but based on natural products, eat salads of vegetables, fruits, less sugar, flour and potato. For example, in the breakfast you eat 250 g of food, the lunch of 650, at the dinner of the year 200 total of 1100 g / day. Of these, 110 g can be very harmful, but tasty. This can be a hamburger of 55 g and half of the chocolate in the 55, Or an ice cream 80 g and fries 30, Respecting this rule will not be able to lose weight really to 10 kg in a month, but for six months, with the weight of his will be very noticeable!

Download the days

More resistant can afford the luxury of download of the days. Keep in mind, not in the days of fasting, whereas the days of download. Avoid the stress for the organism, passed regularly on the same day of the week, for example, the Monday. Download the day may be based in a reception in the food only from kefir, which is very useful, or raw vegetables, rice, buckwheat, mineral water, natural juices. Options on these days the mass, you just have to choose the most appropriate for you, and be sure to consult with your doctor.

Take the place of the diets

Many of the women of the same wonder if you really lose weight by week. Really, you just have to stop eating. In general. And you must be willing to what the 2 weeks will become even bigger, and the liver or the intestines, or the gallbladder will be a very serious mistake. Best of the week lose weight to 1.5 kg, is the maximum that is allowed by doctors. But the best way to lose weight 1.5 to 2 kg in a month, but regularly. This can help to a hearty breakfast, moderate for lunch and light dinner. And, of course, is necessary a constant movement. Easy step, running, half an hour in the simulator, all of this will make you thinner and will help the work of the heart and other organs. Regimes to treat with care, be sure to consult with your doctor! If you are not in the order of kidneys, then you are contraindicated mode of the kremlin, if the increase in acidity of the stomach, which will not be able to sit in the fruit of the diet. And if there are stones in the gallbladder, any diet can be fatal.