How to lose weight in your belly

With the problem of thinning of the womb women often face. Clear the belly is possible, but will require a lot of effort. Often, the appearance on the belly excess fat makes the wrong life and the errors in the power supply. So to lose weight the abdomen? We are going to understand.

How to lose weight in the abdomen with the help of the power

slimming in the abdomen

The main task of the diet for slimming the abdomen is the adjustment proper functioning of the digestive system. To lose weight and eliminate belly, you must respect the rules of feeding:

  • consume fewer animal fats, and fats (margarine, butter, oil, fat, etc);
  • exclude from the letter of sugar, beverages, and products with it;
  • there are less salty, cooked, bakery products;
  • drink more water (up to 1.5-2 liters per day);
  • eat no less than 5 times a day, the dose should not exceed 200,
  • not drinking after meals, do not take food;
  • there are at least 3 hours before bedtime, if I want to, drink a glass of water or eating low-fat yogurt.

You should eat more foods that contain dietary fiber (fiber), that is to say, vegetables and cereals. Are the apples, the squash, the cucumbers, the rice, the parsley, the celery, beans, cabbage, navy, buckwheat. It is best to prepare the porridge and vegetable salads with vegetable or olive oil.

It is important to eat fruits (apples and pears, oranges and grapefruit). You can not forget the protein of a food: fish, lean chicken, egg protein. Consume nuts and seeds, but a little.

The products of the best without frying, stewing, boil, steam, bake in the oven. Green vegetables are allowed to eat as much as you want. Is the cabbage, green pepper, salad, any vegetables. Eat well carrot and beet.

The physical activity

Follow a diet is not the only condition in question, as you lose weight and eliminate belly. In order to achieve more resilient and the result of better practice in the gym. However, there are the complexes of exercises that you can do at home. It is important to not forget the rules:

  1. Study every day;
  2. The load gradually increases;
  3. In front of the complex of exercises is a mandatory heating;
  4. The exercise cannot be done after food;
  5. A workout should include 3 types of exercises and repeat each it is necessary to up to 25 times in 2 approach;
  6. The entire exercise slowly, watching the breath;
  7. Drink plenty of water during exercise.

Effective exercises for a flat belly

Buy a flat belly help exercises. Let's look at some of them.

  • The rotation of the ring is one of the most effective methods for the training of the abdominal area. It is best to start with an easy hoop, passing a little to the heavy. Deal with not less than 15 minutes 2 times a day.
  • Ring revolve in the direction of the needles of the clock, put the feet shoulder-width apart or together and slightly bent at the knees, suspended in the air towards the back.
  • Regulate the travel distance of 2-3 km – a good way to get rid of the excess kilos
  • Gym classes, swimming, yoga and pilates strengthen the muscles of the abdomen.
  • The constant of gymnastics which is performed in a discreet way: to often drag and relax the belly, without stopping, to the extent of the lack of power (one of the approaches – 8 times). Walking, having dragged belly.

Useful techniques to lose weight and eliminate belly of a bike ride or sports on the bike, roller skating or ice skating, slow jog.

Here exercises for belly:

  1. Simple torsion: in the supine position and with legs apart, hands behind the head, rupture of the shoulders off the floor, the tension of the press, will stop briefly. Repeat 10 times? we rest, 10 times. It is important to breathe correctly: on the bottom breathing, in the top – exhalation.
  2. Leg raises: lying on your back, legs, flexible, keeping the knees at the level of the pelvis and the leg parallel to the ground. Effort of the press and slowly raise your hip to 2-3 cm, without stopping at the top. Repeat 2 more times of 10 times.
  3. The elevation of the legs with the twist: we add the two previous exercises. 2 the approach of 10 times.
  4. The curvature of side: lying on your back, legs bent, hands behind the head. Drawn the elbow opposite to the tribe. Another elbow on the ground. We meet 2 times per 10 times.
  5. Whirlwind attack: lying on the back, tighten the legs into the pelvis, the hands behind the head. Rupture of the shoulders off the floor, with one knee on the ground, pull to the chest. Then, dip and pulling the leg. The amount of exercise that the previous one.
  6. The bike. Exercise familiar to all.
  7. Rolling the socks: playing in the tail of the socks bent, feet on the floor, lying on the back.
  8. Leg raises: while in the womb, we took on the elbows, feet, we put on socks and, in turn, we climbed up to the height of the hip, stopping briefly.

Cleaning of the colon and the skin

as you lose weight

Another way is to cleaning out the colon of toxins and waste. The easiest way to do this with the help of enemas with a solution of salt and water (in 1.5 l of water 1 teaspoon of salt without slides) every 2 days. Thanks to this, the weight and the volume of the belly.

Some advise to drink salt water. Acts as a brush of the slag. Take 1 litre of clean water. In him are raised 1 level tablespoon of salt. Take the solution in the morning on an empty stomach. There is a system: the first week of this water to drink each day, the second day.

On the fourth day of consumption of the saline solution begins active of the chair, that is going colon cleansing. It is necessary through 15-20 minutes after the salt water drink a glass of milk or eat rice or oatmeal. This will not appear stomach irritation due to the salt.

The skin on the belly and the sides can also clean with a bit of salt. For this, we manufacture in house a scrub of sea salt (half a cup of salt and half a cup of vegetable oil (any). This is all due to three problem areas, massage, washable. Salt pulls out the excess water from the body, relieves the swelling and discomfort of excess pounds.

The fight against stress and complete relaxation

To acquire pounds, you must learn to deal with stressful situations. The emotional stress increases in the body content of cortisol. And he makes the fat calculated, in the first place, in the abdomen and the internal organs. Try to be calm and seek, where possible, the positive points in any situation.

For the excess weight was not a problem, I try to sleep enough hours in the day (better 8 hours). Such rest will help you maintain the good condition of the cardiovascular system.

Cosmetics to combat the fat in the stomach

In the fight against excess weight it is possible to use different reinforcing and cellulite cosmetics. Be good to do a massage in the problem areas, body wraps, take contrast showers, as well as carry the special white clothing for weight loss.

And don't forget that a proper diet and an active lifestyle should be your constant companions of travel, otherwise you'll never find a flat stomach, and most importantly, do not save the result.

Wraps and masks to the area of the abdomen

Many are wondering which stain the abdomen to lose weight? Here come to the aid of the mask to maintain the elasticity of the skin of the abdomen. You can do it at home.

Mask for the belly of black mud with pepper

So, for example, is a good way to tighten the skin on the belly of the mask to the area of the belly of black mud. The clay we bought at the pharmacy, it's cheap. Mix half a package of 1 h. the spoon of red pepper (only gently – do not burn the skin!), stir in the water, so that it is similar to sour cream.

Spread and wrap the film in an hour. It is necessary to do every day for 2 weeks, then a break (2 weeks) and again we will repeat it.

A very effective way can be wraps. It is recommended to pay attention to any of them, as mustard and honey. Help adjust the silhouette of a skin soft and elastic, and more importantly, eliminate a few inches on the waist measurement. It is important to undergo a full course of 10 procedures.

Honey wrap the belly area

To make the honey wrap at home, it is necessary to spread honey with 2 drops of essential oil, or grapefruit or orange juice) in the area of the waist (abdomen and back). Then wrap what is the movie the food in several layers and walk like 30 to 40 minutes. After a procedure of rubbing the waist area with a wet towel. It is not for 2 hours before the procedure and of 1-1,5 after it.

Mustard wrap for the abdominal area

For mustard wraps around the abdomen to prepare the mixture of dry mustard (2 tablespoons), sugar (2 teaspoons) and vinegar (half teaspoon). Everything is mixed with warm water and left in the day. Then add the same amount of honey. And then do the same thing as the honeymoon wrap. If it is burned, is not heated, it is necessary to wash immediately. In the rest of the wrap in a very effective way.

correct slimming

Before these procedures usually take a shower, use the scrub, massaging the problem areas. In addition to the honey and mustard are often used by kelp. Wraps with these algae to get rid of belly fat and tighten the skin, smooth out cellulite.

How to lose weight in the abdomen with the help of massage

It is very effective to remove fat in the abdomen and sides, you can become a massage. Its very real for you to make it. The easiest way to do massage.

In the first place, in the problem areas, put the oil for the massage. Then, they go to the back and pulling the skin, begin to massage in the sense of the needles of the clock (except the belly button area). Tingling become quite sensitive, don't be afraid to stretch the skin. After the procedure, the skin is crushed with a towel. Then, nest and rest a bit.