Best diet fast to lose weight the abdomen

Diet for slimming the abdomen is the method of correction of figure, in which thousands of women (and not only women) lay their hopes.

A small, orderly torso for the ladies is the norm, but excessively involved fat deposits in the waist, can cloud the purchase of a new dress or trip as expected.

ways to lose weight

However, do not rely solely on the power system, as well as the frequent use of short-express diets can cause the pounds lost will soon return back.

Remember the fight with the stomach requires an integrated approach!

Best diet for slimming the abdomen

Below is a selection of the diets, with that you get easy to get rid of the fat in the waist.

Choose for itself an optimal system of power and don't forget to exercise: to throw the press, the more they walk and discarding possibilities of public transport.

Proteins of the power system

The protein-faithful companion in the fight against the overweight, and this applies not only to the belly.

The protein of excellent saturated and slow to digest, which contributes to the prevention of insulin emission.

In addition, the proteins of the system of thinning, according to nutritionists, one of the three diets that provide a long-term effect on businesses.

Excellent results gives the chemical diet osama.

The feature of this power system is the same that has been designed especially for those who suffer from diabetes (excess fat deposits in the abdominal area is one of the consequences of diabetes).

Chemistry of food recharged in proteins and poor in carbohydrates, restarts the process of exchange of substances, directing the expenditure of the body fat.

Sample menu as easy diet for slimming the abdomen for a day:

  1. Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs, half grapefruit or orange.
  2. Dinner: boiled chicken, fresh or steam vegetables or fruits.
  3. Dinner: two baked beans, eggs, or lean very boiled meat or boiled fish or steamed vegetables.


If a large abdomen is necessary to get rid of immediately, will help you to the five days of simple express diet rapid weight loss the abdomen.

However, it must be remembered that these systems contribute to the deposition of fat in problem areas.

Breakfast for the next 5 days:

  • the first: 100 natural low-fat yogurt, one orange;
  • second: 180 g of ricotta (skim), apple green;
  • third: oatmeal with dried apricots and raisins (3 tablespoons of oatmeal, 3-4 of the nuts);
  • fourth: 40 g pecorino cheese, a grapefruit;
  • fifth: hard-boiled eggs, piece.


  • first day: two of the apple;
  • second day: two to three tablespoons of fresh berries;
  • third day: orange;
  • fourth day: bananas;
  • fifth day: half of fresh paprika.

Lunch of the liquidation to each of the 5 days:

  • the first: a 180-steamed chicken meat, vegetable salad, filled with olive oil;
  • second: 180 g cooked fish, steamed vegetables;
  • third: vegetarian, soup, hard-boiled eggs;
  • fourth: vegetable soup, 40 g pecorino cheese;
  • fifth: baked, turkey, fresh or steam vegetables.

The dinner, respectively, in these 5 days looks like this:

good food for weight loss
  • the first: 100 g steam green bean, 110 g of broth to boil the meat;
  • the second: two baked potatoes, fresh salad of cucumber and tomato;
  • third: hard-boiled eggs, boiled cabbage, a broccoli, fresh cucumber;
  • fourth: fresh cucumber, two tomato, 180 g turkey cooked;
  • fifth: to 200 g of cocktail.

The weekly schedule of diet for slimming the abdomen

If you want to remove the abdomen with the help of the special approach, choose as the basis of protein-fruit diet.

As a source of proteins ideal to lean meat, fish, fat, cheese, eggs.

In the daily menu be sure to include fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can navigate in the next menu.

First day:

  1. Breakfast: 100 grams of cottage cheese, apple, herbal tea;
  2. Lunch: baked chicken breast, salad of cabbage and carrot;
  3. Dinner: 500 g of yogurt.

The second day:

  1. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato;
  2. Lunch: boiled fish, apple;
  3. Dinner: fresh salad of cucumber, tomato and olive oil.

Third day:

  1. Breakfast: natural yoghurt, apple, herbal tea;
  2. Lunch: turkey boiled, orange;
  3. Dinner: salad of cucumber, eggs and crab sticks.

Fourth day:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal, apple;
  2. Lunch: boiled fish, grapefruit;
  3. Dinner: shrimp, herbal tea.

Fifth day:

  1. Breakfast: yogurt, fruit salad;
  2. Food: vegetarian, soup, apple;
  3. Dinner: fat free cottage cheese, orange.

Sixth day:

  1. Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs, grapefruit;
  2. Lunch: a glass of kefir, rich;
  3. Dinner: very boiled beef, salad of cabbage with the radish.

Seventh day:

  1. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a slice of cooked ham without fat;
  2. Lunch: baked chicken breast, fresh cucumber;
  3. Dinner: 500 g of yogurt.

The diet on buckwheat

The meaning of this diet is the following: buckwheat is an excellent source of protein, but at the same time, even low-calorie product.

Buckwheat diet for slimming the abdomen has a duration of one week.

The essence of the feed system is very simple: at night they sleep in a thermos cup of buckwheat, fill the rear with two cups of boiling water.

Leave the buckwheat in the night.

These proportions are of a day.

It is also allowed to drink on the day prior to litres of skimmed yogurt, green tea and water in the amounts.

Eating a carrot in the food, will not only improve your vision, but also to prolong youth.

"Golden rules"

menu for weight loss

If you decide to go on a diet to get rid of the belly, follow the following recommendations:

  • the power must be fractional (up to 5 times a day) and in small portions;
  • as a source of protein that give preference to lean meat, fish and seafood, eggs, cottage cheese and fish;
  • every day eat foods rich in saturated fats in essential fatty acids: the sea fish, nuts, flaxseed oil;
  • at breakfast you can eat cereals (cereals stimulate digestion and well struggle with the inflammation of the womb; ideally, the grain before the preparation should be left in soak all night);
  • every day eat two servings of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • drink plenty of fluids (at least two litres of plain water).