Diet for slimming the abdomen

When the stomach is deposited fat, in addition to bad of the loss of the slenderness of the figure, is more acute health problems. The fat swimming the internal organs, so concerned for his active work. Very difficult to break free of the surplus fat in the waist after birth and when stable to stress situations that trigger the desire to escape the negativity of simple – eat until satiety.

Original means to get rid of the fat from the excesses of the press

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Remove deposits of fat in the abdomen help to the variety of the diet of a single product within three days, anything not put in the food, except for the single specialty. Restrictions of this type of power takes the name of mono -, and a special type of diet does not you can use the time for him has not influenced the normal activity of the intestine and the stomach. Applies the diet of buckwheat, when the grain is soaked from the night to the morning its eat it raw. There is a different type of diet, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. This diet has a positive influence on the metabolism, the stomach and the intestine and other organs. However, the main condition is that after the completion of the restriction of the power does not go back to a good chunk of the food and the abuse of the pastry. You should move to a system of full, but no excess power to get the plane of the press, and resistant wellness recovery.

The fundamentals of the development of the diet

Diet for slimming the abdomen implies a complete waiver of the fat of any form in the food and limited use of products that contain the protein complex. At the time of the diet, the basic foods are converted in a great variety of vegetables, fruit – and green tea without sugar. To diet successfully would clean excess kilograms, is divided into three stages:

  • the preliminary stage of the diet painted in the seven-day period – during this period of time is necessary little by little to give up eating out with higher caloric intake and the victual, which are not acceptable for compliance with selected food intake.
  • The main phase of painting in the period of one to three weeks – when he come into action all the mechanisms of application of the new nutritional menus. The duration of the step of the main phase is a direct function of the original weigh-in, the state of the person, of someone who has a weight of 80 kg it is proposed to save the mode of the diet for three weeks. And in this time is updated the structure of the epidermis and warns of its sluggishness, as a result of the acceleration of the drop weight.
  • The final stage of the implementation of the diet for slimming the abdomen of the woman that lasts up to six months is the time to do a little to take a diet in a diet healthy and balanced state.

Eligible and sick products

According to the accumulated of the rules at the time of the application of the diet for slimming the abdomen in a week you must not consume alcohol and smoking, because they violate seriously the order of the change of the substances. In other products, which prevent an exchange of substances imposes a strict limitation, in particular, the origin of unfavourable carbohydrates, which promote the formation of fat in the waist area.

If diets that promote the elimination of body fat prohibits such edible edible:

  • The salt, which reduces the metabolism and the complexity of extracting the liquid;
  • Sugar, sweets and jams, while in the body, it is transformed into fat in the abdomen;
  • Baking and pasta, as a source of heavy carbohydrates, which are deposited in the hips and in the belly ugly folds of fat;
  • Offal, and smoked, and edible fast food;
  • Sweet lemonade, juices in tea bags, coffee, alcohol;
  • The champions of the content of feculentos of substances among vegetables – potato, Buriak, and cauliflower;
  • The champions of the capacity of sugar among fruits, figs, bananas and grapes;
  • Too fat, lamb and pork;
  • The champion, for the fat content of the fish;
  • All kinds of sauces;
  • Bold cheese;
  • Conservation.

To remove fat deposits in the waist, you must follow a healthy life style and eat any food rich in gluten, vitamins, and easy carbohydrates. For fans of counting calories of your daily intake should not exceed 1700 kcal.

diet for slimming the abdomen

It is permissible for the use in the diet, in order to remove fat deposits in the abdomen:

  • Tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, radishes, peas, cabbage and cucumber in the form of fasting, soups, vegetables, salads and steam vegetables;
  • Fruits and berries are applied to apricots, peaches, plums, pears, cherries, rich in gluten, and therefore, they are diet and eliminate the fat of the press and normalizes intestinal processes;
  • Of vegetables particularly useful are celery, fennel and coriander, rich in substances necessary for the functioning of the agency;
  • Meat poultry and lean beef, which are the source of protein numb the feeling of hunger and contribute to the normal peristalsis of the intestine;
  • Private fat varieties of fish;
  • The milk kefir is taken between two times for the period of seven days by a glass a day;
  • Cheese the dough is eaten once for the period of seven days without additives;
  • Nuts, sunflower seeds and walnuts are taken twice a period of seven days of a small handful of cheese in the state;
  • Cereal – oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, which provide useful carbohydrate and numb unpleasant feeling of hunger.

Fundamentals of nutrition

For the activities of disposal of surplus of pounds in the waist and enhance the work of the internal organs, must adhere to special rules. Fundamentals of nutrition during the time of easy diet for slimming the abdomen for beginners help to accelerate the achievement of the goal. For the effect to best meet the fundamental requirements:

  • It requires an exquisite and rich breakfast, that starts the exchange of substances immediately after the approval of the food. It requires a diverse and comprehensive set of to eat for lunch and dinner should be 2-3 hours before sleeping for the night.
  • To maintain the balance of water and drink no less than 2 liters of water per day.
  • To accelerate the process of release of excess kilos is achieved by a complement of the diet of the physical activities.
  • At each meal apply to salads, and snacking between meals is best the fruit.

What is needed is for a flat belly

Approximate the portion of the food to solve unwanted pounds:

breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1 ° day: 1 glass of yogurt, toast; 150 grams of rice in cooking. Salad with peppers, cabbage and cucumber; 100 g of beef in broth, baked, points, cyan, apple juice;

Day 2: oil-free cheese, weight weak unsweetened tea; 100 gr of rice in the cooking and 100 gr of beef in the cooking. Tomato salad with onion, stuffed olive oil, a glass of tomato juice before going to bed;

Day 3: 100 g of turkey in the cooking, no sugar green tea; 150 grams of fish in cooking, salad of cabbage with the onion and the green peas; rice in the cooking and the apple, before bedtime a glass of juice

Day 4: 100 gr of beef in the cooking, weak unsweetened tea, broth with vegetables and bread; 150 grams of poultry in the cooking process, the rice in the cooking;

5th day: a glass, fat free yogurt, toast, 2 pieces of roast potatoes, carrot salad, 150 grams of fish in the cooking; a salad with tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper, 100 gr of beef in the cooking process;

Day 6: two boiled eggs, two oatmeal cookies, herbal tea; 100 gr turkey cooked, rice in cooking; 200 gr of chicken in broth, the orange juice salad;

Day 7: 100 g of solid cheese, green tea with some rice in the cooking, a salad with tomatoes, cucumber and onion; 200 gr beef, steamed, cabbage salad with cucumber;

The diet combined with exercise

Excess pounds to go away from the waist, if at the same time with the compliance of the diet to produce exercise to strengthen the oblique muscles at the waist. Good results are given the following exercises, such as cycling, swinging with the hands, jumping rope, and the rotation of the ring. To lose weight fast are made the exercises in their entirety:

  • when you're in the back, where the legs bent and the arms under the head, the shoulders lead from the soil, and the muscles of the press of nations-require, and then must return to the starting position and relax – makes it a dozen of times;
  • when you're on your back, bend your legs at the same time pull your knees toward your chest and return to its original position – makes a dozen of times;
  • In the back of the hand are raised on one side, and the hips are elevated and are confirmed, then the body is relaxed – makes a dozen of times;
  • In the position in the belly of lowering the body to the elbows, and the socks of the feet: raise the leg to hip level and return to its original position –do a dozen times with different feet.
meals to lose weight

Easy diet quick for slimming the abdomen, including the exclusion of food from the salt, the sugar, the fat of meat and fish, sauces and preserves. These edible edible is replaced by the vegetables, except the potatoes, fruit and vegetables and a little dried fruit. Must be densely to have breakfast, drink daily at least two liters of water, to include in meals, salads and reinforce the effects of the diet of gymnastics. The menu includes small portions that satisfy hunger, but contribute to the care of the fat of the masses with the press and the thighs. The special version of a set of four exercises to fully get rid of ornaments in the waist, and improve the general well-being.