Lose weight at home for beginners

A slim figure is not only the rate of beauty but also health. The abundance of junk food, hours, sedentary work, lack of fresh air leads to the weight gain and the appearance of all kinds of diseases.

Doctors recommend dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to physical activity. The gym is not mandatory for the workers of the people have a great alternative – exercises to lose weight at home.

The complex of effective exercises will help you to put in order the figure without great expenditure of time and money. Important, to regularly practice.

Simple exercises for beginners

as you lose weight

People who have no fitness experience, you should begin with simple exercises that will help you body to gradually get used to a load. The optimal duration of training for beginners – 20 minutes.

All movements should be performed without haste, without the use of weighting. If the load will seem insufficient, you can apply small weights up to 1 kg

Get information about how to properly use the weights of the feet.

Any workout should start with warm-up. Warm-up for beginners includes the following movements: gentle rotation of the head (10 to 15 times), direct, with the hands forward and backwards (10 to 15 times), the body (8 to 12 times), pelvis (8 to 12 times), knees (10 to 15 times), jumps (10 to 15 times). The warm-up prepares the body to the main unit of the exercises and helps prevent injuries.

The complex for beginners fast weight-loss, includes the following exercises (the number of repetitions from 15 to 20 times):

  • Squats: shallow squat while the direct deduction of the hands forward.
  • Lunges: alternate forward on the left and the right leg. Important: the knee must be bent at a right angle.
  • Squats-plie: the width of the shoulders to the feet, the socks remove to one side, do squats slow in 3 accounts, after which, without haste elevation.
  • Simplified push-ups: take focus on the floor, resting on the knees and the palm of the hand, to do "push ups" at a slow pace. During the exercise you can not curve the back and pull the head towards top, you should move only the hands. If you feel discomfort in the knees, should be put under them under the pillow or towel.
  • Exercise for the press: to accommodate in the back, legs, bend your knees, bring the back of the hand, on the exhale slowly lift your shoulders, in the inhalation – down. During the climb should not stretch the neck, only to be raised shoulder – thanks to the tension of the abdominal muscles.
  • The butt lift: to accommodate in the back, bend the knees to the legs, to stretch along the body of the hand, lift the buttocks, a quick movement of his buttocks up and down. When lifting a maximum of compress the buttocks.

Exercises for beginners to help only 20 minutes of the lesson to give a good load of all "problematic" areas: feet, hips, arms and shoulders, press. During the training sessions can make small breaks, but not more than 5 minutes. Completion of training must be light tight: sit on the floor, spreading widely legs; slow to stretch the body forward, to the left, to the right.

For weight loss at home is quick, it is necessary to study an intensive program that includes weight training and aerobic exercise. Aerobics leads to the acceleration of the pulse, which is a requirement for effective fat burning. Strengthening exercises help to increase the tone and the volume of the muscles, which depends on the beautiful relief of the figure. There are several schemes of home exercise:

  1. A day devoted to aerobic fitness training – the race on the track of dance, aerobics, horse riding is the bike. The other day – power in the load, which includes exercises for all the muscle groups.
  2. During the exercise combine weight training and aerobic exercise. For example, the lesson begins with 5 minutes on the bike, and then executed the exercises at the press conference, after 5 minutes of aerobics, after which the exercises for the thighs.

To perform effective exercises focuses on a particular muscle group, however, at the same time working other muscles, which increases the training effect. For the classes in the home have helped to spend a maximum of calories, it is useful to use the weight – dumbbells of 1.5–3 kg, it is Best to use a small amount of weight, but do more repetitions.

To resolve saggy stomach and the mouth, you should do at home exercises for the press. Here is the complex of the most effective exercises for the press, to all the exercises that you do between 20 and 30 times for 2-3 approach):


  • Starting position: sit in the back, the arms pull along the trunk, lift up the socks above the ground in 15 cm
  • Execution: make the cross movement with the legs stretched out, beam alternately from the top to the left and right of the leg.


  • Starting position: sit in the back, carry the hands to the nape of the neck.
  • Execution: lift alternately bent at the knees, stand up and stretch out to him opposite to the elbow.

Lateral torsion

  • Starting position: sit on the ground side, the lower part of the hand pull forward, the upper hand take the ear.
  • Implementation: right-side twist, raise your legs, drag them with the elbow.

For the buttocks and thighs

exercises to lose weight

Structure of the upper part of the legs and buttocks, focuses on the rapid thinning in the home and the formation of the elastic forms.

If you regularly to give the lower part of the body of the payload, very soon the first pleasant changes: catch-up skin, it will muscle atonia internal and external parts of the hip, more rounded and firm will your buttocks, reduces cellulite.

The complex is effective in the home should include the following exercises to lose weight hips and thighs (the number of repetitions is 20-30 days 2 and 3 of the approach):

Squats with weights

  • Starting position: put your feet about shoulder width apart, grab the dumbbells of weight of 1.5–2 kg
  • Execution: deep flex, at the same time that makes the hand forward. The elbows when raising the arms should "look" down. Squats are useful for the interior, the front and rear of the thighs. The use of weights increases the work load.

Attacks Of "The Swing"

  • Initial position: take the dumbbells, standing with feet together.
  • Execution: alternate lunges with the right leg forward and backward. Follow for the other leg. Do they contribute to the formation of beautiful buttocks.

Lunges with the turning of hands behind your back.

  • Starting position: grab the dumbbell, then max out the attack with the foot forward, press your hands behind the back with palms facing out.
  • Execution: while keeping tension in the hips, just back of the hand up and spread your shoulder blades. The exercise is useful for the front and outer parts of the hips, hands, shoulders and back.

The extraction of the feet to stop lying

  • Initial position: take the emphasis being, as for push-ups.
  • Execution: alternatively, keep the feet in the direction of the maximum distance, after which to return to its original position. The extraction of the feet to stop lying helps build the elastic of the hip.

For the hands and the shoulders

Training for beautiful arms and requires the execution of exercises with weights. If during exercise the hips, glutes and abs using dumbbells, this is already a good load for the hands.

It is also useful to perform exercises isolated to the hands: bending of different angles or removing weight forward, side-to-side.

They are also useful for the triceps and biceps classic pushups, in which you are being trained for the back, the chest, to the press.

For slender legs

Exercises for slimming legs at home will focus on the formation of the elastic in the thighs without cellulite, poor knees, accurate, and calves. To legs were thin, useful to deal with dance, aerobics, periodically, walking around the house in socks. In the usual training session turn on the next exercise (follow every 30-45 time, doing 2-3 approach):

Plie of the feet

  • Starting position: place feet shoulder-width apart, remove the socks from the outside.
  • Execution: move to the socks, and sit in three accounts, down in the heel. Plie in the socks help to slim the hips, to the formation of fine calves.

Elevations of legs

  • Starting position: sit on the side, lean your elbow on the floor, pull up the socks of the feet.
  • Execution: lift as high as possible the upper part of the leg, then lower slowly. Useful exercise for the inner and the outer surfaces of the hip.

Swinging of the feet

  • Starting position: standing, place them together, straighten the back.
  • Execution: make mach foot forward, then pull the leg backwards, while pulling the body forward. When the Mahi train rear and front of the surface of the feet.

Exercises for men

lose weight for men

The diet for men and the home of the complexes of exercises, if performed regularly, will help you lose weight, to form a beautiful torso and the plate without the need to visit the gym. Like women, men show a torque to the press, elevations of the legs in supine position, lunges, squats with weights. The weight of the dumbbells for the men should be 8 to 12 kg

Approximate start of training for the men include exercises:

  • torque for the press;
  • elevations of legs perpendicular to the body, lying on the back;
  • pushups;
  • lunges with weights;
  • Stanovaya the shot weights (weights);
  • balances the weight forward, side-to-side.

How to lose weight with exercise in a week at home

Exercises to lose weight fast in the home should include components of strength and aerobics. It is useful to train every day twice a day.

For example, in the morning to running on a treadmill or exercise on a stationary bike, and the night spend power load in the home.

By the afternoon, the training should be full of exercises, which involve several groups of muscles. Here is a sample outline of such a class:

  • 5-minute warm-up;
  • classic squats with the use of dumbbells;
  • alternative strides forward and backward;
  • squats-plie with the use of dumbbells;
  • lying on the back, raise the legs and simultaneously raising the dumbbells;
  • torque for the press;
  • balances the weight forward, in one of the parties;
  • biceps with weight from different angles;
  • push-ups of arms.

Discover how to ensure a rapid thinning of other ways.

Video-lesson on technique-exercises to lose weight at home

The training of the house are able to help you lose weight. The advantages of home: time savings, the possibility of combining the classes with the viewing of favorite tv programs, or listening to music, the minimum necessary sports material.

The desirable way, in addition to perseverance in the daily performance of the 15 minutes of the resort, that will make the dream of the ideal figure of the reality.

If you want to save time and money in walking in the gym, you can help shown in the video of exercises to lose weight at home.

Quickly buried weight at home

Good nutrition and exercise help quite quick review of the figure of the

What better place to start?

Look slender and beautiful wants every girl, and here is to a healthy and sporty life-style, low-force, not many.

Even if you are not a fan of dance or aerobics, do not visit the gym, you can have a neat and trim figure. To do this, it is necessary to pay the practice of sports for 20-30 minutes a day.

You need to take care of your body and spoil you with good health, as well as excellent views to the outside.

Here you will find a series of exercises that help to lose weight at home without the need of simulators. Knowing, you can draw up your own training calendar.

Before you begin the workout, you should perform warm-up exercises. She will help you to warm up the muscles and joints, and also protects from damages and injuries.

Start should be from the top down, gradually going to heat the neck, shoulders and hands to the back, the buttocks, the hips, the knees and the soles of the feet.

If you do not know how to exercise it does not matter. Begins to make circular movements of each joint. First in one direction, then in another. Work through the therefore, all parts of the body.

Then, worth thinking about that heat. To do this, strongly rub the palm of the hand, until they are hot. After this, to warm up to the face, the neck, the ears, the nose. In addition, warm and the palms of the hands to rub all over the body, from the head to the feet.