How to lose weight free

The people have thought of how to lose weight free of charge, has been designed with a lot of effective techniques based on the basic principles of weight reduction. Today, you will learn how to properly create the program, which is based on the calculation of caloric density of the products consumed and the energy required for different activities. It will be a nice bonus that, unlike the acquisition of simulators, fat burners are, etc, this basis for a future program it does not require any financial cost.

We believe calories

as you lose weight

As it says the basic rule of weight loss: "burn more amount of calories than that your body gets". If the forgetfulness of this fact, the drain can go around the program of loss of weight. To remove a pound of fat (approximately 450 g), you will need to burn 3500 calories in excess that has been spent by you during the daily activity. Without a doubt, they are going to wage in a day, so that there is no damage to health, but gradually.

Cons free weight loss

Below is described step-by-step instructions for all the calculations:

  1. It is necessary to calculate the level of the metabolic rate. This is a minimum number of calories required for digestion, breathing, etc – that is to say, for the functioning of vital systems of your body. Can be for the calculation using this calculator. However, keep in mind that it is not considered 100% secure.
  2. In the course of the week, try to keep a record of each kind of activity that they were engaged. The mental and physical activity, sports, walking, any work is necessary to record. This will give you an idea of burned calories a day. It only remains to calculate the average value between the value, if you sum the result of each day and is divided into 7. The article "Calories and the type of activities" shall be used for the calculations.
  3. Make sure that the amount of calories that you have received along with the food. All week he heads to the close supervision of your own diet, and recorded with no exceptions. As in the previous paragraph, to calculate the results for each day, then determine the average result. The caloric value of the different products you can view the details of the special boards.
  4. Now is to add a number of the basic level of metabolism with the number of calories calculated in the second paragraph. Now, the magnitude of the subtraction by the average number of calories consumed (p. 3). If a person eats more than what is required by the activities and the basic level of metabolism, you have all the possibilities in the future an increase in weight.

An example of how to lose weight for free — calculate the consumption of calories in the day

Anna has been estimated that your basic level of metabolism is equal to 1400 calories. You can burn up to 900 calories, always and when to engage in regular physical exercise during walks and chores. To maintain your current weight, you should be getting 2300 calories. But, as has shown the log of the calories of the meal anna receives daily 2550 calories. If the thing continues, every 3 weeks is going to fill in the half-kilo. And the fault is in the excess of 250 calories.

This example demonstrates how to easily mark the excess kilos, without knowing it. However, with the same ease you can lose weight, although the process of long duration. You can start with small changes in diet and kill yourself and proceed to burn greater amount of calories you get from food. We need to find a way to burn the excess of 200-500 calories a day. For example, it is worth replacing too calories products more useful and easy. And at the same time, more time to the sport. Good Ideas.

How much time is necessary to give to the sport

To reduce the weight of the physical activity is an important element. The experts recommend to do exercise 200 minutes a week, however, and this will be of 40 minutes per day for 5 days a week.