The weekly schedule of diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides

To lose weight successfully, are necessary three elements: good nutrition, practicing the active sport and beauty treatments. This applies as much to get rid of excess weight and the correction of certain problem areas. Many women dream of having the torso plane or well-formed hips, but can not achieve the desired results, since in the diet in the first place slimming is not the same of the area that you want to adjust. But some diets are designed for a maximum of say goodbye to fat in the stomach and sides.

Of course, such a diet must be combined with special exercises, aimed at training the muscles in the problem areas. Today we tell you about some of the most popular and effective diets intended to release the fat in the belly and the sides.

Method one: the time, but firmly

diet for slimming the sides of the

The most reliable method to obtain the attractive figure is a slow and progressive weight loss through the correction of the diet and the transition to proper nutrition. This method still is not a diet. It is more of a lifestyle based on a healthy diet and sport. It is the best choice for those who understand that the diet provide, usually, only a temporary results. Respecting a diet is quite simple. Certain foods are prohibited, may not be used. But the circle of food allowed is quite wide, therefore, you do not have to die of hunger or suffer from the monotony of the food. In addition to the utility of food you need every day to drink 1.5-2 litres of water. That's all simple rules that you should follow. Let us go deeper into the list of products and characteristics of this diet.

Prohibited products

If you dream to get rid of large belly, of some of the products of the best give up, because they are the ones that mainly contribute to increase the fat reserves in the problematic area. These products are:

  • Bakery products, bakery products, macaroni;
  • Candy, ice cream, confectionery products;
  • Any amount of alcohol;
  • The white rice;
  • Potatoes;
  • Pickled, smoked, salted or products;
  • Butter, margarine;
  • Carbonated beverages;
  • The juice from the store.

Immediately stop all this set of products, it can be difficult. Not worth doing, because, probably, the categorical refusal will cause you to fail. It is best to start harmful products, little by little, point by point. So it will be much easier, and the probability of breakage will be minimal.

Allowed products

Despite the extensive list of prohibited foods diet this diet can be called monotonous, or poor. The range of foods allowed quite wide. Among them are present and are delicious things. To lose weight, it is recommended to base the daily diet in the following products:

  • Fermented non-fat – kefir, yogurt without additives, ryazhenka. These products affect beneficially on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The dried apricots and the apples of utility to the substitutes of the sweets. They have not only excellent taste, but also large reserves of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. In these products a large amount of fiber, pro-active and full participation in the digestion of food. The day started off with a couple of apples that can be eaten during the time of sandwich. One between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner. The preference is to give the green of the apples. The apricots will be an excellent dessert. By day you can eat up to 6 things.
  • The food rich in proteins. Protein is necessary for the success of losing weight and shape the beautiful silhouette. Among the products of protein, choose eggs, no fat, meat, fish, chicken. It is precisely these products and will be the basis of most dietary.

Sample menu

Allow the products yourself you can make delicious dishes in the kitchen, are combined in the menu of the week. We offer you the finishing option in the menu, which complies with the requirements of the diet against the fat of the belly and the sides.

The morning starts with a glass of water. Must be taken immediately after awakening. Throughout the day, you must take the daily norm of water according to your weight. The breakfast is served through the half-hour after having drunk the first glass of water. To accompany the food, we can't. Drinking is only possible through a time after dinner.

At breakfast you can prepare an omelette a few eggs. It can add a little bit of turkey or chicken, low fat cheese, yogurt without additives. Another possible option for the morning meal – 200 grams of wheat and oatmeal or steaming of the bean. As beverages ideal for coffee and tea without milk and sugar.

Between breakfast and lunch you can eat the green apple, drink a little yogurt 0% fat, or yogurt

proper nutrition

At lunch, take your meat and eat a small piece of cooked meat. As a side dish, prepare a salad of tomato, cucumber, pepper. Fill your possible drop of oil, but not mayonnaise! In conclusion, a drink of tea with dried apricots.

Between lunch and dinner eat a green apple or pepper.

The dinner can consist of a stew of meat or fish. Cooking is necessary, no salt and no seasonings. Another option of the dinner – seafood salad. In the garrison select the coleslaw. You can drink tea, preferably green in color.

Before bedtime, you can eat a small piece of cooked meat or drinking a glass of kefir.

Following this system, without problems echaris up to five kilos in a month. Yes, it is not a great figure, but the weight is going to disappear in a stable way and at the expense of body fat, and not through a fluid or muscle mass. When you select this diet, you can not doubt that the lost weight will not return.

The method of the second, fast

This methodology will allow you to get rid of some kilos. It is less correct than the previous one. The result of this diet can be unstable, and the pounds lost return. However, in situations of proportionality, we must have in a matter of days, this kind of diet is the only option. It is worth saying that as the emergency of the diet not be used too often as a negative influence on the body. Below, you will learn about the most effective and popular options for quick diet. Among them, you will probably be able to find one that is right for you.

Diet 10 days: less than 5 kg

This diet is known as BUCH, that is to say, of protein-carbohydrate rotation. And its essence lies in the fact that the power is based on cycles of two proteins of the day, when you can consume only foods rich in proteins and contains minimum amount of carbohydrates, carbohydrates a day, when it is necessary to exclude the protein and eat only the carbohydrates, and mixed day, when you can eat one and the other products. The cycles can be so different, but the essence of the diet consists, precisely, in the alternation of protein and carbohydrate of the diet.

The weekly schedule of diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides

This is a good example mono, intended for the correction of certain areas. You can use different options:

  • Kefir with cucumber. In the day it just depends on liter of broth of yogurt and up to a kilo of cucumbers;
  • Chicken with vegetables. The day should eat up to a kilo of chicken breast together with vegetable salads;
  • Apple-cheese. In the night – up to a kilo of broth cheese and no more than four apples.

Follow a diet more than a week is not recommended, as the body begins to experience a deficit of vitamins and essential micronutrients.

The oatmeal and egg diet for slim belly and sides

We propose to your attention two mono. But they are not as hard as those that are described in the previous section. Adhere to them is quite simple. The oatmeal diet suggests the following week the menu:

  • Three times a day you should eat 200 grams of oatmeal in water;
  • Between meals you can eat the fruit, not the banana and the grapes not;
  • In day it is necessary to drink two liters of water, herbal or green tea. You can only drink half an hour before eating or one hour after.

End of the diet it is necessary gradually. In the second week, start to expand the diet, by adding fermented milk products, chicken, and vegetables. This will allow you to avoid the return of lost in the diet pounds.

Shell of the egg from the diet does not have the same efficiency. She is also very easy. Weeks diet is composed of eggs, vegetables, fruits and water. You can't rub salt in the products and use the oil. Of vegetables under the ban of the potatoes. Fruit, bananas, grapes, dates, figs. By the comments of women who have proven themselves with this diet for a week, you can say goodbye with five or more kilograms.

menu for weight loss

We have tried to tell you about the most popular diets, which can help you to become the owner flat tummy and thin waist. We hope that our tips were useful to you!