Easy diet quick slimming abdomen and sides

The diet is a method of power, limited to certain list of products. Different options in the menu are applied in the treatment of diseases, recovery after operations, in order to lose weight and eliminate toxins. There are meals for slimming the abdomen and the sides, which allows the volume of the body in the short term.

The rules of power

diet for weight loss

With the hope of obtaining the proportionality, the get rid of the fat in the legs and in the abdomen, the girls turn to different media, including tablets. But questionable methods are dangerous, can cause health problems. To maintain the physical form, the removal of thick thighs and health, it is important to respect the principles of the power. The diet, aimed at weight loss in the abdominal area and the sides, contains a large amount of fiber. It is present in cereals, vegetables, vegetables, fruits. In the diet should be present in the proteins of the food. Is the seafood, meat, dairy products, eggs. Each day, eat a protein of plant origin in the form of nuts, seeds (50 g).

An important factor for burning fat – water. Drink plenty of clear liquids.

Nutrition experts recommend consuming an average of 2 liters of liquid during the day. This can be a mineral, without gas, filter or the water of the melting.

The correct power involves the crushing of the food into equal portions. We have often, up to 7 times in the day. The dream, the last meal should be with an interval of approximately 3 hours.

Principles of food during the diet for the belly:

  1. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol interferes with the normal exchange of substances, which gives rise to the formation of fat in the waist and in the area of the top of the legs. Women have cellulite.
  2. Pasta, sweets eat in small amounts and frequently. Replace your fruits, candy, strawberries, watermelon.
  3. Zero of the diet sausages, fried, fatty foods. Food for cooking steamed, grilled, or cook. The food will retain more nutrients, don't add excess calories of oil.
  4. Calculate the amount of calories you need during the day, you do not should surpass the figure. The figure for women, teens and men may vary.

Diet weekly slimming abdomen and sides

The desired result can be achieved, if one listens to developed a plan of loss of weight in a certain period of time. Losing a couple of pounds and reduce the size of the waist works the diet for a flat belly, calculated in the week.

1 day:

  1. In the morning – a cup of yogurt of low fat content; it is the bread of rye flour.
  2. Lunch – salad of peppers, cabbage, cucumber. Boiled rice, 150,
  3. The dinner, cooked chicken or beef in the volume 100, a Glass of apple juice medium fresh of a glass or a couple of eggplants roasted.

Day 2:

  1. Fat cheese, tea or coffee.
  2. Mix beef and rice or buckwheat per 100,
  3. A salad using onions, tomatoes. The amount of dishes in the kitchen – 250, For the filling you can take a little bit of vegetable oil.
  4. Shortly before the dream of drinking a glass of delicious tomato juice.

Day 3:

  1. The green tea; cooked fillet of turkey 100,
  2. 150 g of lean fish steamed, onion salad, and marinated cabbage with peas.
  3. Apple 1 piece of medium size; portion of rice.
  4. Before bed: squeezed apple juice 250 ml

Day 4:

  1. Coffee or tea, boiled 100 grams of veal
  2. The bread of bran, and vegetable soup.
  3. The flesh of chicken and rice 100 grams of

Day 5:

  1. Lean kefir; it is the bread of rye flour.
  2. Salad with carrots, tucked sour cream, cooked fish 150 g of 2 pieces of cooked potato.
  3. Salad vegetables: bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes. Boiled beef 100,

6 day:

  1. Oatmeal cookies 2 pieces, with a hen's egg, baked ham, herb tea.
  2. The rice, turkey, per 100,
  3. Salad of apple, pear, plum and orange; chicken 200 grams

7 day:

  1. It lasts about half fat cheese-100 g of green tea, roasted.
  2. The rice and the salad of tomato, peppers, pickles, and onion.
  3. Meat of veal 200 g of cucumber, potatoes, food.
proper nutrition

You can't change the number of days of entries or the chicken to the beef. Say, through the equal intervals of time. Lean a light meal could help to improve the digestive process, eliminate the pain in the stomach, burn fat in problem areas. Feeding on the week of the schedule, drink plenty of pure water to speed up metabolism, reduce weight. Menu of the week is beneficial to the state of the hair of the skin. The nutrients they draw the blood, improving the well-being.

You can enjoy a three-day meeting express methodology, capacity for 3 days.

The recipe for the first day:

  • the juice made with carrot, apple, cup of green tea varieties;
  • is resolved prior to the dinner to eat dry fruits: walnuts or hazelnuts in the amount of 50 g;
  • boil the brown rice of the species; the apple or mandarin; salad;
  • grilled vegetables, 200 g; lean fish of the year 50

The second day:

  • the apple, or ½ grapefruit;
  • carrot juice, mixture of fruit or vegetables;
  • the herbal tea; tomatoes-2 pcs; buckwheat; grapes;
  • chicken breast baked or cooked 200 g; peppermint tea; the vegetables in the stew.

Third day:

  • cook the apple; oatmeal;
  • drink the water of 200 ml without gas; grapes;
  • grate the carrots with a dressing of sour cream in the amount of 100 g; boiled fish, 200 g water-1 glass;
  • half a banana and a cup of yogurt a minimum of fat.

The list of products to facilitate weight loss

To be able to lose weight, it is not necessary to sit on strict diets. Enough to understand the principles of a proper diet. Some of the food helps you to lose weight, the other decreases the speed of the metabolism, becomes the cause of the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. To balance the diet, to make a varied menu, it is necessary to divide the products in many, medium, and calories, by the percentage of proteins-fats-carbohydrates.

Be sure to consume It is forbidden to consume

1. The chicken meat.

2. Meat of lamb.

3. Turkey.

4. The calf's liver.

5. Ham

6. Eggs.


7. The salmon.

8. Acne.

9. Crabs.

10. Herring.

11. The sardine.

12. The tuna.

13. Silver.


14. The milk.

15. The kefir.

16. The Cheese ("Brinza"

17. Solid cheese

18. Natural yoghurt without dyes.

19. All the vegetables (celery, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, corn, soybeans).

20. Fruits (in moderate amounts in the first half of the day).

1. Sausages.

2. The cold meats.

3. Roast the potatoes.

4. The potato chips.

5. Sugar.

6. The cake.

7. The sweetened condensed milk.

8. The caramel.

9. The cake.

10. Crepes.

11. Chocolate.

12. Cookies.

13. The candy canes.

14. The jam.

15. The honey bee.

16. The jam.

17. The bread.

18. Potatoes boiled (to minimize).

19. The ice-cream.

20. Macaroni.

21. The sausages and cured meats.

22. Packaged juices and soft drinks.

23. The alcoholic drinks.

24. The pizza.

How to increase the effectiveness of the diet

your slim figure

The diet that will help you get a flat belly during the week must be combined with the rest of the principles of the diet. More you take, included in the daily list of tasks-walking, running, going for a walk. Do not forget to physical exercise.

To get rid of the fat in the waist and in the area of the feet it is important to follow a healthy diet, exercising at home or in the room. Through a combination of gymnastics in the press conference and the mouth, you can run processes of change, the diet for slimming the belly quickly bear fruit.

No. 1 abs: elevation of the housing of the supine position.

No. 2 of the Torque. Lie down on the floor, bend the lower extremities, the hands behind the head. The elbow, pull your left knee and vice versa.

No. 3 do Not change the position. The straight leg lift, loosen, but do not touch the feet of the ground.

Classes run 3 times a week as a minimum.

Meals for slimming the abdomen and slender figure should be correct, of what is rational. Nutritionists say that fat is not going to disappear, if eating calories cooking and shooting exercise.