The menu of the correct food each day to lose weight with recipes

Have so beautiful and every day to admire her reflection in the mirror wants to every girl. The excess weight is not a diagnosis, and in most cases, the result of a bad diet. To resolve this problem, you must be able to compose a menu for weight loss at home that was built exclusively in nutrition. The menu for the week will radically change your eating habits, get rid of the dependence of the products.

What is it based on diet?

meals to lose weight

The good food is part of a balanced diet, which involves the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as the presence of vitamins, minerals and micro and macro elements. The menu of the correct food each day to lose weight, you need to be with recipes, include a selection of dishes that are favorably perceived by the organism, do not expose food breakdown.

Good nutrition is a complex subject and at the same time a simple mechanism that allows you to clean the body of toxins and waste, remove excess fluid, which in a greater extent of necessary components. In order to achieve, what you need to know about all the features and the principles of nutrition, in which it is based. Following about them we'll talk.

Important! For adequate nutrition, has given the desired results, you must make it your way of life and meet for a long time, and not several weeks.

As you begin to eat well?

The conditions for a correct power is not as much as it may seem at first glance. To start the process of weight loss through diet changes, it is first necessary to tune psychologically. In order to account physiological of the part of body always ready to changes, the problem is the lack of desire of reaching your goal.

There are basic principles that will help you eat correctly, not with the creation of a route without complications:

  • The breakfast should be full, mainly of carbohydrates, composed of cereals, fruits, and nuts;
  • The vegetables should be consumed fresh or steamed, stir-frying, it is not recommended;
  • Cereals it is best to cook in the water;
  • The consumption of salt should be to reduce or completely eliminate;
  • In the day drink at least 2 litres of water.

This is the first recommendation that would allow him to start to eat well and achieve your goal of losing weight. Already in the first month of balanced nutrition you can observe significant changes in the way.

The first steps towards the nutrition

The problem for many losing weight is lack of willpower, as well as full of motivation. In the first place, it is necessary to psychologically set up in a positive outcome, and mentally hear yourself that good food can also be delicious. It is also important to establish for a graph of the power, activity and rest, since from the data depends on the nuances of the majority of the results.

The first steps will always be more difficult, but if you overcome your laziness, get rid of the fear of not achieving the result at the end of the month the scales will show much smaller indicators. Also the first steps can include the following actions:

  • Complete self-motivation;
  • Cleaning of the refrigerators of the products;
  • The purchase of a new trash bin;
  • Request for support of the family, which will also pass through proper nutrition.

It is necessary to remember! Proper nutrition over time it will necessarily be the usual way of life, and does not create any difficulty in the application of the dreams.

You should include in your diet?

harmful food

The slimming diet nutrition fully differs from the usual diet of the person, who eat harmful foods and increasing the extra pounds. There is an estimate of the table with the products that are worth paying attention to.

The right productsThe number of
All vegetables, except potatoes100-200 g
Fruits200 g
Cereals80 g
The fermented dairy products200 ml
Lean fish300 g
The whole wheat bread60 g
Legumes, nuts100 g of
Lean meat200-300 g

All of these products quick and easy way to prepare pp recipes for each day, to feed the body, to justify their food desires and needs, in order to obtain the useful components of the products. Important for the dosing of the quantity of the products consumed, so that does not protrude beyond the rate of ingestion of calories.

Important! Prepare the dishes of your preference in the vapor or in the oven, avoiding the frying process of foods.

The list of products that you want to exclude

The menu of the healthy diet consists of certain foods that positive effect in the body, you get out of it, and do not cause the whole of the mass of the body. There is a list of products, whose consumption is strictly prohibited. We will:

  • Meat and fish;
  • Pasta;
  • Bakery products;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Fat;
  • Carbonated beverages;
  • Alcohol;
  • Meals rpidas;
  • Sweet, etc

The list of forbidden foods can enumerate a long time, so that should be directed only to the products, able to focus, to recharge the improvement of the recycle bin is one of them. Only in this case, you may not achieve the desired effect in losing weight, not causing the rapid set of the body mass after.

Characteristics of an adequate diet, if you are over 30

For each age has its own characteristics and rules in the correct to lose weight. To lose weight at home for women in 30 there are individual characteristics of a selection of products, as well as the care of the delays in the power supply. After the age of 30 begin gradually to slow down the metabolic processes. And if in 25 years after eaten the piece of cake the extra weight on the sides and the waist measurement does not appear in thirty years to prevent this manifestation it will be very difficult.

That is why the menu for weight loss every day should be the most pure, they do not consist of prohibited foods. It is important to remove any flour and sweet, fatty and fried, as well as the foods that negatively affect the skin, causing the formation of cellulite.

This age is dangerous because the weight of the mark is much faster than the one that occurs the process of his fall. It's also worth limiting consumption of pasta, potatoes, sweets, giving preference to fruit, fresh vegetables.

The menu of the nutrition in the week for weight loss

Menu to lose weight in a personalized way, taking into account the age and other characteristics of the body. But the principle is always the same – the construction of the diet in the and nutritious food that help you lose weight. There are main features of the power supply, as well as the estimate of the diet, which we will examine below.

The list of products needed

menu for weight loss

The diet of nutrition involves the use of only those products that will not create damage to the body. Then we will examine all the products on the week to slim the list:

  • Green vegetables;
  • Fresh fruit;
  • Buckwheat, oats, rice, barley;
  • The boiled potatoes in a limited number;
  • Cookies;
  • The whole wheat bread;
  • Water, green tea, coffee (one cup per day);
  • Bran;
  • Dairy products;
  • Lean meat and fish.

Important! It's not worth doing relief measures in the power, if it's worth the goal as fast as possible to get rid of the extra kilos. The need for the dessert you can substitute the nuts or bananas.

The menu of assistance to the victims of the weekend


  • The breakfast of buckwheat porridge with vegetable salads.
  • Snack – the apple.
  • Lunch – vegetable soup with chicken breast, tea.
  • Snack – a cluster of nuts.
  • The dinner – bath-steak with vegetables.


  • Breakfast of oatmeal with banana.
  • Snack –kefir.
  • Lunch – rice with vegetables, a cup of applesauce without sugar.
  • Snack – tea.
  • Dinner – buckwheat porridge with fish fillet.


  • Breakfast – pancake of oatmeal to the peanut paste.
  • Snack – the apple.
  • Lunch – potato soup-puree of vegetables.
  • Snack – orange.
  • The dinner of the curd.


  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs with tomato.
  • Snack – banana.
  • Lunch – vegetable soup and chicken breast with vegetables.
  • Snack – a cluster of nuts.
  • Dinner – salad of cabbage and carrot.


  • Breakfast of oatmeal and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Snack – grapefruit.
  • Lunch – vegetable salad and chicken breast.
  • Snack – cup of yogurt.
  • Dinner – boiled fish with vegetables.


  • Breakfast – cheese casserole.
  • Aperitif – a glass of yogurt.
  • Lunch – buckwheat with cutlets.
  • Snack – a handful of nuts.
  • Dinner – low-fat curd.


  • Breakfast: porridge.
  • Snack – the apple.
  • Lunch – soup-puree.
  • Snack – nuts.
  • Dinner – beet salad.

The menu each day can have the same appearance, and can be slightly modified under personal, preferences and desires. The main thing to remember is that all foods must be fresh, do not go beyond the expiration date.

For a correct food in the household gave the desired results, you must take not of the week and the months, getting the full habits of body. There is an approximate of diet you should follow for a month and then make small changes in the diet, in order not to cause disgust the body to the monotony.

The menu in the month of composing difficult, therefore, with the weekend always it is necessary to create the power in the next 7 days, then every week to make other delicious changes. Now let's see some of the other diet, that will allow during the month of feeling good, relieving the extra pounds.


  • Breakfast oatmeal with banana and walnuts.
  • Exceedances of the tea.
  • Lunch – buckwheat porridge without oil, with vegetables.
  • Snack – baked apple.
  • Dinner chicken breast with vegetables.


  • Breakfast – a glass of yogurt and cheese.
  • Snack – kefir.
  • Lunch – vegetable soup-broth, tea.
  • The mid-morning snack – the apple.
  • Dinner – baked fish, steamed.


  • Breakfast – cheese casserole with raisins, tea.
  • Aperitif – a glass of water.
  • Lunch – the lean soup.
  • Snack – orange.
  • The turkey dinner steamed, tomato, and cucumber.


  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs with mushrooms.
  • Snack – kefir.
  • Lunch – soup and chicken breast.
  • Snack – nuts.
  • Dinner – vegetable salad.


  • Breakfast of oatmeal, tea.
  • Appetizer – fruit salad.
  • Lunch – buckwheat with chicken.
  • Snack – cup of yogurt.
  • Dinner – vegetable salad.


mode power supply
  • Breakfast – a sandwich with avocado on whole wheat bread, tea.
  • Snack – banana.
  • Lunch – rice-rice with pieces of chicken.
  • Snack – nuts.
  • Dinner – low-fat curd.


  • Breakfast – pancake of oatmeal with a filling of peanut paste and banana.
  • Snack – the apple.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, buckwheat with chicken.
  • Snack – nuts.
  • Dinner – salad of radish, tomato, cucumber and parsley.

Within one month diet little bit can be modified by adding other delicious products and supplies that contribute to the disproportionate weight loss products, the achievement of a good shape and increase the self-esteem.