Running for weight loss

Hard to think of more of a universal means to lose weight, that the occupation of the race. Running for weight loss allows you to not only burn calories, increase endurance and strengthen the physical state of the body. In this article we will explain how running to lose weight and get the maximum benefit for the health and we'll give you a workout plan to lose weight for beginners in the race.

The use of running for weight loss

running for weight loss

To run on expensive lesson for your body, allowing you to create a calorie deficit, which is the condition of loss of weight. It is useful to reduce the sensation of hunger and accelerate metabolism. During the race:

  • the load on the muscles that are evenly distributed, which gives the possibility to lift the whole body
  • burn the fat
  • occurs the purification of the dross
  • increases the resistance
  • stands out the hormone endorphin that provides positive mood

In just three months of classes, you can observe significant changes. Will begin to dissolve extra pounds, increase muscle tone, goes away the difficulty of breathing, and the skin becomes more elastic.

Running for weight loss must be accompanied by a correct diet. Therefore, along with training of resistance it is desirable to overcome the cravings for carbohydrate and fat from food, this is the only way you can start the "mechanism" of the loss of extra pounds.

Like running to lose weight

After the first few attempts to lose weight with running should not wait for the result. Often the training to escape, but do not give the desired result. It is worth knowing that to start the process of burning fat is not enough to 20 minutes of exercise. Reach active combustion may be only 40 minutes of continuous running. Then, the body uses not only accumulated in the liver glycogen (fuel for the first 40 minutes), but it's going to fat deposits. With this high metabolism is maintained over a period of five hours after training, and this means that to lose weight you even after the end of the exercise!

Morning running more effective for weight loss, since the lack of calories in the stomach starts the process of fat burning. By night, running very well. When you increase your heart rate gets rid of the day of the experience. Do not squeeze the training in the afternoon and finish with 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Remember that running more than 70 minutes may lead not to the burning, and the loss of muscle mass. This is caused by the rapid decrease of the glycogen stores in the muscles during prolonged effort.

To start properly training with small runs, gradually increasing the time and distance. Breathing while running should be consistent and not intermittent. The pace of the race should be such that it can escape, and in silence speak to someone to the side.

They all want great to wear in the summer on the beach. But we advise not to solve problems to the extent of their income, and practicing physical exercise regularly. This will allow you to have a good figure, but more importantly, a healthy body always, not only when it is necessary to wear shorts or a bathing suit.

Running to lose weight in summer

Training in the summer, at high temperature, increases the load on the body and the heart. Therefore, I still have more care to approach at the beginning of the workouts and paying attention to the sensations. If you feel that no matter how you feel or overclocked pulse – stop running and make an appointment with a cardiologist. Do not think that a tour, you can reset the 1-1,5 kg, if this is so, at the expense of the loss of water.

In the summer run smoothly, observing the sensations and palpitations. The increase of the temperature of the air, even in the night, contributes to the acceleration of the heart rate. Also in summer, more intense drinking during exercise. But this refers to long crosses. If you will be running, for example, more than 50 minutes, be sure to grab a bottle of water. If the short training, you can drink it after its completion. Try summer running in the morning or at night, when the temperature is below.

Running to lose weight in winter

In winter, the alternative can be to run on a treadmill at the gym, or on the street. Not out running to the street if the road where you're going to run doesn't clear it. For the snow you can run, but keep in mind that this is a high risk zone for injury. If this winter, go for a run by much more efficient than the summer – the fresh, cool air helps to accelerate metabolism, leading to intense calorie burn.

Lose weight running can't leave the house. And this is not a treadmill. One of the varieties of running under limited conditions it can be run in the place of the house. Do not forget to ensure sufficient amount of oxygen in the room, previously when you open the window, if in the street is not very cold. Running in the place, naturally, not working the muscles involved are in the race. But, however, this may be the output if the street runs the shower or the room in the track, there is no chance of getting.

Running for weight loss legs

Many of those interested in the local issue of thinning. Despite the fact that the stroke of full load, loss of weight, in areas they can improve. For example, if the objective of giving an additional load on the legs and the muscles of the calf – can be run for the stairs. The rise and increase the intensity, and the slope is to serve as your holiday destination. This type of training is best to use, when you already have a tape of the experience, let's say half a year and already is not a novice. Before practice run for the stairs is not recommended because the ligaments and muscles to begin with, we must strengthen the gradual increase in cross-country skiing in the volume (time and distance), and only then go to the local loads.

Running for weight loss the abdomen


The belly is also one of the most problematic areas, trying to bring order in the first place. Cardio-charge with the career contributes to the inflow of the blood to the fat deposit in the area of the waist, which reduces its volume, and the work of the muscles will help to tighten the plate. Recall that the duration of the workout to burn fat should be no less than 40 minutes. Better practice on an empty stomach and not to eat food over an hour and a half after running. So, you can create a deficit of calories to force the body to compensate deposit of fat in the abdominal area.

Exercises for the paging of the press, running

To been working of the press at the time of the treadmill workout, you can perform the exercise of running high knees. This exercise can be done as a warm-up. This warming could be as well:

  • Run 2 minutes
  • 15-metre run with a high lifting hip
  • We are back to running
  • Of 15 metres of running with the zahlest of the leg
  • We are back to running
  • 15 the underground of the right-hand side of step
  • We are back to running
  • 15 the meter on the left side step

And to finish a workout, after the abdominal region five sets to run with a high lifting hip:

  • 15-metre run with a high lifting hip
  • We are back to running
  • 15-metre run with a high lifting hip
  • We are back to running
  • 15-metre run with a high lifting hip
  • We are back to running
  • 15-metre run with a high lifting hip
  • We are back to running
  • 15-metre run with a high lifting hip
  • We are back to running

It will be an excellent workout, but for beginners, and a workout.

Not worth excessively will be jealous in the first practice – the thinning in the area of the waist, the long-term process that requires a minimum of 6 weeks of regular school. Just so the muscle fibers would reach the level of training, which will allow to start the implementation of the more intensive of the complex, intended for the formation of the press.

Interval timer running for weight loss

Interval timer run – a real find for those who want to lose weight. His technique allows you to get the maximum results by applying a minimum amount of time. Before resorting to this method worthwhile to make sure that there are no problems with the cardiovascular system. Also, we recommend that you ensure that is fartlek, and then you never training you won't be bored.

Interval timer running for weight loss establishes the methodology of the race, when high-intensity running (fast), gives way to the calm jogging or walking for recovery of the heart rate. Example of training:

  • 100 meters distance in active pace (warm-up)
  • 100 metres – running (configuration of the breathing)
  • 200 metres from the quick race
  • 100 metres from the quiet run quick step
  • paragraph 3 and 4 repeat, alternating between 3-5 times

Properly performed interval timer running starts the process of fat burning, which can last up to six hours after the end of the exercise.

The beginners training is not recommended to use the interval timer running, you can use specially prepared a workout plan to lose weight if you are a beginner.

First it is necessary to strengthen the muscles and ligaments. Use the training program below, to get started, and after 3-4 months you can try experimenting.

The training program

exercises to lose weight

The program running for weight loss is made individually taking into account the physical preparation, age, sex, and other characteristics.

The following table shows for each of the weeks of the training plans tailored for beginners:

The day of the week Training Plan
Monday 10 minutes of walking+20 minutes of jogging
Tuesday The rest
Wednesday 10 minute walk +25 minutes of jogging
Thursday The rest
Friday A 7-minute walk+25 minutes of jogging
Saturday The rest
the resurrection A 7-minute walk+30 minutes of jogging

This pace should continue over the course of 1-2 months. Later in function of the resistance and the dynamics of resetting the weight of the lesson, you can reduce the number of workouts per week, increasing its duration, and to complement other physical.