Purify the body and lose weight at the same time

Get up close to the mirror closely and take a look at his reflection. Tired of the look, pale, sluggish skin, dull hair is a signal that the time has come to carry out a "cleaning" on the body. And if you suddenly became a chart the second chin, or visibly rounded from the waist and of the hip – it is not worth wasting the time.

Accumulated for a long time, the toxins and waste products from the water, air, and food harmful substances impede the authorities to fulfil their functions. The system of allocation of the worst collide. The body needs our help.

Who should be the purification


To address the problem of excess weight it is necessary to begin with the first signs of its manifestation. This will help to speed up the process without the need of visiting the doctor. It is expected that, by getting in touch with the medical institution, you will receive the magic solution and decide the question, it is not especially effort. To remain beautiful and healthy, you have to work hard. The main tasks in front of you, are the following:

  • psychologically to configure in the change of lifestyle habits;
  • clean the system of allocation of the agency;
  • yourself or with the help of a nutritionist) to develop individual of a balanced diet. You must take into account the causes of the accumulation of excess weight, the general state of the organism and support of loved ones.
  • pick up the optimal system of physical exercise.
  • give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol, eating in excess and later meals).

Whatever the causes of excess weight, in none of the cases the way he passed in front of the fridge. Therefore, the purification of the body is necessary for all who have decided to lose weight. To put order into the intestine, the kidneys, the liver is easy and at home, if there are no contraindications.

The causes of the accumulation of extra pounds

The experts assert that it is not always the cause of excess weight – binge eating and consumption of high-calorie food. The reasons are many. Among them we distinguish three groups:


  • is wrong the change of the substances;
  • genetic predisposition (inheritance);
  • the hormonal imbalance;
  • some diseases (diabetes mellitus and others);
  • pregnancy and lactation, the menopause;
  • the presence in the bowel of parasites, which with their bodies and waste products of the vital activity of obstruct the intestine and hinder the process of excretion of the masses fecal and stones.


  • the insecurity in and of itself, excessive shyness and low self-esteem;
  • the frequent changes of mood, depressive state (brain trying to change your feelings to the taste reflexes);
  • the lack of purpose in life, prospects for the future.
    The causes defined a wrong way of life:
  • frequent get enough sleep, constitutes a constant fatigue (the body needs food for the maintenance of the force);
  • the stress, the result is the increase of the concentration of acid in the stomach (and the person feels the need of something to eat);
  • the sedentary lifestyle;
  • the custom (a certain type of food, eating in front of the tv, the delay in the procurement of food, harmful products);
  • the absence of a regime of power.

Determine the causes that concern you, and only then proceed to the elaboration of his own system of weight loss and health. Otherwise, without taking into account the mistakes of all the weight they lost after the cleaning of the body and the diets, will come back with a vengeance.

The purification of the body for weight loss

as you lose weight

Tuning psychologically, in consultation with your doctor, you may begin. Remember that the kilos didn't come back, the approach must be holistic. To clean the body and lose weight in a long period of time, in the event that you will be sure of positive result, to find effective of the diet, are removed from the addictions and habits, to select the optimal system of physical exercise in function of the age and general condition of the organism.

An important role diet plays in the scheme of drink. A healthy person should every day, drink at least 2 litres of water. Is the amount of liquid which is divided into 4 — 5 receptions. This is the first time, as soon as you wake up, the rest of 20 minutes before the meal.

For the fixing of the thinning effect of the procedures, it is recommended to perform periodically, at intervals of six months, and especially in the execution of cases at 3 months. Distinguish two groups of methods for cleaning up: pharmaceuticals and popular.

  1. Process methods to clean the intestine of fecal deposits, and parasites (colon hydrotherapy, pharmacy drugs and Badi) much faster. But, destroying and removing harmful microorganisms, do not skimp and useful. This causes a great damage to the immune system, the liver, and the kidneys.
  2. Cleaning in the home considered that respects, but it requires time and effort.

In recent years, allowed methods enjoyed greater popularity.

The purification of the methods of traditional medicine

Since ancient times, excellent detergents are considered to be a Turkish bath. Useful for use in the steam bath brooms (birch, oak or eucalyptus). Also massage to improve the circulation of the blood to recover the metabolic processes, which is more important in the fight against kilograms superfluous. Suitable for this purpose and a sauna, despite the fact that you can dry the mucous membranes and the skin.

Good results get hungry. In the home of welcome of 3 days (twice a month) or 7 days (once a month). Longer-term hunger can only be performed under the supervision of a doctor.

Begin cleaning the body with the intestine

The most ancient and effective – with the help of enemas or mugs Esmarch. The procedure is best done early in the morning from 5 to 7. At this moment the body relaxed after sleep and not to resist the removal of the dross.

The water temperature should be 33 to 36 degrees. After the introduction of boiled and cooled to the desired temperature of fluid in the rectum should lie on the right side of the user, having bent knees, 15 minutes. With the passage of time more and more. The optimum amount of liquid to 1.5 liters, and In some cases, the amount of water is obtained by pouring in only a month. At first you will adjust to the size of not more than half a liter. Do not worry and do not apresuráis event. To the extent that accumulated in the colon slag filter, the volume of water increases.

Who's work schedule does not allow the use in the home the way described, you can explore natural methods of cleaning:

  • download the days (of vegetables or lean dairy products, dried fruits);
  • the salad "Panicle" (kale, beet and carrot in a ratio of 3:1:1). Vegetables take only raw, carefully my, carried out with boiling water, cut them and add the vegetable oil;
  • daily morning reception 1 dessert tablespoons of unrefined oil (better olive or flaxseed) on an empty stomach half an hour before meals;
  • mono - (throughout the day only is uniform vegetable food of raw vegetables and fruits) is 2 days, repeated every 3 days for a month;
  • the orchards of the diet, of a duration of 3 to 5 days (zucchini, cabbage, carrot, beet, cucumber) good clean body, saturating their vitamins and micronutrients;
  • Apple diet (2 kg of apples was a bitter-sweet varieties equal portions in day). To see the result, just 2 day, 2 times a month.
  • the diet in the cereal allows you to clean the intestine in the home thanks to the fibers of the food contained in the grain. Make it a habit to include regularly in your diet cereals, oats, wheat and barley cereals, crude rice and the necessity of applying other methods of purification in order to lose weight, decreases.

After the cleaning of the bowel it is desirable to pay attention in the liver, the kidneys, the vessels of the joints. This will allow you to restore the processes of change and to ensure the result.

Use any of the methods, alternating with pure enemas, and you will soon realize, as the needle of the scales crawl to the left. Don't forget to drink mode. Clean water to drink daily at least 1.5 liters per day.

the purification of the body

Do not forget that any diet produces a certain violence on the body. So if you have chronic diseases, body cleansing in the home begins only under the supervision of a physician, to do no harm to himself. It is strictly forbid cleaning procedures and restrictions in the diet of pregnant and breast feeding women.