Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon – an aromatic spice, known for its amazing properties since the ancient times. Many weight loss is known for this spice as an excellent remedy for weight loss. Giving up some of the weight loss products, it is worth mandatory the use of cinnamon.

Useful properties of cinnamon

cinnamon for weight loss

In this delicious spice with a pleasant scent includes many useful elements, such as essential oil, disaccharides and monosaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber and protein. In its composition there are vitamins A, group b, E, c, pp, as well as micro and macro.

Its aroma of cinnamon is able to lift the mood, improve memory, has a positive influence on brain functioning. Regular consumption of condiments improves the functioning of the vessels, the body is clean. Helpful to her in moments of high tension and stress, because the cinnamon has a relaxing and soothing effect.

Like cinnamon help you lose weight

Cinnamon for weight loss are used since ancient times for their beneficial properties help enhance metabolism and improve the learning of sugar. Its positive effect for the reduction of weight can be explained in the following:

  1. The dietary fiber which enter into their composition, contribute to the gentle cleansing of the intestine, the restoration of his work.
  2. The essential oils act on the nervous system, which enables to reduce the appetite, and calm down. This is important, since that often lead to overeating is stress.
  3. Seasoning is very useful to normalize the gastrointestinal tract. Specifically, it helps to absorb the sugar, which strengthens the metabolism.

The main advantage of the use of cinnamon in the food – which not only helps to reduce weight, but allows you to work in the problematic area of the female body – belly. Each lady knows how difficult it is to eliminate fat deposits in the abdomen.

To spice up the has benefited, you must select correctly. To lose weight it is necessary to buy only fresh quality of the cinnamon. It is precisely this kind of product has a pleasant sweet aroma. The absence of odor indicates that the spezia stalled, and the use of the will.

Sell cinnamon powder and sticks. Can be used in any way, and is stored to la spezia, in glass bottles, closed containers, in dry and cool place. Time of storage of sticks reaches the year, and the powder can be used in the period of six months.

How to use correctly the

In the purest form of this spice is not used. For that benefits the body, add in a variety of dishes and drinks. Popular is the preparation of custard with cinnamon, cakes and desserts, gelatins and the lungs of the yogurt.

For weight loss your habit of adding to coffee, milk, tea, cocoa, kefir, yogurt to drink. The spice that perfectly combines with other healthy products, are used with the honey and the ginger. Combines perfectly with her rice, pumpkin or oatmeal cereals.

A small dash of delicious spices quickly digest the fats and qualitatively to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. For weight loss are very popular the following recipes with cinnamon.

The kefir with cinnamon

The kefir by itself is low in calories product, and is used for weight loss in diet nutrition. It can give you a download of days, it is a great option to provide the snack and to curb hunger before bed. The kefir with cinnamon – abundant and nutritious fermented beverage, which promotes the burning of fat. A glass of delicious product before meals allows you to eat.

The recipe of the preparation of the beverage, for loads of the day is extremely simple. In 1.5 liters of yogurt take a teaspoon of spices, all mixed carefully. The combination of the cinnamon with the kfir allows you to give it a pleasant spicy fragrance and taste, and la spezia helps to reduce the appetite. Like drinking useful kefir with cinnamon? Invigorating and flavor to the drink ideal for breakfast, it is recommended to consume with an empty stomach.

It is important to choose the kefir, diet food you must purchase a beverage with a percentage of fat not more than 1.5%. At its base, can do no less useful in the bar. To do this, you will need the honey and the ginger in equal amounts, a teaspoon of water and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Then, add the mixture of flaxseed and mix well. This cocktail will give you an excellent start of a new day.

Cinnamon with honey is another excellent option for effective weight loss. This combination will help to do with the flavour of the drink even better and more tasty. The honey with the cinnamon mixed in ratios of 2:1, is poured a liter of hot water and insist within an hour. You can pour in a thermos, or just carefully wrapped the container.

Useful drug can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, and eat in the morning and at night, in the middle of a cup. Once a week, you can organize download a day in the tea with cinnamon.


The perfect combination of honey, cinnamon and lemon for weight loss. In a cup of tea, add a teaspoon of honey and the juice of one half lemon. This stimulating beverage enables you to obtain the load of energy throughout the day. You can also add a teaspoon of milled ginger.

The honey with the cinnamon perfectly with the drinks. In the absence of kefir, the mix can be added to the milk, ., any yogurt, of course, to lose weight worth to choose drinks that are low in fat. If the product is very thick, you can add a little water. A mixture of honey and cinnamon powder with the milk must be used during the day.

Drinks with cinnamon help not only to reduce the weight, but they are also an excellent prevention of various diseases. It is the double of health benefits and the human figure.

Tea with cinnamon

Options tea with cinnamon, a great multitude, each one has its secret, how and in what proportions, is prepared miracle elixir. As a general rule, in order to prepare the drink in the tea is taken 5 g of spices. You can use the black or green tea, it is worth noting that drinking cinnamon tea at any time.

This delicious drink to lift your mood, slake the thirst, reduces the feeling of hunger. If you use it regularly, you can see a decline thrust to the dessert.

It is very popular and another recipe of tea with cinnamon. In the cup to pour 2/3 of the weld. Add cinnamon powder and mix well, then add the milk. Choosing the best fat of the product. This delicious drink like to not only lose weight, you can with the pleasure of drinking in the hottest time of the year.

When deciding how to prepare drinks with cinnamon, it's worth noting that you should not add sugar. Since this spice is focused on the reduction of its consumption. Not worth enjoying and sugar substitutes, despite its extremely low in calories, the benefits they bring.

So confident of food and drinks, with the addition of aromatic spices? Cinnamon allows you to establish an exchange of substances and resolve the issue of how to lose weight. By the comments that its use helps to reduce the weight, but in any case, be fond of not worth, it is necessary to use spices in reasonable quantities. Just ½ teaspoon a day.

It's also worth remembering the contraindications that restrict the use of spices. You can't eat the cinnamon if there are internal or external bleeding, as it contributes to the aclaracin of the blood. It is desirable to give up to dishes with cinnamon powder of high pressure, the temperature, in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as the increase of nerve excitability. Contraindication is intolerance to an individual product.

As you drive correctly

The cinnamon helps to forge the digestion, accelerate the metabolism, helps to reduce the appetite. In total, it allows you to gently clean the body, that surely will lead to weight loss. But this is not a panacea, can not say that they can lose weight, using only the spice, and does not alter the way of life and food.

The power

Raised the diet more often than not bring good results, many who lose weight have already discovered in your sad experience. Several days restrictions give rise to weight loss, that, in future, with the success of the brand again, bringing with it a few pounds.

Often the reason for this is that there is not a diet, the person does not adhere to the basic rules of nutrition, which ensures the compliance of a normal activity of the organism. But each one has a true opportunity to correct the situation, to learn tips and recommendations from nutritionists.

For a healthy weight loss must comply with the principles of nutrition:

  1. On the basis of the daily diet must be vegetables in any form, and fruits. The amount of vegetables exceeds the amount of fruit and the last preference have to give citrus. That contain large amount of vitamins and fiber.
  2. The regime of drinking. The amount of clean water you should drink per day – not less than 1.5 litres. This is to ensure that the youth and health of skin covered, good job to the gastrointestinal tract. Preferred fluid to consume before 19 hours, for the next morning there was no swelling.
  3. The resignation of sweets, pastries. Simple carbohydrates give quick energy, that it does not get out, and is recorded in the form of fat in the belly and hips. Slender figure, in this case, you can forget it. If you have a strong desire to take care of tasty, better to opt for fresh fruit.
  4. The obligatory start of the day – and plenty of breakfast. Better if it oats in water or milk, which for a long time let the feeling of satiety. Creativity will allow each day to invent something new, for example, add the spices, vegetables, fruits, nuts.
  5. It is worth reviewing your diet and replace the usual, but not useful products, useful. Doing so is easy, the pork well to replace beef or chicken, sour cream and mayonnaise you can use sour cream or plain yogurt.
  6. Before you visit the store worth firmly to eat, so that there is no excess in the temptation to buy the unnecessary. Control the purchase of the list of products that can be prepared in advance.
  7. Necessarily the condition of healthy life – the renunciation of alcohol. Especially sugary drinks, that excite the appetite. Among other things, they are very high in calories. Sometimes you can afford the luxury of dry red wine, but not more than one cup.
recipes with cinnamon

The food you should enjoy, but not to make it a cult. Eat better in silence, making watching tv or reading, it is easy to eat in excess. Often you can organise small party, in the table to put the fat in the cake, and the bowl of fruit. A frequent cause of overeating – stress. Get rid of the negativity, the more quickly as possible to get in shape. And not less important, the signal has an active lifestyle.

The movement

Keep the body in good shape help regular classes. Someone common, they often do not have enough time to visit the gym or the fitness club. This is not a problem, the most important thing is the movement. And you can move in any place.

Just replace the travel in the work to the distance of a walk, a couple of stops to walk fast step. A good option to support the health of walking down the stairs, the resignation of an elevator can be an excellent alternative to the expensive training apparatus. And the normal functioning of the house will replace a workout at the gym.

Physical load in the period of thinning will help you to get rid of not aesthetically saggy skin, you are filled with strength and energy. Not in vain they say that the thin horse is not that of a gazelle.