Diet to lose weight, eat delicious and useful

If you have decided to lose weight, then you should correct diet for weight loss of your body. In the first place, you must exclude the use of the large amount of carbohydrates and eat only protein and vegetables, and over time, you will see the result. We have tried to prepare for you diet correct nutrition in the week.

The human body is very difficult to force to burn its own fat deposits. Suppose you could do the fat-burning process, and the award is the result. But, for some reason, the extra pounds after a short period of time have become again. Unexpectedly? No, nutritionists say that everything is normal. The process of loss of weight is not rapid, it is important not only to reduce the weight, but also to prevent their possible return. For this there is a diet to lose weight, that represents not only approximate to the letter in a certain period of time (week, month), and it also includes a series of rules that must be respected. With them, and it is proposed to begin.

Six important rules

meals to lose weight

Diet for weight loss implies that not only must they comply with certain restrictions in the diet, but also follow a series of other rules. What kind of rules are you talking about?

1) After awakening, it is not necessary to consume food. Much more after you wake up, do exercise for 15 to 20 minutes. This rule, of course, exists for those people who are not used to make easy the burden of all the morning. Under the exercise, it means slow walking, slow jogging, performing exercises on the simulator and another. Can be overcome the way to work to walk, but the use of this walk, as the physical culture, provided that the breakfast will be on the job.

Attention: continuing with this theme, it is necessary to be very attentive, because not everyone can run, jump, or perform some type of physical activity.

2) the breakfast should be nutritious, but that does not mean that food to those who need it a lot. The case is that after the physical activity in the morning, as well as in its absence, when the night man, "hunger", the body will attempt to save the fat. So, if you are active come from food, the body will not only maintain, but increase.

Tip: it is likely that the feeling of hunger is too strong and will give rise to some discomfort. In this case, you can come to a compromise with the body, to eat the apple or other fruit.

3) you need to Eat small portions 4 to 5 times a day. Dietitians often speak about this policy, since the food should be sufficient to maintain the blood glucose at a normal level, the recovery of glycogen stores and achieve the body with the vitamins and the elements. To achieve this goal, it requires a large amount of food. Another thing is that the weight-loss diet should be varied. That's why, if you eat too much, the body not only meets the stated objective, but also performs another: it converts the excess calories into fat.

4) it is recommended to keep a food diary, so that it is easier to control himself, suitable to analyze the diet of the healthy meal for weight loss, make changes and modifications to it.

In the journal you can reflect the menu of the week, which will help, for example, to do what is necessary for the acquisition of Sunday. No less important journal of nutrition and the control of the amount of food ingested. Very often, people who want to lose weight, do not believe itching completely the intake of food. But they don't know that nutritionists are calling to chop, to power "in the way" uncontrolled reception of calories. Here the experts attributed and of the situation, when a person eats, but not sit at the table, it does not put the food on the plate, and when acting by the principle: ate a teaspoon of soup and a piece of sausage, a spoonful of salad. In case of wear on a daily basis becomes a habit, similar to biting will be also subject, as if automatically. This, in turn, will allow you to evaluate really, how much has been eaten the food during the day.

5) the Diet of a right diet for weight loss should be developed taking into account individual standards of consumption of food. It is estimated, is simply by a special formula. Nutritionists believe that in order to lose weight the body must make no more than 40% of the calories from those that are calculated with the standard individual.

6) Diet to lose weight in a month (other time period) must be balanced. To comply with this rule functions # 4, which offers to lose weight keeping a food diary. But the journal cannot be limited. As well, there are calculators for power, that will help you automatically considered as a lack or excess of vitamins, elements. They are ideal to determine the daily calorie expenditure.

Menu of the week

Compose correct of the week – is not easy. Reasons there are many. In the first place, the differences in the age, the weight. In the second place, the consumption of calories in the day, it also influences a number of factors. In the third place, individual food preferences, since the process of weight loss largely depends on the psychological state of the person. And if we have hated oatmeal, it is unlikely that the extra kilos disappear as fast as I would like.

Example of diet to lose weight in a week is the following.


The first breakfast: vegetable salad, buckwheat porridge on the water, the tea (it is better to leave selection in green).

The second breakfast: fruit (pear, banana), kefir (one or two days of duration).

Lunch: a chicken fillet very boiled, the extinction of vegetables (any), fish soup, compote of dried fruits.

Dinner: vegetable Salad (you can substitute stew), part bran, tea.


The first breakfast: oatmeal with yogurt with no fillers, apple-bitter sweet (you can replace the knob), organic coffee.

The second breakfast: curd with low fat sour cream, cooking the fruit, for example, of rosa mosqueta.

Lunch: soup of vegetable broth with the addition of any cereals, brown (!) rice, baked fish, salad, juice or compote.

Snack: figs or apricots with yogurt with no fillers.

Dinner: steak, vegetable salad, tea.


The first breakfast: oatmeal with water or milk, baked apple, natural coffee or tea (and, again, the tea, it is better to choose the green).

menu for weight loss

The second breakfast: yogurt with no fillers, the dried fruit (very little, because they are very useful products, but at the same time and a few calories).

Lunch: soup in meat broth with fresh cabbage, mashed potato, flour, steak, juice.

Snack: salad of any fruit, cookies, water without flavoring.

Dinner: stew of vegetables, ham, tea.


The breakfast: the pot of curd with acitrones, toast, tea, juice or organic coffee.

The second breakfast: an apple, a yogurt with no fillers.

Lunch: buckwheat in the water, fillet of chicken, beetroot soup, the compote.

Snack: a bit of nuts and dried fruits, yogurt with no fillers.

Dinner: salad, chicken steak, tea.


The first breakfast of rice porridge with milk (must be sweet), in the slurry it is desirable to add dried fruit, tea or organic coffee.

The second breakfast of fruit, banana, kefir (one or two days duration) or yogurt with no fillers.

Lunch: vegetable soup, mashed potato, stew, vegetable salad, juice or compote.

Snack: low fat cheese, toast, biscuits, cocoa.

Dinner: vegetable salad, cooked fish, yogurt without fillers.


The first breakfast: vegetable salad, tortilla, toasted (you can substitute grain bread), natural coffee or tea with milk.

The second breakfast: yogurt without filler, a bit of jam or several rings of pineapple.

Lunch: chicken soup with vegetables, chicken breast, vinaigrette sauce, compote or juice.

Snack: cottage cheese with fat free cream, nuts.

Dinner: boiled chicken chicken breast, salad, juice or tea.


The first breakfast: oatmeal, any sweet natural fruit, coffee or tea.

The second breakfast: biscuits, cookies, of water without flavorings, or toast, juice.

Lunch: soup with buckwheat, boiled meat with vegetables, compote or juice.

Snack: any fruit, yogurt with no fillers, tea.

Dinner: vegetable salad, brown rice, a little boiled fish or meat, tea.

In the conclusion

So it may seem example of diet to lose weight in a week. Can not be used for a more prolonged period (a month), because it breaks one of the principles of the diet to lose weight, it is to say that it must be balanced. The consumption of the same products can lead to the formation of lack in the body of one or another element.