Diet menu weekly for slimming the abdomen and the sides

There is No doubt that most of now and theme for a woman that question slender figure. Despite the fact that in our century it comes to obesity and the male half of humanity, especially of those that have "feet of beer." There are many myths about how to eliminate excess fat, including the exotic, such as the diet for the color of the products, fasting and cleansing of the body with special drugs. Running from one end to the other, most of the girls can't reset the extra pounds, rejoicing, insignificant results, or lead until nearly unconscious state, they emerge and gain weight in a greater extent than before. The closed circle can last for many years, and the dream of entering the pleasant return or jeans as such, and it still is.

How do you know which techniques are effective

diet for weight loss

It is enough to refer to the science of "nutrition" and tune in to the power mode in accordance with the recommendations. Better, of course, get to a specialist, taking into account the structure, shape, and other characteristics, the history of weight loss pick up to a individual program and advise you during the weight loss period.

Remember that there is a rule, and when they meet with that they can lose weight: burning more calories that you consume. The rest of the techniques based on the cleaning of the body, specialized products, medications, and enemas can give the effect, but the result is very likely to be happy. The result will be bothered by the change of the substances and problems with the intestinal tract of the castle square.

Major weight loss diets

Regardless of if you want to reset, in general, the weight or remove fat from specific places, the focus of nutrition is going to be the same: the total elimination of fat, the restriction of carbohydrates and the preference of the symptoms. There are two popular at this time of the methodology:

  • it is a good diet to lose weight problem areas: the belly and the sides are centered on the caloric content of the products. To follow is necessary the calculation of your caloric intake. There is a simple formula, taking into account the height, weight, age: 655 + (9.6 x weight body) + (1.8 x growth in cm) — (4.7 x age in years). Obtained the figure would become a point of reference, since that show you how to the body needs in a resting state. To start the mechanism of weight loss, it is necessary to reduce the calories, that is to say, to create a deficit.

The consumption of low-calorie products is the principle of this method. You can not dramatically reduce the content of calories, otherwise the stress the body will begin to store fat. In the period of 1-2 weeks is necessary to reach a result, when less than 7 days is going 1000-1200, at the very least, work over the diet to reduce the intake of calories, if more, it is wrong, it can disrupt the metabolism, and spoiled the hair, the nails, the skin to dry. In this case, it is also necessary in the fit. It is mandatory to the regime of drinking and, of course, physical exercise (no less than half an hour), the complete removal of fat-containing products. Are fatty fish and dairy products to 1% of fat;

  • very simple of a diet rich in protein, known by the name of the creator of the Dukan. The difference with the previous one in that is not required for the calculation of caloric density of the products, as well as the possibilities are as many as you want from the list of foods allowed. Customers of the diet positive, which indicates its high efficiency.

It is the methodology of four steps:

  1. The attack, when you can eat only protein foods. Duration: 3 to 5 days. In this period, we burn a maximum of fat (up to 5 kg).
  2. Alternative: one day only protein, one day protein with carbohydrates. This ensures a sustainable future and stable weight loss.
  3. Fixation. Quickly so as not to mark, is required for the period as follows: a loss of kilos of 10 days.
  4. Stabilization. You must follow all life. It is not very difficult. Just once a week do the protein day.

As you see, quite simple. But it is worth bearing in mind another detail: make sure to drink at least 2-3 liters of water and eating oat bran, known high fiber content. This last not only participates in the processes of the gastrointestinal tract, but leads to a quick saturation.

The principles of thinning

menu for weight loss

Any diet that you may not even be held, it is worth knowing about the basics which help effectively to lose weight.

  1. To a special regime of power has to happen gradually, so as not to provoke the return, as that only gives the clearance. That is why the hunger is absolutely contraindicated in him not only violate the processes in the body, but with a high probability leads to fail, then, to the depression, the new diet, and so forth, that is to say, in a circle.
  2. Diet is important to exit skillfully, increasing the quantity and the caloric value of the dishes, to stabilize a new way. Ideally, even to achieve the result, it is recommended that you limit yourself to the fat, as well as in carbohydrates: baked goods, bread, chocolate, pasta.
  3. In the process of weight reduction is very important fractionated, but frequent feeding (5 times a day). This not only helps to get rid of hunger, but does not give the opportunity for the body to use the excess energy to fat deposits.
  4. The increase of the amount of water is one of the essential principles of any diene. Although the water does not participate in the metabolism, but it is she who initiates this process and regulates the work. In addition to pleasing to the weight loss, you will receive the cleaning you enjoy a good mood, lightness, vitality, strength, and the stronger the hair, the nails, the health of the skin.
  5. The power mode. It is considered that before the 12.00 you can allow carbs and protein, sometimes even to weakness: allowing the favorite products in limited quantities. Until 18.00 – please see the outline of the diet, and, behold, before bedtime, during 3 hours, with only without carbohydrates and, of course, without the fat in the diet. Resolved-calorie products with a low percentage of heavy in the assimilation of carbohydrates: a fillet of chicken, turkey, veal, vegetables, low-fat dairy products. An hour before bedtime is best not to say.

Sample menu of a low calorie diet for weight loss

But a good diet is only half of the success. To tighten the skin, requires training: download press, abdominal, leg exercises, thighs. Duration: 30 minutes a day. Example of menu:

  • breakfast. All the porridge, milk, hard-boiled eggs or in the form of a tortilla. Vegetables, fruits, fresh or cooked, but not on an empty stomach. If you fancy meat, ideal for fish fillet or chicken breast, veal;
  • the second breakfast. Fruit eat, for example, an apple, a banana, a pear. As a variant, such as fermented dairy products low in fat;
  • lunch. Low-fat products meat, fish. Vegetables steamed or cooked. Can the pasta. Salads of fresh vegetables. Fill with the lemon juice or olive oil (but no more than 1 teaspoon);
  • the tea of the afternoon. As in the second breakfast;
  • dinner: meat, fish, in any form, except fried, preferably varieties that are low in fat. A little bit of salad from vegetables;
  • the second dinner – a glass of kefir or the package of cottage cheese.

This is an example of a plan, such as creating your own menu, please see the tables of contents of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the product and do not forget to drink water and exercise. We wish you lots of luck!