Download days to thin: the feeding options and the benefits to the agency

A great way to cleanse the body, lose weight, improve well-being is of pass download day. To lose weight, it is not obligatory to respect long-term of diets. To achieve a result much more easy with the help of regular the discharge of the organism, that can be done with favorite products. Each lose weight you choose your option of restriction in the intake of energy, in accordance with the food, the propensities. With the pleasure of eating and losing weight is the dream of any man.

What is the download days for weight loss

download the days

Malnutrition kills the body, causing various diseases of the internal organs. If you regularly limit the calorie content of the diet, this not only will allow to eliminate the extra pounds, but and clear the intestine of slags, accelerate the processes of change, the lifting of the immunity. During the days of fasting the body works in a modest way, as it produces the consumption is light, low in calories of the foods, which does not require additional energy for digestion.

With this diet activates the process of purification, when the body expels from itself unnecessary waste accumulated during a long period of time. To feel the lightness throughout the body, nutritionists advise to bring out the correct discharge day to lose weight, 1-2 times a week. It is recommended to visit the steam bath or in the sauna for improving the excretion function.

For what they are

To clean the body through the limitation of calories not only increases the efficiency of any diet, but it also helps to improve the functioning of the organs and systems of the human body. All classes of the days of fasting to lose weight help overcome a difficult period in the process of reduction of weight, when the mass of a body is stopped in the same place, refusing to move down. In addition, the discharge of the stimulates:

  • The job of the excretory system. Occurs the depuracin of the body of toxins and waste thanks to remove excess fluid and emptying the bowels.
  • The emotional state. Knowing the ease in the whole body, the man receives the influx of the forces, increases the force of the spirit, improves the mood.
  • The normalization of the metabolism. A limited amount of calories forces the body to consume its own fat reserves.
  • The recovery of mineral and acid-alkaline exchange. The excessive acidification or alkalinisation of the body of the disease threat and the set of excess fat.
  • The normalization of the digestion. In the days of the reception of a light meal, the stomach, the intestines, the liver, the pancreas a rest, which gives them the opportunity to improve your work in the future.
  • The release of the vessels from deposits of salts. To regulate the discharge may get rid of the pains in the joints.

That can be eaten on the day of discharge

Nutritionists advise not to exclude completely the consumption of food during the download. In the extreme case, it is possible to spend a day on the water, but no more than 1 time per month. More effective to download days to thin is based on the principles of separation of power. Its essence – the division of all goods into two groups: plants (starch) and animal (protein) of origin. It is necessary to consume separately, since this contributes to facilitate the digestion of food. The food that enters the stomach of an easy and fast way it is processed, and the body does not make the inventory of advantage.

Calories days can be combined, the choice of the products, close by its composition, for example: Apple-kefir, rice-cheese. It allows you to combine fish and meat, dairy products and fruit, vegetables and berries. An excellent option is the rotation of options, the choice of a day of vegetables, on the other, grains, and dairy products. If this is done two days of discharge in a row, first the meat, then vegetables or fruit. For the process of weight loss effectively, you can not forget about the increase of the physical load. Since the discharge is the restriction of calories, it is necessary to resign:

  • the fatty foods;
  • gherkins in vinegar;
  • smoked;
  • canned goods;
  • sugar;
  • alcohol;
  • sweet or salty drinks.

How to make a day of unloading

Organize the discharge of an agency's very simple, just takes patience and desire. They must select the products and stock up on your amount. As a general rule, for the cleaning of the bowel you select a day of the week. To really lose weight, you can carry out download week, all day changing the options of combination products. The selected one of the daily ration is divided into several servings (5-6) and receives, through the equal intervals of time.

During the download of the day you should drink more liquids (1,5-2 l), to speed up the metabolic processes. It is important to know that the enemy slender figure is to get enough sleep, which violates the production of melatonin, which is activated during the dream. Then, the body compensates for the lack acute of appetite. To lose weight, it is necessary to get enough sleep and avoid stress. Not worth the before of low calorie days to charge. Ideal before download day – easy menu with vegetables, cereals and/or dairy products (oatmeal in water, vegetable soup, okroshka, oat milk and others).

In terms of the amount of food, what is allowed within one day of discharge, it is necessary to select independently. This depends on the mass of the body, of the objectives set, dining, addictions and the power that you need to pass the selected period. In any case, there is that eating more than 600 grams of protein (dairy products, eggs, fish, meat) and more than 2 kg of food of plant origin (fruits, vegetables, berries).

The options of fasting days

meals to lose weight

Nutritionists say that the best download days to thin is a component or function options. The download is not recommended to give a frequency, since it alters the balance of power. Mixed: are more preferable, since they give the body more vitamins and minerals. Our nutrition experts share diet diets in function of the prevalence of the different nutrients:

  • carbohydrates (vegetables, juices, cereals, fruits);
  • of fat (the cream, sour cream, cream of milk);
  • proteins:
  1. the meat (quail, chicken, turkey);
  2. fish (lean river);
  3. the products of milk (fat-free curds, kefir);
  4. the protena vegetal (beans and other legumes).

Some nutritionists believe that the most effective way of downloading a day – "liquid", when during the day are only used for fruit juices, decoctions of herbs, compotes. For example, it may be the juice the blend of green foods: lyme, the apple, the cucumber and the parsley. Well cleanse the gut of the dregs of the juice of watermelon, tomato cocktail with celery or vegetable smoothies with high fiber content of tomatoes, cabbage, Bulgarian pepper, basil, and spices.


The product that remains after the production of fine flour (bran), has a chemical composition. Contains vitamins E, A, pp, dietary fiber, micro and macro. The most important for the thinning of the substance is fiber, and other serious fiber. Hole relief menu with oatmeal helps to:

  • normalize the functioning of the intestine;
  • reduce the level of cholesterol;
  • improve brain activity;
  • reduce the level of sugar in the blood;
  • to prevent the occurrence of the sensation of hunger;
  • to improve the protective properties of the organism.

The download is carried out in wheat, rye, oats, flax bran. Regardless of the variety, you need to take 2 tablespoons 3 times/day, with a glass of water without gas. The bran may be combined with fruits, vegetables, the kfir. By the comments losing weight, this download can help you to-day to get rid of a few pounds superfluous. We do not recommend the prolonged use of bran, especially for people with gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The abuse of this product may cause worsening of diseases and to draw from their body of nutrients.

In the chocolate

Among the beautiful half of the humanity popular of download day with the chocolate. Delicate, possesses good antioxidant properties, improves the work of the heart, to the charge of positive energy. In this product of numerous vitamins and minerals, but must take into account and contraindications. Chocolate for weight loss banned the use of diabetes mellitus, diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas. It must be remembered that it is only suitable for the discharge of dark chocolate, and about the proclivities of the milk you need in the moment to forget.

In the evening they are allowed to eat only 100 grams of sweets, containing 56% of cocoa and more. To avoid the development of side effects, it is not recommended chocolate in the diet more than 1 time a week. During the day you can drink organic coffee, but without sugar. The drink may dilute the milk with a fat percentage of not more than 1.5. Chocolate should be divided in 3 food intake. The last serving should be eaten no later than 18 hours. On average, a day of chocolate diet can get rid of 1,5 kilos more.

In the cheese

The majority of people would prefer to download spend the day in the solid low-fat cheese, since it is abundant, tasty and healthy product. Nutritionists have shown that the inclusion in the diet of the ration of cheese helps to fight diseases such as cancer. If you lose weight it is necessary to regularly carry out the download with this product, not only to restore a couple of excess pounds but and for a long time to secure the desired result.

The cheese itself is a diet, as it provides a large amount of protein and carbohydrates and almost no. Although this product and it is famous for its high fat content, but due to the lack of carbohydrates, that do not contribute to the accumulation of fat deposits. The cheese is a source of lysine, which the body does not produce by itself and the huge amount of other useful micronutrients: methionine, tryptophan, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins A, b And D.

Lower in calories is the cheese of tofu, which are often used in the diet of programs for weight loss. At the time of the download you can use other types: parmesan, Suluguni, Adyghe, cheese. The essence of the burdens of the day – the consumption of 300 g of product, divided into 5 receptions through the equal intervals of time. You can combine cheese with vegetables, natural juices. It is worth remembering that the cheese of the diet has its contraindications:

  • acute or chronic pyelonephritis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • urolithiasis;
  • serious pathology of the liver, of the kidneys.

In juices

About the benefits of juice even heard lazy. Regular consumption of juices improves the color of the face, it manages the work of the digestive system, goes to the excess weight. Juice diet is practiced in the treatment of obesity, because the body quickly flushes toxins and waste. Most of the best option to lose weight is to juice the download, which should be performed 1-2 times for 7-10 days. Begin the purification better of a day for which the body has experienced a strong stress.

The celebration of loads of day to-like juices, you should prepare ahead of time. A week before the planned date of purification that you must start eating well, not tomato sauce, smoked products and muffins, and the homemade broth, vegetable salads, cooked fillet of chicken, whole grain bread. Options juice download can be different. For example, instead of a meal to drink 2 glasses of juice or during the day over different intervals of time for drinking in quantity of 2 liters, diluted with water 1:1.

juices for weight loss

For the days of fasting ideals, such as fruit and vegetable juices. The first are too high in calories, therefore, it is best to alternate or mix in different combinations. It perfectly combines with all fruits and vegetables:

  • the celery;
  • the apple;
  • the pumpkin;
  • grapefruit;
  • orange;
  • carrots;
  • the beet;
  • the cucumber.

Before deciding on the conclusion of a day exclusively with natural juices, it is necessary to know the contraindications. These include diseases of the intestine and the stomach (increased acidity, ulcer, gastritis), disorder of the urinary system, diseases of the kidneys. In other cases, juice monkey - provides great benefits to the body:

  • taken out in a short period of the great amount of useful micronutrients and vitamins;
  • helps to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • helps weight loss of 1 to 2 kilograms;
  • is the prevention of the diseases of cold.

In buckwheat

The seeds of buckwheat have unique properties. They contain many vitamins, acids, mineral salts and dietary fibre, therefore, a regular use of buckwheat has a positive effect on the state of the skin, hair, nails. Enter into the composition of polyunsaturated fats reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and the presence of easily digestible protein provides a slimming.

Agreeing to the rest of the digestive system in buckwheat, you can reset to 1-1,5 kg, but with the condition that, if you cook the grain in water, and eaten without salt and oil. There are several ways of preparing a product:

  1. Steam 250 g of buckwheat 2 cups of boiling water with the night. Divide this amount by 5 portions and eat during the day through the equal intervals of time.
  2. Boil 200 grams of wheat grits until cooked without salt and spices. Eat can, by diluting the lean ryazhenka or kefir.

If you download a buckwheat is not appropriate, you can combine the puree with the apples, prunes, raisins, the cottage cheese, the cooking of the rosehip and green tea. Total calories of all these products is low, and therefore, the efficiency of thinning is maintained at the same level. Contraindications, this download not if to spend not more than two times a week. According to the statistics the wheat of the diet less of failures, characteristic of other mono-diet, as it is delicious and nutritious product.