As a woman to lose weight after the age of 40

After 40 years in the woman's body will produce physiological changes and to keep orderly, the form is not easy. More difficult to not only lose weight, but to maintain the old-fashioned way. After forty years, the decrease of the amount of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone and already comes male – androgens, which are responsible for the growth of adipose tissue in the parts of the body: the arms, the belly, the neck and the face. At this time also reduces the production of leptin, a hormone inhibiting appetite. With age, also the digestive system is slower. The physical activity of many women leaves much to be desired, at this age, muscle mass, it also reduces, because the muscles are responsible for the speed of the metabolism.

If we take into account all these changes and do not change the way of feeding, and a more active lifestyle, then, unfortunately, have to live with fullness.

lose weight after 40

Hormonal alignment can also contribute to depression, this is, in turn, induces to make the discharge of the voltage by means of the food.

The maturity of people older than 40 years, the thinning lasts for a longer time. Age changes in the body relate to practically all organs and systems, which worsens the mood, and the stress of the body to disease and injury. Metabolism with age, increasingly, boils down to your own pace, you see the problem with high cholesterol levels, heart rate. Therefore, much depends on the physical form and health. Since it is so, that women after the age of 40 have a better state of health, that in the years of adolescence, despite the natural and physiological changes in your body.

Diet to lose weight after the age of 40

Every woman should, first of all, reduce the intake of food. The agency for the smooth operation needs less energy than before because of the slowdown in the rate of metabolism. To conserve the mass of a body enough of the diet of approximately 1700 calories to lose weight, calories periodically, should be reduced to 1000-1200 kcal, but before you begin, it is necessary to consult with a nutritionist.

In the first place, must be excluded from the diet, the simple sugars, that contribute to the jumps in the levels of glucose in the blood and attacks of hunger and, therefore, under the restriction fall sweets, sweet drinks, jams, marmalades and honey, as well as products with a high degree of processing; savoury snacks — a source of trans-fatty acids, which increase the level of bad cholesterol and decrease the good and the salt has influence on the pressure of the blood.

The diet should be as varied, to maintain balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, and accordingly, a large amount of vitamins and mineral salts. Therefore, we should give preference to fresh and steamed vegetables, lean meat and fish. When diet, at times, it is recommended to limit the consumption of fruit (up to 150 g / day) and grain products. In addition, it is very important to physical activity, to avoid the decrease of muscle mass (at least 3 times a week for an hour).

The movement allows you to not only lose weight, but also to improve the psychological state.

Don't forget also of adequate hydration: it is best to drink water, fruit juices teas, herbs, green in the amount of 1.5-2 litres/day. Limit coffee and black tea strong, a maximum of 2 cups in the day.

It is recommended to reduce the consumption of animal fats (butter, lard), containing saturated fatty acids, and increase the amount of vegetable oils and fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, turbot), as well as nuts, which contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, necessary for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

How to complete the diet

The diet is considered healthy, when in the week, the person loses 0.5 to 1 kg, that is to say, 2 – 4 kg in a month. To avoid the yo – yo effect, it is important to skillfully get out of the diet, on which, unfortunately, most women forget. Hypocaloric diet decreases the metabolism. Often, in that day, when the course ends, many return to the previous food habits. Then, unfortunately, the weight gain can be doubly. Therefore, it is important that you gradually increase the energy value of the food. Therefore, the completion of the diet to lose weight after the age of 40, should not imply a transition to a new form of power, but the gradual change of the quantities of each product and the dishes.

As improve digestion

a correct diet

To maintain the proper functioning of the stomach, should follow the ordinary of the nutrition. Best of all is 4 – 5 times a day, smaller in volume, the portions with an interval of 3 – 4 hours. The booking of easy food intake for 1-2 hours before bedtime. To help the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which are worth to include in the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals, which are a source of dietary fiber, as well as dairy products with probiotics.

When it is necessary to go to a dietitian

Due to the risk of development of various diseases, first it is best to do tasks of prevention, diagnosis, this will allow more of choose the right diet to suit individual needs. In losing weight, especially after 40 years of age, it is especially important is not so much the main metabolic indicators (general analysis of blood, urine, etc), how many markers of the endocrine system, in turn, the female hormones.

A good nutritionist knows what to assign and how to interpret them. Therefore, if you are a woman after 40 years of the decision to lose weight, it is recommended to do so with the help of an expert nutritionist, to experiment with your own body.

Independent of weight loss, especially, too fast, without taking into account the parameters and characteristics of your own body, you can, unfortunately, harm.

Features slimming after the age of 40

The first few years of menopause, it is the best time to start to lose weight, as after the expiry of a specific term, the more it increases the risk of weight gain. If up to this time not to make any changes in the life style, the opportunity to have a beautiful slender figure, lost is lost. The weight reduction obtained thanks to the diet and physical exercise, has a positive effect on virtually all organs and systems in the body. The body begins to function better, it lifts the mood.

A proper diet increases metabolism, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, increases resistance to diseases. Thanks to a sporty of the university, the skin pulled and acquires a healthy appearance, it becomes more elastic. Also increases the working capacity, have more energy, it makes the feeling of youth.