Green tea for weight loss: tasty, fragrant, indeed

Green tea for slimming has long been established as an effective tool in the fight against overweight and hypertension, became an assistant in the normalization of metabolism. Taking a drink you need to systematically and in large numbers, and then you will see the result. And today, we will explain the mechanisms of action of green tea in the body, and the way to diversify its taste.

That is the use of green tea

green tea for weight loss

Unique properties are the characteristics of the mineral composition of medicinal beverage:

  • all the vitamins of group b, c, A;
  • zinc;
  • catechins;
  • the fluorine;
  • copper.

The composition of the helps gently remove impurities and toxins, activate the processes of digestion and soothe the appetite.

Important! The drink is considered as a trigger of thinning, however, for a positive result, you must follow the basic rules of healthy eating.

Features slimming with phyto-tea

Mild flavor and light aroma to help in the fight against kilograms superfluous:

  • losing weight will be easier if you consume the drink often and hot;
  • he will take the swelling and remove excess inches from the waist;
  • it will help to divide the food, and take advantage of the middle layer of fat;
  • the best time to drink 30 minutes before a meal and 40 minutes later.
  • dulls the desire to load;
  • minimum standard - 3 for a complete set of large cups on the day.

Important! Hiervelo instruction sheets, use the ceramic or the glass.

Which green tea to choose?

A great multitude of varieties makes the usual buyer be embarrassed. To your attention recommendations on how to choose and purchase the best variety for medicinal drink:

  • take a large sheet, so that you have the opportunity to not drink the junk out of the plant;
  • packaging option is not, as the exception of the pyramid, with large leaves, but its cost is quite high, and are rarely found;
  • add dried berries and lemon peel well.

How much to drink to lose weight?

The use of this drink is undeniable, but is the fulfillment of the rules and a balanced diet influences the final result. These are just a few tips for your use:

  • drink a cup before and after eating;
  • replace them with coffee in the morning;
  • drink in place of water during the day;
  • eat, to drown out the misleading of hunger (but no candy or sugar).

How to make Green tea?

"Magic" of a cleaning effect depends on how to prepare the green tea. Often, the packaging containing the dose. But the general recommendations are the following:

  • the compliance of the temperature limits: do not flood have water-cooled (rule of 80 degrees);
  • the water should be of good quality, the best purified;
  • as you have just flooded the first water, drainage, she will clean the flakes of dirt and dust.
  • re-fill the tea leaves with boiling water and leave to stand for 3-4 minutes.

Recipes with green tea for weight loss

Your attention to the homemade recipes of tea, which, together with the diet help you lose weight tasty.

The recipe with honey for weight loss

The recipe with honey, ideal for all fresh. The struggle with the weight, as that is not wanted, involves the renunciation of carbohydrates, and the honey is a sweetener. Green tea with honey is a perfect combination of flavors. It quenches thirst and tones the body. You only need 1 small spoon of natural honey. Characteristics of the drink are the following:

  • of that small amount of honey does not accumulate weight, but in him a great amount of vitamins and minerals;
  • the honey is not transferred to the processing temperature, therefore, add as hot of the gulls;
  • with the honey, it enables the use of the own beverage.

The infusion of this drink is easy and simple:

  1. boil the water;
  2. rinse tea;
  3. add the worksheets in teapot, fill with water and drain;
  4. fill the reservoir with boiling water for the second time;
  5. leave on for 3-5 minutes;
  6. pour the cups, add honey.

The drink is ready.

Recipe with lemon

the tea

A Natural drink with lemon for weight loss has many advantages:

  • it reduces the cholesterol;
  • rejuvenates and revitalizes;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • gives you the energy;
  • enhances thermogenesis;
  • rid fats;
  • normalizes the levels of sugar.

The brewing of beer to the same schema, adding in tea a few lemon wedges. Sweeten your honey directly into the cup.

Prescription scented with ginger

Green tea with ginger for weight loss - tool, which is known in this world. The green tea, the ginger and the lemon can be to change, and to add to the flavor of the honey. Pan of the cooking has a positive effect on the organism: in the tea leaves antioxidants, and ginger, amino acids and vitamins, and is one of the effective home fat burners are.

Elaboration of the beer produced by the simple algorithm:

  • to add to worksheets, cover with boiling water and let stand;
  • to cool - rub the root on a fine grater and add a tablespoon of porridge at tea with the leaves, to be insistida.

Remember that the fresh ginger spicy, so do not exceed the amount. About 1 tablespoons of 500-700 ml of water. You can get back to brewing.

Recipe of tea with milk, its benefit and harm

The green tea with milk for weight loss can be not only eating, but also useful, as long as the fulfillment of the most basic rules of proper food.

The use of green tea with milk:

  • removed from the body of the dross accumulated;
  • leaves of lightness and well-being;
  • improves the functioning of the brain, the reaction and the care;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • prevents fat deposits;
  • solve the problems in the cardiovascular system;
  • regulates the level of sugar;
  • pulls out the excess fluid;
  • promotes rejuvenation;
  • reduces the inflammation process.

For the consumption of medicinal beverage, not affected, follow some recommendations:

  • only applies to skim milk;
  • keep in mind the quality of the dairy products;
  • drink at least 3 times a day, and if you are confused about the flavor, add a small spoon of honey;
  • add 60-70 gr of milk in the cup of brewed tea.

Be careful, as some people manifested a milk allergy, and are also seen stomach problems.

The extract of Green tea to lose weight

This powder grayish-yellow receive by means of the wetlands of alcohol extraction. The concentrate is converted into powder and sold in the form of capsules that are taken 3 times a day want to lose weight and improve your health. It is distinguished from this tool the fact that only one capsule of 400 mg) contains:

  • used a few leaves of tea - 120 mg;
  • the extract powder of green tea - 160 mg;
  • askorbinka - 20 mg;
  • the microcrystalline cellulose - 100mg