What helps you lose weight watermelon – myth or reality?

Watermelon – delicious, healthy and refreshing product. Like cucumbers, for the most part consists of water, but still and sweet. Thanks to this, your property you can use watermelon to lose weight. Full of people or those who have little weight, you can consume this product in large quantities, without fear of getting fat even more.

On the contrary, when a competent diet with the use of the watermelon, the weight should start to disappear, since the caloric value of the watermelon is low. And the body will begin to cleanse itself of toxins and waste, thanks to the beneficial properties of this berry.

Watermelon: properties

watermelon for weight loss

Mature, sweet and crisp, the product helps to quench the thirst and the desire to "tasty". However, among people fond of gymnastics, there is a certain caution, even on the side of the fruit. This is due to the fructose and carbohydrates in its composition, which can interfere with thinning. People are afraid and think that slimline watermelon. In connection with that arises the question: "what Can replace the watermelon?". Or is it just a myth?

To understand this issue, below are the properties of this product:

  1. The caloric value of watermelon – about 25 – 30 calories. This low in calories is obtained owing to the water content.
  2. In 100 grams of watermelon – 7.5% carbohydrate and 0.5% of dietary fiber. The latter contribute to the improvement of the digestion.
  3. Quench not only the thirst and the hunger.
  4. Folic acid, the information contained in the composition of the watermelon, improves the condition of the hair, the skin, the digestion.

In any case, due to the low density of calories, the watermelon helps to lose weight achieve your goal. Can be used in the diet, discharge days, and without pain as a snack with proper nutrition. As for weight loss you should consume 1500 calories a day and watermelon easy to incorporate into this number, but it is not limited in this delicious product.

How to choose a good watermelon?

To get all the positive effects of the consumption, it must take quality food, healthy and natural watermelon. The watermelon diet with the consumption of chemicals is definitely not it could be useful. So how do you choose this berry?

There are several basic rules you should remember:

  • water-melons, which appear on the counters of the spring, are probably cured meats nitrates;
  • visually the watermelon should be smooth forms, with the lack of rotten places, and dry the nipple;
  • the pulp should be bright and moist, not too fibrous. With the white, not the yellowish shade.

The watermelon diet

To the question: "do the watermelon with the diet?", the answer is clearly positive. The caloric value of the watermelon allows you to use it during the day, almost without limitations. Thanks to this, your silence can be incorporated into the daily calories and use on the quality of sandwich.

There are also several diets, specifically designed for this product:

Mono -

It is sufficient to a strict diet, with one only of a watermelon. With these harsh measures, may in the short term will get rid of pair-three have bothered to have excess pounds.

But, as in any strict diet, there is the possibility of returning to the weight. This watermelon diet, suggests the correct "input" and "output" of it. This will prevent the return of falls kg To do this, a few days before and few days after, you need to feed lightweight products and do not jump into the chocolate and scones.

Menu of the day with this watermelon diet: watermelon and not less than two litres of water. Eating 5-6 times a day. For the diversity you can make juices, smoothies and drinks of watermelon. It is forbidden to sit on this diet for more than 5 days.

The light version

The other is a good and tasty watermelon diet allows no more free of the diet. This helps to stay on it for more time, not to fall more little aggressive for the body.

The menu of this diet includes: normal, not too much calories to the diet, the proper nutrition. But half an hour before and after the meal you can eat an unlimited number of watermelon. In the first case, this helps to calm the thirst and filled themselves, and less eat at the table. In the second, the faster the removal of all harmful to the body. The last meal should be also the watermelon. In this diet you can sit for a long time.

Download the day

the diet in the watermelon

Many people know about the practices of the days of fasting. The organized, to restore the small, but the excess weight, clean of toxins, or when you feel you have allowed yourself to relax and now get fat.

Despite the myths that watermelon are recovering, such loads a day of weight going very fast. Yes, and in the heat of the summer, when there is calorie food and, moreover, is not particularly fancy and it's ever-present thirst, watermelon mango day will be perfect and simple. Improves the functioning of the intestine, it displays the excess water from the body. In general, the weight is reduced in a 1 – 1.5 kg.

Rules of the burden of day-to-watermelon:

  • there are only a watermelon;
  • drink plenty of pure water;
  • it also allows green without sugar tea with mint.

And still more variations of loads from the day:

  • in watermelon and melon;
  • in the watermelon and bread.

Approximate menu of the day:

  • breakfast: oats in water, hard-boiled eggs and cottage cheese;
  • lunch: a protein, can be boiled chicken, white meat, steamed fish;
  • dinner: a few slices of watermelon 3 hours before sleeping.

In the breaks between meals, allows for the consumption of an unlimited amount of product. For this you can thank a low calorie content of watermelon.

It is important to remember:

  • you can not take more than two kilos of watermelon the day;
  • you can not sit on the watermelon diet for more than five days;
  • it is best to perform this diet on the weekend or holiday and not go very far from home, as well as all modes this product has diuretic and cleansing properties;
  • you can not carry out the diet or of download of day, not in the watermelon season, which can be harmful due to its high content of nitrates.

The watermelon diet: contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • stones or sand in the kidneys;
  • weakened;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • for childhood, adolescence or senility.

What can you expect

However the main effects and the results of the people after the days of fasting on watermelon, or full diet? Naturally, in addition to slim down, feel other people's physical and psychological changes.
Watermelon for weight loss help very well. The main advantage can be called, perhaps, the purification of the urinary system, because during the day, often you will need to go to the bathroom.

Well-being improves the feeling of comfort in the digestion. You can not miss this opportunity to lose weight in summer! Important is to choose a good watermelon, mature, without the chemical... to stay in it is really simple and delicious. And then the feeling of thinning.

In consequence, one of the important characteristics becomes the psychological aspect. After that clean the intestines, normalizes digestion, you feel the lightness, as they do not want to load heavy or calories of food, of drink alcohol. Especially in summer, the scorching heat. Very well visible on this diet is from the stomach, as well as clean the intestine. If a few days, eat only the watermelon, the belly really "deflated" in the eyes, even in thin people.


the watermelon

It is effective if the watermelon to lose weight? Clearly yes. And he will be a perfect assistant, as well as for those who adhere to the nutrition and calorie counting for a long and effective for weight loss, as well as for those who have an urgent need to restore the couple unnecessary kg before a vacation or cleaning the body. In summer, this decision will simply be the salvation, but we must not forget the contraindications and also should not eat watermelon just before bedtime.

Due to the high amount of iron, the watermelon will be useful for people with anemia. He helps women to reduce the pain and discomfort in the menstrual period. Thanks to the content Of vitamin c, strengthens the immunity and prepares the cold time of the year. Those that in summer he wore a lot of watermelon in the winter is less painful! In general, watermelon has many advantages, it will definitely be a great help to lose weight, and refuse the tasty, light and simple the option of reducing the exact weight is not worth!

It is not the panacea of a large excess of weight and other things, but it will become an excellent option for cleaning the body, not lost.