The rules of weight loss at different ages

With age the problem of thinning has its own characteristics. The rate of drop pounds in 20 years and 50 years are different. The reasons for this may be physiological, and psychological factors. For each age characterized by its speed of change processes; the activity of the genes responsible for the manifestation of chronic diseases; the general level of health; feeding style, and much more.

For what to choose programs of loss of weight and to avoid possible mistakes, the woman should know about the possible "pitfalls" that characterize the age of the belt. Consider each age, in the light of the problems of thinning with more detail.

The weight set and weight loss in children

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Often the excess weight in the children obey to an innate predisposition. In addition to this significant footprint may impose the physiological state of the mother at the period of the gestation of the child and bottle-feeding. We are talking about artificial replacement of breast milk, because in this way, the feeding of the baby is much easier to dock.

The child larger, the extra pounds are deposited by the consumption of unhealthful foods, formed by the great amount of sweet, refined, fatty and salty foods, as well as drinks sugary soft drinks, stimulate the pancreas.

Choose for yourself of "treats" the children can't. This control must take on the parents. In the opposite case, the risk of obesity greatly increases, appear problems endocrine, which close the circle and aggravate the problems related to the health and the figure of the child.

How to lose weight for girl 20 — 25 years

The most common cause of excess weight in this age is the imbalance of nutrition in childhood and adolescence. On through the age of the alien, the girl appears the motivation to lose weight. The desire to have a model of the form, to meet a young man and form a family induces a young woman to adjust her diet and lifestyle.

This age it is good that the chances to lose weight are very large. Excellent may be the fact that if you lose weight in 20 to 25 years, in the future, no longer face this problem. This contributes to the cell metabolism and "hibernate" of genes of susceptibility to chronic diseases.

To lose weight a girl in 20-25 years, you just need to rebuild your schema from diet and to increase physical activity. In this approach, in the first month, you can lose up to 10 kilos In the subsequent time pace slightly low and is 4-5 kg for each 30 days.

How to lose weight for a woman of 35 — 40 years

At the age of 35 in the female body there is a decrease in the functioning of functional systems, which are responsible for weight regulation. In addition, it slows down the metabolism, and in some cases appear and violations in the work of the glndula thyroid. All of this leads to the weight gain and stabilization of the already existing obesity.

Your granite of sand often performed, and the psychological factor. As a general rule, at 40 years of age, women come to perform in the life of many of the proposed objectives. Left behind are the birth and upbringing of the child, the loss of career, romantic relationship with her husband.

The mental instability and the void, the absence of life incentive begin to recover delicious, but not useful to the body plates. Muffins, pastries, chocolate bring not only culinary satisfaction, but the excess of the deposits in the sides. Get rid of them, already a little more difficult at this age.

But if the obesity is not accompanied by other diseases, in women 35 to 40 years, there are all chances of losing weight successfully. In this age, the integrated approach involves not only the nutrition and the practice of sport, but also special therapy of the amino acids. The last helps to restore the activity of neurons in the brain and reduce food dependency.

In some exceptional cases, to lose weight you need to support thyroid hormone, the adrenal glands and the ovaries. But the question will be resolved exclusively in the doctor's office. The speed of weight loss in women from 35 to 45 years can be from 5 to 8 kg in the first 30 days and 3-4 kg in the second and the following months.

How to lose weight of a woman after the age of 40, without prejudice to the health

This period can be called the most problematic of all. While a projection to a set of measures brings very good results. The main feature of a thinning of the woman after the age of 45 is a slow decrease of weight. In this process the influence of a multitude of reasons:

  • The aging processes of the body.
  • Functional disorders.
  • The decrease of the immunity.
  • The hormonal imbalance.
  • The deficit of biologically active substances.
  • Psychological vulnerability.
  • The genetic predisposition to the disease.

That is why the change of power after the age of 50 years should be accompanied by moderate physical load of the full right of the bedtime, vitamin therapy, and, if necessary, and hormonal correction and the participation in the test.

To lose weight at age of 45-55 years, it is better to start after consultation with doctors of different specializations (general practitioner, gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist). Its conclusion and recommendations that will help you to choose the right strategy to lose weight and avoid complications such as the exacerbation of chronic diseases.