Breathing exercises to lose weight

breathing exercises for weight loss

Did you know that you can lose weight without going to the gyms? You do not believe me? In vain. The secret to magically shedding extra inches and kilograms without serious effort is to breathe properly. It would seem like this, but it works 100%. Weight loss breathing exercises are a great way to burn extra calories and heal your body.

Having mastered the entire complex of elements, it will be possible to forget about hunger strikes, exhausting workouts in the gym and many other techniques. If you are completely desperate, these exercises will come in handy. Master the original breathing exercises.

Essence of breath for weight loss

Breathing is our life. No organism can exist without it. Therefore, any manipulation, elements related to respiratory function, are highly effective in the general healing of our internal systems. Gymnastics works very well to strengthen the abdominal muscles and also normalizes the work of many important organs.

It is worth noting that it is with proper breathing that you can remove all fat from the abdomen:

  • During inhalation, a person inflates his stomach as much as possible. Make sure to inhale through your nose.
  • When you exhale, the stomach contracts strongly, as if "sticking" to the internal organs. Exhale through your mouth.

Note.If you breathe in this way, your diaphragm starts to work much more actively. This is the type of breathing that newborn babies have. In adults, it is predominantly superficial, the area of ​​the press is practically not used, which over time has a negative effect on the figure.


Just a few simple breathing exercises, done daily at home, will quickly shed those extra pounds that have ruined your mood for years.

the effectiveness of breathing exercises for weight loss

In recent years, more and more people choose this method of weight loss, evaluating all its positive aspects:

  • Significant reduction in hunger.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Rapid fat burning.
  • Increases stamina, filling the body with energy.
  • Strengthening the body's immune response to many external "stimuli".
  • Get rid of harmful substances that have accumulated inside the body for many years.
  • Normalization of the nervous system.

Thanks to a unique technique, you can avoid tormenting yourself by denying treats, while gradually losing weight, acquiring the desired shape.

Rules of breathing exercises

Exercise complexes are relevant not only for their excellent effect, but also for their simplicity of implementation: no special equipment or special conditions are required to complete them. Just spend 15 minutes a day in a comfortable environment.

For this type of training to work, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • We do it regularly. It is important to set a schedule in advance and follow it consistently. Any failure, omission cancels the time invested.
  • The best time to practice is in the morning. It is advisable to "breathe" immediately after waking up.
  • We provide a constant supply of fresh air during classes. Ideally, do breathing exercises in nature. But if this is not possible, just open the window fully before class.
  • We don't exercise right after we eat. If you had time to eat in the morning, you can do it only after two hours.
  • We observe the drinking regime. Don't forget to drink enough clean water every day.

The best breathing exercises for weight loss

a complex of breathing exercises for weight loss

To date, a variety of different complexes have been developed.

There are several of the most effective exercises that should be included in your individual program.


  • In a standing position, take a deep breath.
  • When inhaling, we try to introduce the stomach as much as possible and round the sternum.
  • In the accepted position, hold your breath for a few moments.
  • Then breathe out slowly, contracting your chest and relaxing your abdominal area.


  • We take the classic position of the "Lotus" pose.
  • In this position, we begin slowly, slowly, to breathe deeply.
  • After that, for 10 minutes, we disconnected from the gentle breathing, beginning to meditate in the most complete relaxation.

Note.In the implementation process, it is not necessary to lift the stomach and sternum. We breathe to make it as quiet as possible.


  • We sit on a chair, an ottoman, while placing our legs at a sufficient distance from each other.
  • Place your elbows on your legs, bent at the knee joints.
  • Squeeze your left hand into a fist and grab it with your other hand.
  • The forehead touches the tight limb.
  • In the adopted position, we relax as much as possible, closing our eyes.
  • We breathe correctly in the following sequence: exhale, inhale, hold your breath slightly, then exhale again, and so on.