Lose weight for women

Female body is very different from the male, and this is true even of weight gain and weight loss. We are often ahead of that of their husbands by the speed with which it will hire the extra pounds, and here we are on a break with them much more slowly than the stronger soil. In the life of every woman times, when your figure is in a state of "high risk". Is pregnancy and breastfeeding the baby, and when the reproductive age is left behind, you reach the menopause.

the diet for women

The hormonal change often provoke a set of excess weight, and then the problem arises not only for the conservation of attractive exterior, which is important for women to always. The case is still in the general state of health. Timely to lose weight for women of a mature age that is the key to long life without diabetes, myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, hypertension, and other terrible "satellites" of obesity.

How to lose weight women

Any company, even a weight loss for women, it will be a success only when it is well planned. If you have taken the decision to say goodbye to the accumulated fat deposits, to recover the harmony and the beauty, is, in and of itself, good, but without a carefully drafted plan of your company runs the risk of becoming just a dream. Then, how to lose weight for a woman? Here are some recommendations:

  • Evaluate in an impartial manner the real state of your form and determine how many pounds you need to lose weight. If your goal is the general sanitation of the organism, it is sufficient to that his weight was equal to a growth in centimeters minus 110 if you have less than thirty years old; less than 100, if you are thirty to fifty years; less than 90, if you have more than fifty years of age;
  • Decide in what period of time you plan to say goodbye to overweight. But keep in mind that in the first two weeks of diet for women, you can usually reset 5-7 pounds, but then the speed is reduced gradually to 2-4 kilos per month, and this is normal;
  • Review your diet on the topic of average total daily calories. The amount of calories for women who weigh less than 70 kilos of around 1200 in a day. If your weight is in the range of 70 to 90 kilos, you need to get every day 1500-1700 kcal, and well, and the amount of calories for women with the severe excess weight – 1800 in day. Then, as weight loss calories of the diet will need to reduce;
  • Determine proportional to the composition of your menu. Calculate the quantity, in percentage, contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The diet program for women is this diet, 15-20% protein, 10-15% fats and the rest carbs. Proteins when this is better to receive broth from the meat, poultry, fish, and cottage cheese. Fats – mainly from the quality of a precious complex of plant oil (better olive oil). Carbohydrates at least 90% must be "complex" (grains, vegetables, fruits, berries);
  • Calculate the "enemies of the good" on your diet and give them up. Lose weight for women often becomes a problem due to the addiction to butter baked of white flour, cakes, pastries, candies, carbonated drinks and other Goodies. With them you will have to say goodbye. All kinds of substitutes, such as fast food, stacked fruit juices, crispy and fried potatoes, we are also nothing;
  • Make a plan of sports training, or at least to set the clock to the moderate physical activity – walking, riding a bike. Even if you have expressed that excess weight and poor health, little by little you will have to get used to a vigorous movement, as without it, quickly lose weight not going to work.

Fitness program for women

how to lose weight women

A complete fitness program for women has to be built in the following way:

  • Aerobic load – 60%;
  • Strengthening exercises – 20%;
  • Flexibility exercises – 20%.

Cardiovascular exercises to lose weight for women are very varied, can be aerobics, dancing, running, jumping rope, shape. You can choose what you like the most. The best option is to join the section or buy a gym membership to attend classes 2 to 3 times a week. Tempted to their friends, to not get bored in the same. Regular practice of the sport to lose weight for women can become a favorite pastime, if around you the pleasant company, and together they are the transformation of its shape.

If you do not have the opportunity to train in the sports hall of the institution or of the health, does not allow as actively, develop your own, individual, fitness programs for women. In it you can activate the hiking outdoors, biking, hiking on the nature of the land, assets of the game with the kids, simple sports games (badminton, table tennis). At home you can perform exercises in the press conference, and spin the hula-hoop, jump rope.

Effective weight loss for women involves physical activity daily, because without it your figure, do not buy the attractive contours. The excess of weight is possible, settle through the diet, but instead of nostalgia kilos should come elastic the muscles, and not saggy skin.

How to lose weight after 50 women

That we age, no more difficult to fight with a stockpile of fat deposits and the risk of obtain multiplies. Lose weight for women of a mature age that is not an easy task, because it is often full to the woman lacks motivation. Reaching a certain age, and is immersed in the daily routine, an older woman stops presenting high expectations of their appearance. Personal life set, like, especially, not to, and the woman forgets what is necessary in the first place to taste of itself.

How to lose weight after 50 a woman? It takes a lot to be desired. Share your plans with family and friends. When you declare your loved ones about your decision to lose weight, the process of motivation is automatically activated.

The success of weight loss for women after 50 years starts with a visit to the highly qualified gynecologist-endocrinologist. Must submit to a full examination and take a blood test to hormones. So you will know for sure if you have diabetes, dysfunction of the adrenal glands or the thyroid. If there are problems, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary medications.

How to lose weight for a woman to mature years on the home? It is necessary to make correctly the menu. In your diet should not be a lot of protein, as well as in the diet of a young woman. Just eat in the day 80-120 grams of easily digestible protein, it is best to get fish, chicken breast or veal.

It is very important not to abuse the animal fats. Do not buy in the store of margarine and butter just because it is cheap. Saving is important, but health is more important. Try not to fry foods, it is best to bake in the oven or cook in a bain marie. Lose weight for women of a mature age which implies the presence of between 20 and 50 grams of fat daily in the diet.

ways to lose weight

"Complex" carbohydrates should be the basis of your menu. Eat cereal every day, cook stews of vegetables in a dish. Fruits and berries provide vitamins. Enjoy the favorites of fruit each day, it is more useful and cheaper than the pies and cakes.