The history of slimming: the photo of before and after

Losing weight is always very difficult. It is not a lack of willpower, any diet seems very hungry, or not saturated with vitamins, for the good of his transfer. And come story weight loss before and after photos. That can help those who want to lose weight?

Others can, I can

as you lose weight

Full of people in the world is becoming more and more. The reason for the rapid increase in weight, sometimes does not lie in chronic diseases or hormonal imbalances, and the subject spent eating in excess in the soil stress. We take advantage of sweet and savory of your problems, running away from their decisions. The result is make excess folds of belly fat and kilos on the scale. Each one of those who simply like tasty snack or eat something sweet, when you have stress, you could easily lose weight, go to a proper nutrition. But we lack the strength of will: it is necessary that someone ordered us has done — and then the matter will move "dead spot".

There is another category of people, who find inspiration in real stories of weight loss with the photo. It is the stories of the common people, who have tried to change her style of life, and this has resulted. As a general rule, began to follow a diet or go to the nutrition, supports the outcome of the exercise. In rare cases, to speed up the metabolism are implemented Badi or drugs. Apparently, nothing is so special about these stories. About the benefits of a proper diet, say the nutritionists, doctors, the need of physical exercise and we ourselves recognize. But dry, will not count with the emotions of the facts that establish the specialists, some who act in the people. And only a history of success help to cultivate hope.

Success stories with the photo's and the video can be read and see on the site. Are really impressive. The people can restore up to 20 kg of excess weight, by simply following elemental diet and doing physically of 2-3 hours a week. If this is not a miracle? Plays a fundamental role in the mood and visualization of the objectives. Many of the people who have managed to lose weight, represented by himself thin, would have imagined, as are the clothes several sizes too small. Our body has the property to adopt the ways, what we want to see in it.

And as medicines to lose weight? Enjoy them those whose weight loss cause a genuine admiration? Sometimes, the medicines you really need, especially if you cause a set of excess weight becomes a disease or having a hormonal state. Sometimes the body is so dirty it needs a serious dry cleaning. Then, without the company of dietary supplements and drugs also did not pass. But the customers who were able to meet with the fullness, ensure that: all remedies, Badi, massage, beauty treatments — only additional funding to maintain and accelerate the effect of the thinning. By itself, it can have a significant impact on the body. Only the right approach to the organization of your diet and lifestyle will help to find harmony.

Difficult of all, especially of women

The majority of those who share their stories of weight-loss, — a young mother after the birth. As we know, this is the most difficult time for women. In the period of lactation can not sit in the diet, taking drugs, being absent for a long time in the gym. The woman is left alone with their problems. The only thing that can be, proper feeding and the mode of day, since getting enough sleep also negatively influences the hormonal on the background and the metabolism.

What prescription weight loss after childbirth those who have succeeded in this very difficult time putting in the rule? Everything is very simple. It is necessary not to exceed a level of calories in the day. Since the child will during a feeding around 800-900 kcal, the daily diet should contain not less than 2300 kcal. This should be useful for a food rich in vitamins and proteins. Carbohydrates (candy, cakes, pasta), and there is less they do the excess calories, but do not contain the vitamins and minerals.

photo before and after slimming

Organize the house the work load physical is not difficult. If the work of the remodeled home, put the baby in the stroller and take a walk. Or use a video with the workouts, while the crumb sleeps. And always sleeps well: that their pets will be part of your work. The dream of the good shape — first of all.

These simple tips are mothers in period of lactation and that finally got rid of excess weight. It is not worth to look at others as slimming unattainable miracle. A little motivation — and everything is in his hands.