Training for weight loss

The strength of the muscles adds the figure of the slenderness. To create beautiful volumes, shortly to follow the regimes and not is after six. To do that requires a workout to lose weight. In addition, we must know the right way to exercise to lose weight.

training for weight loss

The training program lose weight includes weights, cardio, and aerobic load. An integral part of the program are massages, relaxation, and a sauna.

The general rules of the programs for slimming are that: it is necessary regularly, drink lots of water during class, to eat correctly and comply with the diet necessarily, with time, increase the voltage, during the exercises to rest of foot, and in less than a minute.

Between men and women is the difference that influences weight loss. Exercise program for weight loss for men is different from the similar to women:

  1. The fat plays a protective role. Protects women not only from the cold, but also from the scarcity of products. The lack of substances which are very contraindicated to the fact that it gives life. Therefore, the nature itself has made women more likely to "stock of goods";
  2. In the blood of women is much more enzymes that contribute to the formation of fat cells than men;
  3. Even in a calm state, that the man spends energy. The greater amount of resources that are spent on the maintenance of the muscles. Women in the muscle tissue is less than 30 % of men. In the resting state of a representative of the female sex to spend less kilocalories.
  4. The complexity in the strengthening of the muscle tissue in women is that they do not have the male hormone (more precisely, it is present in small doses). This hormone is protect the muscles at the time of the load. So during the classes the women in the party will burn, not only fat, but and the muscles.

But this does not mean that women can get off your hands, justifies itself to the physiology. We need information to work with it. Knowing their characteristics, it is possible to structure a weight loss strategy. For example, it is known that the processes of fat burning "include" after thirty minutes of strength training or running. The woman can substitute running for any other assets of sports: tennis, basketball, volleyball. To begin to become familiar with the areas of:

  • The yoga is based on static and dynamic exercises. By the base of the takes different estirosopladoras of the technique and little contributes to the strengthening of the muscles. Optimally the practice of yoga on the rest days of the main workout in order to lose weight. The stretching of the muscles dissolves delay in the onset of muscle pain and harmonizes the change of the substances.
  • The dance is much closer to the race and the activities that help you lose weight. Are a variation of the loads. Give effect to the enforcement of healthy eating habits.
  • The aerobics is similar to the action of the dance. Has a rigid structure and the pace of the movement. Suitable for people with healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Gym actively contributes to the reduction of the amount of fat and muscle growth. Remember that, on average, lose weight at half a kilo a week in the gym is a very good result. Fat weighs less than muscle. Because, when we balance the muscles, you are increasing its mass, by the burning of the fat – reducing. In the balance of one of the two pounds is a very good result.
  • Practice at home a good option for weight loss. Makeshift home is often sufficient to counteract the average level of obesity.


The amount of exercises is very dependent on its sporty past and the current state. You can divide people into:

  1. Those who have no experience of sports activities;
  2. The people that have done sports, but it was not going to the gym;
  3. Women and men who have made a great break and that you have experience in the gym.

For those who do not have experience, it is important to prepare for the room. Two weeks before the gear in the room to begin practicing at home. Exercise in the home for up to 30 minutes at a slow pace the first week. Enjoy the exercises, imagine how you grow muscles, as it is nice to feel that you're growing up. The second week of prolong classes of 60 minutes, the rhythm of doing average. The training content can be taken from the section of exercises at home, which is located just below. After the preparation of go to meetings, ask a trainer to write a program to talk about the approaches, sets, and other terminology.

how to lose weight with exercises

Of the other two groups can go immediately to the room. Regulate the tension and the rest is essential to the growth of the muscles. Classic skeleton of any slimming program is viewed, approximately, as described in the table in "charging Mode"

The mode loads

1-e the da

2nd day

3rd day 4th day 5 th day 6 da

7th day

Type of load (training)


Cardio Power Rest, massage, hot tub, or sauna Power Out of all

Out of all

For muscle growth, the body needs a period of recovery, due to daily activities in the room, especially for women, is not a good idea.

Training for weight loss include a series of exercises aimed at burning fat. The process of burning fat increase, when after the feeding of voltage to add to the load. The training to implement the process of eliminating fat, that lasts after the completion of the load. This training affects the fat during the load, and palpitations over a hundred or a hundred and twenty beats per minute. Cardio increases the effect, as it is used after of propulsion.

Treatments of relaxation and warm-up procedures necessary for it to "take the milk" — to help the body to dissolve the acid in your biceps and reducing delayed onset of muscle soreness, recover the tissue.

The training in the home

In the home requires a training program to lose weight. She looks like a summary. The trick of the mind is very large. Has the property of forgetting and tricks. To achieve the result, it's worth sitting down to calculate the load of the week ahead, record and follow. There is even a parable of what we need ourselves to be king/queen and a servant. As a manager of personality, we write l the program, as servants to ourselves – we deliver.


Training for weight loss include exercises, warm-up, driving load, cardio load. This sequence is necessary on the path to slimming.

For elastic fifth point and slender legs. The initial position-feet shoulder-width apart, body in upright position. Squat so that your thighs are parallel to floor or as if you want to sit in the chair invisible. Make sure to posture. If it is difficult to hand can stand. If not, the hand from side to side or front. In this posture it hardens in two or three minutes.

exercises to lose weight

The uprising. Feet shoulder-width apart. Smooth back. The knees do not go beyond the stop line. Breathe quietly. The effect increases if you bend over with the weights in your hands: weight, the bottles with the water.

Lunges. Standing up and making a huge step forward for the leg that is forward, made a ninety-degree angle at the knees. Exercise each leg separately. Taking the load in the hand it is possible to accelerate exercise of the load keep the load, but will reduce the number of repetitions.

Lie on the back. Of the hand along the body. The feet bend at the knees, the feet stake into the ground and lift the pelvis. Twenty or thirty such climbs.

To slim the waist. We are going to the carpet. Hand-in-hand hiding under the back or buttocks. We raise the legs straight up and with the body that present an angle of ninety degrees.

Raise both straight legs at an angle of forty-five degrees, freezing. The hands behind the head. The head look to the feet. Keeping your feet on the weight, we start with the left foot bringing the left elbow. When you are finished with the left side of the body, pass to the right. During all this time, the leg, the one that does not work is to be in the raised position. After that, we continued with the exercise, but now left leg aspires to the right elbow. In a similar manner with the right foot.

"Booklet" — exercises for the top and bottom of the press at the same time. The back and firmly press to the floor. At the same time lift the legs straight and the trunk, trying to combine them, as you close the book. The legs and the trunk, as the page of the hip, as the binding of the book.

Lying on the carpet with the belly facing up. The hands and feet up parallel to each other. With the right, it looks like the letter "c". The legs remain in a static manner in such a position. With the hands trying to get socks on the feet. To complicate the exercise, you can delay a few seconds in the position of the scapula is cut out of the carpet.

For the hands and the chest. Training for weight loss the hands must always start with pushups. Simplify push-up is possible. To do this, it is necessary to be not on tiptoe, and knees.

Prepare two bottles with water, or with dumbbells. The back firmly to the mat. With your hands make the letter "T", move them in an angle of ninety degrees, leaving it to lie on the floor. Taking the increase of weight and raise the arms upward

Leave the bottle to the side. Saves the position of the body and the hands changed. Hands up, as a continuation of the trunk. The handle lying on the floor. Take the weights and lift your arms up.

In the table, the hand folded in the prayer position in front of them. Apply pressure with the palm on the palm of the hand. You should feel tension in the muscles of the chest and arms. Keep the static pressure within two or three minutes.

To the back.The trunk parallel to the ground, stretched forwards, the legs perpendicular to the floor. Hands down. In the hands of the dumbbell. Raise the arms upward and the shoulders to couple with the trunk.

The torso on the floor, I lie, relaxed. Fix the legs under the bed or other heavy object. The hands behind the head, the face of the visa. Lift the trunk up. We make sure that the buttocks and legs to relax. We try to lift the body through the back. Slow movements, soft, without jerks.

On the approaches and the number of

Collect the optimal number of repetitions of a guarantee of the victory over the fat. The weakness of the work load does not result, the excess may be a cause of health problems. You should know, as exercise to lose weight. A lot of exercise, determine the number of repetitions in each exercise difficult. There is the principle of the burden of the inconvenience. According to the second income can be done in three to four approach, reducing the number of repetitions. The pause between the approaches should be less than sixty seconds.

Baths and saunas

To relax the muscles after training are recommended for baths and saunas. If you do not have a taste of such procedures, at least take hot baths with sea salt. Sauna helps to speed up all body processes, including metabolism and the absorption of nutrients. Accelerate the metabolism affects the fat-burning. This process helps to get rid of excess weight. When the nutrition of steam helps to lose weight. In symbiosis with the exercise, steam and sauna accelerates the effect of reducing its volume.


Training is closely related to the care of your body and the relaxation. After taking the decision is concerned, it is necessary for a rite on a regular basis. Without constant on the classes, nothing to change in the body. Exercise for weight loss are very similar in the process of creation itself. Forge itself or to model the clay, it is sometimes the work. But then, "manufactured products" can enjoy and be inspired.