Exercises for the sides

Every woman dreams of a thin waist, but hated fat on the sides, sometimes interferes with the achievement of the objectives. If you regularly exercise for the sides, this issue can be waived, receiving as a prize a wasp waist. What structure will help you to do this and how to organize the training, reading.

The general rules of execution

exercises for slimming the sides of the

Exercises for the sides as well as in the home and in the living room, but it is important to follow some rules, that would improve your efficiency:

  • It is desirable to deal with before dinner or at sunset. The best option – before breakfast or after 2-3 hours after it. You can pick up and another time, but in any case, be an important condition – it is desirable to exercise at the same time of day.
  • If you want to go fast, sturdy /, to go at least 3 times/week. Trainers recommend to do this at all, as a minimum, through your day.
  • It is desirable, for the exercise of the sides of steel-an essential part of regular training. However, you can and out of the integrated classes to devote time to analyze these muscles. Be that as it may, before proceeding to the main complex, you need a warm-up to prepare the muscles for the work, eliminate the risk of your injuries.
  • It is desirable to combine the work on the muscles with the workouts – so you get eliminate fat faster.
  • Whatever the way that you do the exercises to the sides, between them it is not necessary to make great pauses, up to a maximum of half a minute. In this sense, you should plan the structure in such a way that it was easy to get out of the previous movement in the following.
  • You should not work in the limit of its possibilities. If you feel pain at the time of performing the different movements, reduce the load or intensity of your commission. After a while the muscle mass, strengthen, and manipulate with the body for you it will be much easier.
  • You can not eat one hour before training, and after it, you can not eat within 2 hours, otherwise, losing weight is not going to work, at least, quickly.
  • Drink water throughout the day, but preferably in the evening to minimize its consumption. Daily amount that you drink should be about 2 litres To drink water in small amounts, can and during the time of the class.

Respect you need and another important rule, which is not directly related to the training, but that is in relation to the effectiveness to lose weight and fight the fat in those problem areas. Adjust your power mode. It is recommended to eat small portions 5-6 times/day. Consume only need to useful products, and the diet should be balanced.

The most important rule of course – its on a regular basis.

Effective exercises for slimming the sides of the

During the classes, you can use a variety of sporting accessories to increase the work load. In this case, to achieve not only greater efficiency of the combustion of fats, but also of the emergence of the muscle mass. You can give visual volume, if with such loads exaggeration, therefore, we do not recommend the use of load more than 1 time/week.

Regardless of whether you work only with side muscles, or turn this unit in the total of the occupancy, start in any case, should be with the heating unit.


exercises to lose weight

The duration is of the order of 7 to 10 minutes.

Warm-up block may enter these simple in the performance of movement:

  1. Foot exactly, we make the effect of the tilt of the head forward, then backward 20 times.
  2. Drawn up, rising on tiptoe and stretching up towards the top of the hand. After this new deal with the starting position is standing exactly. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  3. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and hands at the waist, cant the trunk to the left and to the right in each of the parts of 15 times.
  4. Being in the situation in which the hand on the waist and the feet separated to the width of the shoulders, perform flexion of the trunk forward. When the right hand trying to reach the toes of the left foot, and then the reverse. Such manipulations on each side must be 10.
  5. Making soft circles with your hands, moving the first 10 times in sense of the needles of the clock and then as many times against it.
  6. The sitting position, suspended in the air towards the back. Each time you should be squat pulling before a smooth hand.

The main part of the

Come directly from exercises for women to lose weight the sides, the efforts to clean up the fat, tighten the muscle. For their execution, fits and house conditions.

They are very effective exercises with weights:

  1. Effect of the tilt. The most effective way to burn fat should take dumbbells with a maximum weight of 1.5 kg Toe gently a bit the legs separated, it is necessary to make slopes. If the inclination occurs in the right side, smooth the right hand along with the dumbbell descends down, to the left climbs up on the side of the armpit. With this brush with dumbbells should slip over the body. In the same way we do a movement on the other side. Meet with them one on each side of the 25-to 30-fold.
  2. Foot exactly, we have in the hands stretched out in front of the bar. Look the pelvis, the legs move not must. The body rotates back to the right, the maximum fill the back with the right hand with the dumbbell. Then, perform similar to rotate to the left. Alternatively it should be 25-30 such twists on each side.

The Fitball is another powerful auxiliary in the solution of everything, the excess of the problem areas.

  1. Sit on the ball, keeping your back straight and legs bent at a right angle. Turn the body to the right and to the left, while in the ball of the pelvis, the legs without lifting off the ground. It is necessary to make 20 spins on each side.
  2. When doing this exercise is used not only interested in plots, but also the abdominal muscles, the back and legs. We go to the ground, and the fitball firmly take the feet. Raise legs, catch the ball, stay in this position for 5-7 seconds. Next, gently return it to its original position. Beginners are usually difficult to exercise is, therefore, to begin with, you can make at least 5 times. With time, it will be easier, and you can gradually increase the number of repetitions up to 15 or 20 times.
  3. Effect of the tilt with the use of the ball. We are in the knees, in your hands we take the fitball, get up on your head. The back should be level, as well as the hand. We turn to the right and to the left, trying as far as possible from having the ball. When we keep the balance, we make sure that the body does not "collapse" forward or backward, but remained on the same plane of the pelvis. On each side it should be done 15 to 20 slopes.
complex to slim

They are extremely effective for slimming the sides of the women, the exercise of the strap, the counter.

  1. The triangle. This support facilitates the strengthening of the muscles of the back, legs, abdomen, as well as the interest of the parts of the body. Improving thanks to her and stretching. The feet should be placed as widely as possible – about 3 of the width of the shoulders. Implementing the right sock to the outside, to the extent possible. The one on the left in the same sock we turn inward at 45 degrees. The hands put in the hand, with the palm of the hand should be facing down. Inhale, and during the exhalation drawn by the brush of the right hand. The hands must maintain a position parallel to the ground. Gently cant the trunk to the right, putting in the right thigh of the right hand. The left-hand side is deflected upwards. Performing these movements, you must try to not round to the mouth, but, on the contrary, "insert" itself. The position in which you find yourself, remember the triangle, and it is necessary to stop, do 10 breaths. Then, perform the same steps, just on the other side. This exercise helps to burn fat.
  2. Of planck. We're going to side gently, resting on the elbow of the right hand. Elevate pelvis on both, so that the body of the head to the feet resembled a smooth surface, stretched the rope. Confirmed in that position, preferably at least 5-7 seconds. We perform similar exercise on the other side. You should be doing to start at least 3-5 times, and with time you can increase the amount of approaches and the time of fixation.

Remove the fat from the sides help perfectly variety of torque, it can also be done at home, to lose weight.

  1. We're totally on side, hand in hand we check behind the head. At the same time we took the trunk and the legs upwards, following the curvature. Try to make the body of the traction was still in the same plane. Do 15-20 of these movements in one direction and then the same on the other. You can perform these effective techniques in several approaches.
  2. Lying on the back, flexible knees at a right angle, we activate the hand behind the head. Pick up the body, drawn when the left elbow to the right of the tribe, and then the reverse. You only need to do 15-20 of these movements.
  3. We're exactly on the floor, squeezing the body and feet to one another on the right side, and then on the left. Make sure and the body, and the foot remained in a position parallel to the ground. It is only necessary to make the order of 20 of these movements.

In addition to these complexes, that are very effective are the classes with the hula-Hoop, the circle of "Health". You can include as part of warm-up exercises, and in the main unit, and with their help to cleanse the fat with bochkov.

To achieve the burning of the fat and of the slenderness of the body, it is not necessary to perform a training of immediately all of these exercises for slimming the sides – adjust 3 and 4 to each of the classes and the right.

The correct organization of the training and of your a regular basis since a few weeks you will see the results, regardless of whether in the home or worked in the room.