Good food for weight loss

Evaluate your current diet, which should be in reality. In the nutrition must be present:

  • vegetable proteins;
  • proteins of animal origin;
  • slow carbohydrates;
  • quick, but useful carbohydrates.
  • the vegetable fats.
good food for weight loss

On the basis of the same proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but we have to understand exactly what products to choose to replenish the body with useful substances, and not in calories-dummies.

We why do you always want to have? Because we eat useless products. Let's take the normal case of a chorizo sandwich. Look at what you eat:

  • White bread from refined flour with the E-additives and sugar. The bread is a high glycemic index, the blood sugar is further up, useful substances – 0 (because the flour clean up). What we call bread, he will mark the stomach gluten. You will feel a pleasant feeling of satiety, but the digestive system thank you, not tell you, because the body is nothing more that the garbage has not been received.
  • The sausage is a solid chemical of E-additives, stabilizers, sugar, and sodium glutamate. Even if it, and eat flesh, for his alleged use and it is not worth to damage that causes the chemistry in the body. The pleasurable sensations only in the language. But for the stomach, everything becomes heavy and useless work. With the same success you could eat several bags of plastic.
  • The coffee in small amounts is a benefit, but only if it is just the drink. If this is your first dose of caffeine of nine per day, the cardiovascular system is going to work in the breakdown. And if you drink coffee, and in the stomach, gastritis is the future of the diagnosis.

Therefore, in the breakfast we have received a sharp rise in sugar, the excess doping of coffee to the heart, and the white gluten-free. And that is that we have not yet eaten! Try to eat more useful? Don't worry, it's easier than it seems.


The best proteins are proteins of plant origin. Them concern:

  • legumes;
  • the seeds;
  • nuts.

When you eat a serving of peas, saturates the body with vegetable protein. When you add in the useful of pastries, sunflower seeds, or flax, are added to the crude fiber protein. Finally, any useful delicate along with the nuts fed to you a good source of protein.

If you do not have a lack in the plant kingdom and the protein, the protein of animal origin, does not require any amount, in which it is our custom to eat. However, to exclude this protein is not worth. Portion of fish, chicken or lean beef, as well as all kinds of dairy products either diversify your diet. What is more important – as cooked. But we go a little further down.


Our main enemies and at the same time our best friends. Without carbohydrates, the body does not receive energy. The specialists affirm that in the normal nutrition of the average person should be of 65% of carbohydrates, but, if we have to lose weight, is the amount of the penalty reduced by up to 45%.

Carbohydrates are fast and slow. The first delivered the sugar in the blood, and do so quickly. If you eat fast food, you must observe quickly the urge to eat again. This occurs due to the increases of sugar in the blood.

Slow shipped the sugar slowly, giving a prolonged feeling of satiety. Here are just a we need. Slow carbs are foods with a low glycemic index, with fiber and necessarily natural:

  • bakery products of raw flour;
  • unprocessed cereals;
  • fruits;
  • nuts;
  • vegetables.
recipes for weight loss

The nuts and the part of the fruit high glycemic index, for example, bananas, watermelons and melons. But taking into account their nature, are prohibited in the time and in small amounts in the first half of the day, since the morning faster metabolism at night. It is essential in human nutrition.


In regards to fats, you should not be afraid. Until recently, nutritionists thought that, precisely, fats are responsible for the excess weight, but rather the blame on the increase of cholesterol, and it is only an animal fat (margarine, butter). Vegetable oil unfortunately not, try eating a few tablespoons of vegetable oil – it is so impossible and young, and, behold, a teaspoon of dressing in the salads, is another conversation.

Stop to be afraid of fatty food. In the diets can be and have to sit in yogurt 0%, but we feed them correctly, not only of the week, and all of life, so they choose different products. Today the cottage cheese with fat content 1%, on the morning of 15%. Fats allow you to an easy to be the rest of the nutrients, the same proteins. Totally without fat because they can't.

As you can see, the list was impressive. We have so many things that are not restrictions. From the menu fall just frankly harmful products, and it is more tasty and nutritious. But there is a point that we need to discuss.

Cooking methods

Best of all:

  • cook;
  • stew;
  • bake.

Frying you can, but the use of a large amount of oil is adversely affecting the product. At high temperatures, its structure changes, highlighting carcinogens. If the meat is put in the aluminum foil or cooking in the steam, as the gas station you can use the lemon juice with spices and no oil.

Cooking methods are poor only in cases where it is necessary to prepare the protein dish. In terms of carbohydrates, then it is best to try not to prosecute, or to do it with the minimum of effort.

  • the porridge better to steam to boil, when it is possible;
  • vegetables-eat raw or lightly bake, if necessary;
  • fruits to eat on the day.

During the processing of foods with carbohydrate in them damages the fiber. No scientific research is not necessary, it is necessary to eat fresh leaf of the cabbage and try to do the same thing with braised cabbage. In the second case, since there is no fiber, or vitamins.

In winter, no – questions- lightly braised and roasted vegetables fall by the way. In the seasons of eating all day.

Fractional power

Already quite a widespread truth that the nutrition should be frequent small amounts. It is good advice and worth following. The stomach is not stretched, always tired and the body gets what it needs.

Make 5 – 6 meals a day, with intervals of 3 – 3.5 hours, since it is not necessary. As a meal will descend and bite. The main thing is that he was.

If for some reason you can't eat, nothing happens. But only if it is the exception and not the trend. Relief measures do not allow for breakfast. It is so important to the intake of food, that without him nothing.

The regime of drinking

You do not begin to lose weight, if you are not going a lot of drinking. Many does not mean you pour the water. 2 – 3 l in total, is sufficient.

the soup

Water starts the processes of change, compared to slag, it feeds the fabric. If there is lack of fluid, all of these processes slow down.

The water is clean, the water fresh, natural juices of fruits, fruits, vegetables, weak green and herbal tea. Black coffee, strong tea, alcoholic beverages, juices, packages, collects the water more than they give and are not considered by the water.

That is to say, if you drink 2 litres of water a day + fresh fruit, deposit it in the body of the correct amount of liquid.

Therefore, our daily diet should be:

  1. consist of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats of vegetable origin;
  2. be properly steamed or in the oven;
  3. fragmented into 4 to 6 meals;
  4. necessarily go hand in hand with drinking regime.

A healthy breakfast for weight loss

With the base, we realized, but, anyway it is necessary to separate talk about the healthy breakfast. Remember that it is very important? And all because:

  • you dispersed the change of the substances;
  • normalize sugar in the blood, preventing their careers;
  • do not eat in excess in the night;
  • get the major portion of vitamins and minerals.

For breakfast for you was really useful, please follow the simple rules.

  1. A glass of water before meals. Start the process of digestion of the morning difficult. Without a doubt he is familiar. But for that the process was more easy, just drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. Do not add anything, only drink water at room temperature. This is good for the stomach.
  2. The fruit before eating. The fruit cannot be eaten after a heavy meal, for example, after cooked eggs or meat. Fruits are necessary about 15 minutes for that to digest, and meat is approximately 2 hours. Sign up in the stomach after the meat, the fruit to begin to ferment. Hence the constipation and indigestion. Take the habit of eating a aroma of fruits before the main meal. For example, an apple or a banana. So you give the body easy to wake up, it will load vitamins and feel the inflow of forces.
  3. Protein + complex carbohydrates. The main meal should consist of complex carbohydrates and protein. For example, the proteins of the tortilla salads of vegetables.
  4. Drink after 30 minutes after eating. When you have eaten a portion, wait a half hour before taking a hot drink, either coffee or tea. It is necessary that, so as not to disturb the digestion and do not dilute the gastric juice.
  5. Breakfast 30 minutes after waking. When I woke up, immediately take the water, and then you can expect a maximum of half an hour before meals. It is best not to wait, and immediately proceed to the food. But little what are our works, in the morning I don't have time. So remember: 30 minutes is all you can afford, then you must eat your healthy breakfast.


Of the theory, let's turn to the practice. There are excellent recipes, and rich and healthy, which may be of some help.

A tip, don't try immediately from the first day of the preparation of new dishes. Move gradually, a dish by day, and the recipes with photo, will help you. Anyway, the change, even to an adequate nutrition, it is difficult for the body and the mentality of the piece.

Pumpkin soup-mashed potatoes (easy)


  • 2 kg fresh pumpkin;
  • 3, the head of a young garlic;
  • 1 onion;
  • half of a fennel;
  • 2 stalk of celery;
  • 1 tomato.


  1. The fennel, the celery and the onion cut into medium cubes.
  2. Cloves of garlic finely cut.
  3. Brown the garlic, slowly adding the celery, the onion and the fennel.
  4. The pumpkin has to be cleaned and cut into medium pieces.
  5. The tomato in cubes.
  6. Add the chopped tomato and the pumpkin fried.
  7. Keep the vegetables over medium heat. Wait until the squash soften.
  8. Send all the ingredients in the blender and make the soup puree.

Cook the fish in aluminum foil

the recipe of fish


  • fillet of any fish (chunks);
  • any type of vegetables (e.g., carrots, cabbage, zucchini);
  • onion
  • vegetable oil;
  • natural and spices.


  1. Fillet, rinse, dry. Cutting part if necessary.
  2. Put aluminum foil, grease it with vegetable oil.
  3. Cut the onion into rings and put several rings in aluminum foil.
  4. Above the rings to put a portion of fish.
  5. Add the vegetable pieces, what you have chosen. You can cook separately, but will have to get.
  6. Salt and season with spices.
  7. Bake the fish for 20 – 30 minutes.
  8. Serve in a deployment of aluminum foil.