Do you help the girdle for slimming, remove the belly

The excess weight in the abdominal area and side — the problem faced by young and adult women. To acquire a thin waist and an abdomen that many fixed the usual way of life: from organizing a proper diet, perform physical exercises at home or in the gyms.

girdle for weight loss

Getting to the fat burning means of special zones. Today, more women and men in search of a sporty body trying to speed up the process. As an alternative, practitioners, nutritionists and coaches of fitness dictates the use of seat belts in combination with a proper diet and exercise.

Recommendations to wear a belt

People who are overweight and different degrees of obesity is difficult to make long physical exercise, therefore, for them, nutritionists are developing special diets and advise you to use seat belts. Many women and men who suffer from cardiovascular disease and the digestive system, the physical activity is contraindicated. To keep the muscles in good shape and get rid of the resulting fat, it is worth trying the use of one or several types of straps.

However, there is a group of people who want to have a smooth belly, but don't have enough time to visit the gyms and the execution of the strenuous exercises trudogoliki and young mothers. If you have enough time and energy for the daily workout, it is recommended to weigh the advantages of lead time and determine the methods of thinning fast.

The effectiveness of wearing the belt

Despite the advertising time to lose some weight, and taking into account the views of customers, it seems that the weight-loss can and on the couch, many doubters, but buy the waist. Regularly takes time to lose weight the producers promise:

  • The intensification of the circulation of the blood/the improvement of the microcirculation of the blood;
  • The muscles become stronger;
  • Eliminates tension in the muscles of effectively to help after the training sessions.
  • The decrease of the entities of the fat;
  • Pulling the skin;
  • The increase of the efficiency during the exercise.

The principle of action

For all the types of corrective actions to be taken time to general, you can select the principle of their actions — the formation of the envelope dense and warming of the problem areas. The main objective of the time — do not let cool down to the temperature of a natural body, just some places. During exercise, the body by itself highlights the liquid cooling, allowing it to adhere to the optimum temperature. All types of straps, focus on the increase of transpiration with consequent loss of liquid. Let us consider in more detail the principle of operation of the main types of straps.

In function of the working mechanism, there are 3 basic principles of the action time:

  1. Thermal action in the problem areas, increases metabolism, accelerates the excretion and toxins.
  2. The impact of the vibration of the time has an effect of massage.
  3. The pulse of the action contributes to the reduction of the stomach muscles.
  4. In order to understand what kind of girdle for slimming the abdomen and get rid of the fat is necessary to you, we provide more details about each species.

Thermo time

The advertising placed on the internet and the customers with the promise that the time-zone adjustment, with the effect of the sauna (thermal time) will allow the time to be the owner of the flat and toned belly. How do they work? When using the belt, in the area of the sides creates the effect of "hot sauna", concentrating in the unique area of the body. As a result of sweat out the subcutaneous fat gradually starts to burn.

Thermo waist is a device that helps to only a category of people with overweight 10-15 pounds. In these cases, elastic waist sauna effect can help with the main cause of the appearance of subcutaneous fat — fluid retention in the tissues and the appearance of the swelling. Please note that the purchase of a girdle, slimming the abdomen you will be able to effectively fight the kilograms superfluous in other parts of the body: neck, thighs, or buttocks.

The budget option

The easiest way thermo girdle for slimming the abdomen is of neoprene and lycra. Costs similar to those of the time zone offset minimum for the owners of the surplus, the kilogram, but the effect is also unlikely. With the outer side of the strap is made of lycra, and the inside of substances in the interior of a product-filled neoprene. The fat burning very little chance of success when the use of such time (taking into account the customers carry over several months), if you want to reach bands of the belly, wear the belt and exercise. An integrated approach to heating of the belt helps in combination with the exercise will strengthen breathability and help eliminate those extra pounds.

Massage belt

lose weight with girdle

The variety of the slimming products are the massage of the waist. His work focuses on the premise of an electrical impulse to certain areas. In the belt of the are the massage of the balls, which speeds up the process of burning subcutaneous fat. In addition, the material of the waistband is elastic and has a thermal effect, thanks to that pass on electrical impulses.

During the vibration of the muscles, eliminates fatigue, as a consequence to wear a seat belt tissue shows the lactic acid, the processes of accelerated change. Vibro-belt for slimming the abdomen — the alternative of a regular massage to keep the muscles in good shape. The customers of the buyers indicate that it is more likely that you acquire the product for relaxation and remove tension of the muscles and not for burning fat.

After analyzing the customers on the application of massage time, you can conclude that your purchase is only appropriate for a global approach to lose weight.

Electric of the time zone

More effective, in comparison with the more simple thermo waist, is a kettle of time zone. The electrical stimulator or the elastic waist of product, which is exerted the effect of physiotherapy in the home. Its exterior is made of lycra, internal — heater of the substance, and in the center is installed a special device that works with electricity Construction causes the contraction of the muscles, under the influence of the electric current. The objective of stimulator — to resolve the tension in the muscles after a workout, take on the tone and make the skin more elastic. Manufacturers often indicate the limit of the instruction in the use of no more than 10 minutes in a single area.

Opinions of electric customers time, which give rise to the reflection, since after your transport enhances the external state of work areas of the skin. However, the excess weight with problem areas, don't go away, leaving the folds of fat original size.

How to select a belt for slimming

If you decide to buy a girdle for slimming, it is recommended to follow the basic criteria of selection: the objective and the price. Let's see with more detail in this topic.

The objective of the purchase

For those who are struggling with the kg superfluous on the belly area — it is best to buy a electric time, or with the property of thermal. Use these types time during the workout to lose weight fast. The customers of the buyers unanimously argue that the use of thermal and electrical insulation zones without a proper diet and exercise without meaning.

If there are folds of fat of more than 3 cm of the clients and the advertising tell you that you must buy a massage belt. Dress your grief after a workout to speed up muscle recovery, and relieve fatigue. In addition to relaxing action, massagers help to improve the efficiency of the training performed in a 10%.

The price

Today time for weight loss are available in different price categories. The cheaper elasticated costs $ 10, for the quality of massage or electric has to pay ten times more.

Regardless of the amount consumed, always choose a manufacturer that is reputable for checking the availability of the documents of the goods, and inquire about the guarantee of the obligations on the belt.

The rules of use of

To use the belt of thinning was a result, and it does not hurt the body follow the following recommendations.

For the electrical and thermal time

Always carry the product on a cotton clothes, without over tightening. Remember that the use of elastic tape worth during the training, the total exposure time of the unit, and bands should not exceed 6 hours in a row. Then, take a shower and apply in certain areas of the moisturizing cream for the body. Wash the curious girdle of the hands in warm water not more than 40 degrees.

For massage time

A safe way to carry massage time should know to carry the instrument should be no more than 30 minutes. Do not carry the device in the wet body, under the treants dress cotton t-shirt. When you see unpleasant sensations — let of a massage session.

On the negative side time

Clients dispose of all types of belts speak of the following deficiencies time:

  • When you are worn-out time, the body temperature increases considerably, as a result of a smaller total number of exercises, the workout becomes less effective.
  • Tense the belt will lead to a decrease of the circulation of the blood in a certain area and the digestion of the fat layer will take place much slower.



Manufacturers of belts recognized that the use of appliances for weight loss can lead to irreversible consequences for health. So that indicate the restrictions on the application of easy way to lose weight. It is expressly prohibited from the dress of the strap:

  1. Women during pregnancy and lactation;
  2. At the time of diseases: epilepsy, heart of the authority, thrombophlebitis, of the kidneys;
  3. After the period of rehabilitation;
  4. People with bone, metal implants;
  5. The use of belts of different species purely individual work, which requires the consultation with the doctor.