Exercises to lose weight at home

Surely every person at some time in their life I think that it is time to bring your figure in order. Many people are unsatisfied with their body, and want to get rid of the fat, which hang from the sides. There are quite a lot of ways of losing weight. Today we're going to talk about how to lose weight, that does not require a lot of time and effort. This way to lose weight at home with the help of special exercises. Come on!

The causes of the appearance of excess weight

exercises to lose weight

Before solving a problem, it is necessary to understand the causes of its appearance. The main causes of the appearance of excess weight are:

  1. The smoking and the alcohol.
  2. The low level of physical activity.
  3. The alteration of metabolism.
  4. Frequent use of foods rich in fats and pasta.
  5. The use of the large amount of salt.
  6. Night meals.
  7. To eat in excess.
  8. The genetic predisposition to the fullness.

Often, there are several reasons, and that mutually reinforce each other. For example, if a person eats a lot, but when it comes to sports, — the can't have problems of overweight. A person can with very little to eat, but when it comes to smoking, and, sometimes, to consume alcoholic beverages. In this case, he, also, it is unlikely that the problems of weight.

Often, people have excess of weight due to a lifestyle inappropriate. Basically it is five to six days a week sitting on the work table. In addition, the movement up to the house behind the wheel of a car, again sitting. The rise in the elevator to the apartment. After a hard day of work, you can take the bottle of beer and snacks fatty. Next night, performed by the tv. And because, when a person at the time of the intake of food that looks at it, his attention focuses not on the food. Because of this, the man eats 30% more. Are these 30% are deposited in the stomach.

More than half of the men who live in large cities, lead is a way of life, and so have a good stomach. That is to say, to lose weight, you'll have to completely change your lifestyle. Will have to give up some of the bad habits and acquire useful.

As for the women, in the majority of cases gain weight after childbirth, as well as after the celebration of the marriage. Many women when they marry, they leave the eye. This is because you already have at home permanent of a man who loves her, therefore, did not need to ensure your figure. This policy is not the correct one, as that can ruin your marriage. If you realize this, and have decided to lose weight, it is a great deal of respect for you! Let's do it together!

The key to losing weight

Main in weight loss is the difference between what is consumed and consume energy. Your sex here has no value. Important to eat the right foods and being physically active.

So, for you to are rid of excess weight, you must expend more energy than it consumes. Without that your weight is not going to change in the smaller party. Let's take a look at three realities:

  1. The weight of a person increases.
  2. The weight of a person does not change.
  3. The weight of a person decreases.

In the first case, the man always eats fatty food, drinks beer and lies on the couch. Of the energy consumed by a good amount, and it spends too little to go to work or shopping. The energy that is not consumed, it is deposited in the form of fat in your stomach.

In the second case, the difference of consumption and of energy approximately equal to zero. For example, the man almost does not take care of the physical exercises, but harmful foods that you prefer vegetable salads and very boiled meat. And drink every day 2 to 3 litres of water. Spend little energy, but consumes little. Therefore, their weight is always at approximately the same level. This same situation, if a person eats a lot and constantly trains.

In this latter case, the person is relieved of the excess weight. In the first place, it is used products low in calories, thanks to that does not have what is there is excess of energy. Enough of this energy to the ordinary life of the person. In the second place, performs special exercises to lose weight than it is to steal the lot of energy. And it turns out that the balance approved the energy per day is negative. In consequence, the body begins to draw energy from the interior of the reserves, that is to say, of the fat in the belly of that person.

With more detail into the topic of the power does not come on, but first consider a very important point. To lose weight you should train 2 hours after the intake of food. And when you finish the training, you must wait 2 hours before eating.


If you eat immediately before exercise, it reduces its effectiveness. The quality of the execution of the exercises is poor and can't spend the required amount of energy.

Immediately after you finish training, the body begins a period in which the need is urgent to recover the energy lost during the exercise. This period lasts for approximately two hours. Therefore, we should expect this time. If you eat something within two hours after the workout, this will prevent the process of weight loss. After exercise, food digest much better. To us this is not necessary, since losing weight.

When the agency understands that the energy outside of work, it is not, it starts to take its interior of an inventory of your belly fat. At the end of two hours, the body stops searching where take this power, because he take of the fat. This is how occurs the process of fat burning. When this period has passed, you can enjoy the dinner and encouraged by the good workout salads of vegetables and a piece of cooked chicken.

Allowed exercises to lose weight

We went to that, without the slimming process will not have any sense. To lose weight you do not need heavy exercises of bodybuilding. Simply do some fitness exercises. The important thing for you when your application has spent a large amount of energy.

So, the most effective gym exercises for weight loss at home:

  1. The rotation of the ring is very popular and effective exercise of fitness. It is more appropriate for girls, as well as men try to overcome the fat in the muscle mass, and girls more important than a flat belly. In addition to this exercise burn calories, working the muscles of the abdomen. Therefore, following the rotation of the ring, kill two birds with one stone. When you lose weight, you will be well-worked abdominal muscles.
  2. Energetic dance is suitable for both men and women. Remember your last go to a disco or a nightclub. After several hours of dancing, you are very sweat. It is very good, which is how it releases the excess weight. Now you have to dance with more strength than in the disco. Turn on the music, that motivates you and lights up, starts to move his hips, imagine that you're a star. It is a joke! Not to spend time in vain, put a video with dancing to lose weight, and repeat all there is to do.
  3. Jump from the sitting position and squats require a lot of effort. Exercises for training the legs require a strong respiratory system. On the breath during intense exercise, a large amount of energy, so you should not neglect the execution of this exercise.
  4. Elevations of legs and trunk. Around exercises in the press conference is walking quite a lot of myths. One of these, that will not help you to lose weight. It is not so, because, as with any other exercise, require energy expenditure. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that the pumping of the press. After all, you want to be happy owner of covenant of the cubes, when you lose weight, right?
  5. The push ups need to get rid of the fat in the arms and chest. As a general rule, if a person has problems with being overweight, deferred to him in all parts, as in the womb and in the hands. To devote more energy as possible, perform arm curls with a round of applause. Between the approaches of rest not more than a minute.
  6. Swinging of the feet — another popular exercise fitness. It is more suitable for women who want to get rid of cellulite on the legs. This motion is designed more for the development of the shape of the hips and buttocks, burning only the subcutaneous fat.
  7. Working with a boxing bag — good aerobic fitness, load-carrying capacity. Be sure to include in your complex of exercises in order to lose weight. Working with a punching bag more efficient that the dance to lower of weight. If you are a man, it is better to work with a pear of air for 30-40 minutes.
  8. Running is the most effective exercise of all, today, we're talking about. On their utility, not worth talking about. If you want to lose weight, you need to run. To run and brought the desired result, it is necessary to continually improve their duration in time.
  9. Jumping on the rope will give the same result, such as running. However, here more than the work focuses on the burning of fat in the knee area. Is the exercise most appropriate for girls. By the way, if you are too lazy to leave the house to run, I could replace your jump rope.
  10. Strap load all over his body. To perform this exercise, take the emphasis lying. After that, support on the ground, the forearms. Keep your back straight and do not lift the buttocks. In such a situation, you should be standing, until it falls on the floor. This exercise is effective both for slimming and for the whole of the mass. In the first place, it lends itself stronger than the anabolic effect in your body. In the second place, it requires a lot of energy costs.

For more tips

training for weight loss

Not worth the cost, prepare the food, watch tv. In the first place, you distracted, and eating a lot more, and that is unacceptable when you lose weight. In the second place, you will have much more time to practice. Normally, if a person eats and looks at him, eating with him was going about 15 minutes, and then continues to inspect the film or the transfer. Only after that is he going to deal with their affairs.

If you are bored of practicing at home, please enroll in the nearby gym. It is possible, in addition to slimming, you will find new friends.

Put your complex exercise to lose weight in the following way:

  1. The tour should be daily. Running at a maximum of 2 times a week. In the rest of the days only run at the pleasure of 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. In week four fitness classes. For the upper part and the lower part of the body for 2 classes a week. For example, Monday and Thursday — we skipped, we danced and balanced press. Tuesday and Friday — beat the pear and comply with the cleat.
  3. The training should last no more than an hour.

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Not liquid, namely the water clean. It is desirable to acquire the water in the shop. Make your habit to store at home several bottles of water.

Very well, if you have any sports projectiles, for example, a rubber mallet, or fitness balls. If possible, look for something more and create the home of fitness area.

Exercises to lose weight at home a lot. So, constantly change your training facilities. After a month or two, the body can get used to the monotonous burdens, and to achieve the desired result, will be more difficult.

Eat less salt, because it retains the body fluid. And this does not help you to lose weight, but reduces the efficiency of their activities.


Now that you know all about how to lose weight at home. By putting into practice the recommendations of our article, you will be able to get rid of the extra pounds, and so to transform your body. And, most importantly, you will lose the complex on the excess weight, you'll feel safe. Can you feel the same on the other happy owner of a flat belly? Good luck to you!