Diet for weight loss

Starvation is not the perfect output when you reset the excess body weight. Only pumped the situation, and tightens the body and causes stress. Of wanting to be everything in order to compensate for the lack of energy, trace elements, vitamins and other things, without which the man is not going to survive. The best solution – dietary food.

With its help it is possible with the minimum of discomfort to get the maximum result. What? The elegant lines, sophisticated body outline, excellent figure, and zero fat.

The use of diet food

diet for weight loss

How is it different from other systems of the intake of food? Diet, for weight loss more about the field of medicine. You can assign a doctor to the disorder of certain organs and systems. Therefore, it is different, varying according to the type of tables. As we've all heard of "the diet of the table no. 1," and so on in the account. But lately it is actively used to get rid of the surplus body mass.

The first and the main feature of this approach to food intake – absolute security. It is not new to the diet, but the way to stay in the norm for a long time. You will be able to but a lifetime to follow the principles of a diet, because:

  • does not exert pressure on the internal organs and system;
  • controls the uniform of balance between the elements;
  • helps to assimilate the food and get from it the maximum benefit;
  • does not provoke attacks of hunger and stress;
  • does not allow the fat to burn;
  • effectively breaks down food;
  • it does not cause health problems.

Diet for weight loss: the principles of the

To reset effectively the weight of the body and correct the form, you just need three steps:

  1. replace some of the usual dishes diet;
  2. abandon the intake of food after 18: 00;
  3. do not linger in the place and move more.

Such food, so that it is not based on the waiver, and prohibitions and limitations. It is only the quality of the power system, which is ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Takes into account the biological rhythms of the person and provides the right amount of energy. Controls the amount of nutrients. Oversees better the weight of the body. It takes into account many factors:

  • the state of health;
  • age;
  • the climatic conditions of your stay;
  • types of heat treatment of the products;
  • your amount;
  • the chemical composition of the food;
  • usual diet in the region;
  • the caloric value of the dishes, and so on.

The conditions of power

Diet for weight loss also needs to take into account 3 basic conditions. It is the quality of the products, the amount of food, feeding regime.

Reducing calories is easy – it is necessary to limit the fats and carbohydrates. To get the desired result, is sufficient for the progressive reduction of 500 calories. The body will not feel the stress, as a cause of a failure of food, with a long fasting. Obtained the mass of the body is strengthened and is not going to grow, because the appetite will be moderate.

And yet, as to be with the diet? For the sentence to take into account some rules. That time, and it is very feasible:

  • eating 4 times a day;
  • sit at the table at the same time;
  • consume it is not too hot or too cold food;
  • dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime.

When this nutrient first breakfast can be 30%, the second breakfast (tea) – 10%, lunch 40% to 45%, of the dinner and from 15% to 20%. Daily quantity of liquid should reach 2-2,5 liters Since the lack of water in the body can lead to dehydration, excess-of – problems in the functioning of the heart and of the kidneys.

Recommendations on diet


It is supposed to forgo the meat (mainly fat), cured meats, alcohol, fried, dishes. The main emphasis is on vegetable soups. There's even diet, for weight loss, where they use only them. Cooking recipes that are easy and clear:

  1. in a pot with water put a crown of onion and give a boil;
  2. add chopped tomatoes, spinach, carrots, beans in the pods and
  3. cook 10 minutes;
  4. add the parsley, black pepper, ginger (grated) and chicken breast (already cooked and chopped).

The important role of the salads. But in them it is not necessary to use sauces (especially mayonnaise) and mix too many components. Here's the ideal relationship:

  1. rub 1 apple and carrots;
  2. add a row of beams of cedar, nuts and a bit of raisins;
  3. mix ingredients well.

Vegetable salad filled with olive oil or poultry regardless of the composition. To do this, in blender use the fennel, the garlic and the vegetable oil, then pour over the salad. To limit the consumption of salt, added salt, goat cheese, or cheese.

The bread should be selected from varieties of cereals. In the same way as the pasta, on the basis that it is easy to prepare diet pasta:

  1. cook the spaghetti in just water with salt;
  2. off in a frying pan 3 ripe tomatoes olive oil;
  3. gradually mixed them, grated carrot and garlic;
  4. then put in the blender and whisk to a smooth consistency;
  5. flavoured spaghetti obtained from the sauce and the parmesan cheese.

Tips for losing weight with diets

  1. Eat for hours, exactly at a particular time. Otherwise, diet for slimming, it becomes a torture.
  2. Do not have to look to the jumps of the mass of the body. Just lose weight every week, in 1 kg of This approach will enable you to maintain the new weight long-term and more than not write.
  3. Try to encourage your achievements. This stimulates the transition to the next stage and strengthens the will.
  4. Do not demand yourself too much. If you 1 time that have broken off and eaten chocolate, not torment. Because that prevents anyone from re-initiated with the diet the next day.
  5. Take food in small portions, but often. Don't wait for the hunger – that is not a point of reference, and only the factor of the accumulation of fat.
  6. Use to eat dried fruits or other products, in which a large amount of fiber.
  7. Drink more fluids – for example, water with lemon and ice, herbal tea. They will help to fill the stomach, normalize the moisture content at the cellular level.
  8. Move more and more often. If you do not do gymnastics, aerobics, exercise, do at least physical education in the morning. If it does not fit, try not to use the elevator. Overcome foot small intervals between transit stops.
  9. Replace normal small plates or take world. This will automatically reduce the amount of servings, making it easy to diet, to lose weight.

Approximate to the letter

1st option (content kcal – 1100):

menu for weight loss
  • breakfast no. 1 – 200 g of flour of oats, any of the berries of 50 g (fresh and frozen), coffee without sweeteners and additives (tea);
    breakfast # 2 – 2 fresh grated carrot;
  • lunch – buckwheat porridge 100 g of salad or stew of vegetables with 1 table spoons of olive oil, in the selection of tea without sweeteners or just plain water;
  • snack – ½ Stack. (large) cut of the fruit, in the third tea without sweeteners;
  • dinner, boiled meat 100 g (poultry selection of chicken or turkey, salad with 1 table. tablespoons of olive oil.

2nd option (content kcal – 1450):

  • breakfast no. 1 – 200 g of cottage cheese (non-fat), half a banana, a selection of teas without sweeteners or coffee;
    breakfast # 2 – 2 grated fresh carrots with 1 table. tablespoons of olive oil, any citrus fruit (except lemon);
  • lunch – rice porridge 100 g of salmon (prepared in a bain-marie), vegetables 300 g (also steamed) in the form of salad with 1 table. tablespoons of olive oil;
  • afternoon tea – sandwich bread 30 g cheese 30 g (without fat), 1 unit pepper Bulgarian and tomato;
  • dinner egg omelet with the addition of vegetables, the salad in a volume of 200 grams